By: Michal Hubschmann


VDroom has developed a unique platform that increases reservations for hotels and online tourism properties. The platform enables the creation of VR / 360 images of tourism assets, along with AI technology. VDroom produces revenues from many customers.

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Campaign Highlights

Horizon 2020 - Europe's most prestigious grant

During the last month, the company received a NIS 2.6 million grant from European Scientist Horizon 2020 for further technological development of the VDroom platform. This grant is one of the most sought after in the start-up world, and only 5% of all presenters receive it, most of which are medical, robotics and space companies. Due to its combination of having registered patents and a unique application that brings added value to users in everyday life, VDroom is one of the only companies in the field of tourism to receive this grant.


Proven Success - Paying Customers and Increased Profits for Businesses

VDroom has proven economic feasibility with over 50 paying customers and 350 customers in the process of implementing the system. The company is also in advanced negotiations to implement its platform in one of the largest hotel chains in Israel and worldwide.

The product has already proved to be of high economic value for hotel businesses and has led to a significant increase in profits for those hotels in which it was used.

Technological Innovation in a Traditional Market of $ 1.2 Trillion Per Year

VDroom is introducing its platform to the traditional online travel market, estimated at $1.1 trillion a year. By providing its customers with a huge advantage over the competition, the company has become one of the most attractive travel-tech companies in the world for online tourism giants (OTAs).


An Experienced Team That Has Already Made a Successful Exit

The founding team has extensive experience in the field of internet tourism. One of the co-founders, Michal Hovshman, founded, managed and brought to exit the global hotel reservation portal The other co-founder, Lance, has led development teams in the same company and has extensive experience in the field of travel.


AI-Based Technology With Registered Patents Pending

The VDroom innovative platform is based on artificial intelligence tools (computer vision) and the "wisdom of the crowd" principle, through which it learns which images are the most effective, and displays them in the correct order automatically. It is a unique and proven technological application, capable of supporting millions of users simultaneously. The company currently has two registered patents pending for its technology.



the idea

The Problem

The huge supply of accommodation choices causes confusion for many customers. Most vacationers experience many concerns before booking a room, partly for fear of getting "a pig in a poke", and spending their money and vacationing time on accommodations that do not meet their expectations.

For this reason, today's display of two-dimensional images on travel and hotel sites is not enough to convince tourists to book. Customers do not trust the images displayed in the sites' galleries and search for additional information on the web, google maps, and hotel websites. These are the critical moments of the booking process, proven to be the point at which clients make an emotional decision.

Competition in the field of online travel and booking is constantly growing, but the booking platforms have not changed their media display in over a decade. This, despite the fact that visual media is one of the most important elements in the ordering process and one of the most influencing factors in choosing one place over another. Today, users often rely on guest feedbacks, which are not always reliable and sometimes misleading.  

Large OTAs invest millions of dollars in research and development to improve the user experience - so any tool that gives added value, even a few percent, will be very attractive to a company that manages hundreds of millions of users a month.


The Solution

Into this void enters VDroom's innovative platform, which enables advertisers to show their accommodation properties through 360 images and virtual reality and excite tourists by presenting a powerful experience of the venue.

High-quality images have a decisive impact on making a decision to book a specific place. The 360 VR experience will further enhance customer confidence and trust in the process, and help hotels / renters execute more transactions.

The Technology

VDroom offers a number of services to its customers:


- Creating a 360 photo gallery for your business. The advertisers will be able to create the gallery themselves through VDroom's user-friendly interface, or to order photography services from the company at very competitive prices anywhere in the world. The solution includes a unique UI that allows the customer to distribute the pictures not only on their home site, but in all other listings, for example -, travelist, hotels combined etc. In addition, all data is supported by advanced analytical reports.

- Using tools of artificial intelligence and wisdom of the crowd built into the 3D gallery, the system allows businesses and booking sites to automatically display the most effective images. Thus, the company closes more deals (orders) and increases its profits. The proposed solution is an innovative technological application, unique and proven, with high capabilities of supporting millions of venues simultaneously.


- Interactive virtual game of finding gifts planted in the space of the hotel. The advertiser plants a gift or benefit in one of the pictures (spa package, bottle of wine, complementary dinner, etc.) and the client has a limited time to search and find it. The game gives the added value of receiving a gift from the hotel and increases the user interaction time with the hotel and its facilities, thereby making it more likely that the user will make a reservation here and not somewhere else.

- SEO friendly: the platform has distribution infrastructure for all search engines.


VDroom brings real innovation to a traditional market with a smart content management system and advanced, pioneering technology.

Any other 360 and virtual reality solution that exists today in the market is not based on gallery analysis capabilities and does not have the ability to distribute, measure and increase sales for travel & booking corporations.

  • VDroom makes smart content accessible after automatic real-time learning on all existing reservation sites without the need for complicated installations.
  • The property owners decide with a click to which channels to distribute the images.
  • With an easy and intuitive connection to the VDroom interface, all OTAs can significantly upgrade the attractiveness of advertisers and increase the number of bookings through their sites.

How It Works

The process for the business owner is simple:

  •  Open a VDroom account
  •  Load images
  •  Pre-organize images
  •  Press the button


After completing the registration process and integration into the platform, the site is ready with a marketing infrastructure for all search engines.


VDroom is positioning itself as a leading platform for smart accessibility and distribution of 360 content for the hotel and home rental market worldwide (such as Airbnb), as well as being a first provider in the field of tourism that allows access to 360 / VR content at the moment of booking.

The vision is for the VDroom system to be integrated into all the leading booking sites as a built-in button for viewing the 360 / VR experience.


The Company Successes

- Patents:

The company has two patents pending for its technology:

  • Patent on searching and booking accommodations (hotel / apartment / restaurant, etc.) in AR, VR and MR
  • Patent on the search for gifts in AR and VR.

- Proof of feasibility:

  • VDroom currently has 55 paying customers and another 350 customers in the process of implementation. In addition, the company is in the advanced stages of implementing the platform in one of the largest hotel chains in Israel and worldwide.
  • The company implemented the virtual search game in a boutique hotel in the Netherlands, resulting in the hotel increasing its sales by more than 100,000 euros in one month alone, with an investment of only € 1200!

- Receiving a prestigious grant:

VDroom received a NIS 2.6 million grant to further develop their platform from the European Scientist Horizon 2020


- Increasing exposure and orders


- Regular daily optimization of the system

VDroom in the Media



article in Hotel Technology News

Article in Skift


Business Model

The company's business model is based on two main channels:

1. Monthly payment starting from 49 euros from the business owner/property owner - per property.

2. The major travel sites will pay an order per site.



the market


- Hotels and resorts

- Owners of apartments for rent

- airbnb

- ATOs


Market Value

The Online Travel Market is estimated to garner $1,091 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR of 11.1%

article allied market research

The Travel- tech market is constantly growing, with $ 1.7 billion worth of company acquisitions in 2018.

article trooptravel


Go to Market


All the companies in the field work in many categories and without any focus.

There are dozens of companies in the world that offer virtual tours, but Virtual Tours are only a very small part of the use 360 images. DVDroom differentiates itself in its ability to leverage the 360 images to increase conversions. The landing pages are built in the form of D3 and the smart system can distribute them to any place that supports 360 / VR. In addition, VDroom is the only platform that integrates interactive gameplay while searching, which has shown to significantly increase bookings.

the exit strategy

The company understands that in the travel market any tool that can cause an increase in conversions will be very attractive to the large online travel and booking companies, so this is the main exit option.


Potential buyers:

  •  Large OTAs and companies such as airbnb.
  •  Technological companies
  •  Holding companies

Use of proceeds

The amount raised will be invested in penetrating major cities in Europe, as well as connection to major tourism properties, in order to prove to the tourism world the feasibility and effectiveness of the entire system.


Michal Hubschmann
Michal has previously established and sold a company in the travel field - She led the company to an increase of about 80 employees and a turnover of 100 million euros at the time it was sold. Michal is an experienced entrepreneur who spent 16 years in the Netherlands and knows the international market well.

  • Founder
Lance Bailey
co-founder and CTO
Lance worked at with Michal, managed development teams and was part of the development team that led the company to its technological success. Today he leads the development team and is responsible for the technological aspect of the company. Lance and Michal have many years of experience and working together.

  • Founder
Professor Pedro Campos
Head of innovation
A computer vision expert and senior researcher at the University of Portugal, will support system optimization for VDroom. Professor Pedro is one of the few professors who specialize in IA technologies at the level of practice and not only in theory. Has written more than 100 scientific publications in the field, founded three successful tech-based companies over the last ten years and holds a patent under the European Patent Act.

  • Key Employee
Jazz Vershinin
head of Business dev.
Professional training and sales design, with over 15 years of experience in developing learning strategies and managing a training team. Passion for personal development, professional growth and organizational excellence.

  • Key Employee

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