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KashKlik is an innovative Influencer Marketing platform that revolutionizes the way advertisers promote campaigns through influencers on social networks. Our campaigns already reach millions of people worldwide.

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Campaign Highlights

KashKlik provides a fully-automated solution for Influencer Marketing, which is marketing through people who have influence in the social networks. 

KashKlik is already a fully-functional platform, with hundreds of influencers reaching millions of people. We have paying customers and initial revenue.

Influencer Marketing is the biggest trend for Digital Marketing in the year of 2017, and represents a new and very effective channel for advertisers.

Our platform has a unique pay-per-click model: the influencers are only paid for real clicks and advertisers can track concrete performance metrics.

KashKlik applies advanced Machine Learning algorithms to build rich influencer profiles and support very precise targeting for the campaigns.

The Idea

Unexplored Potential 

Influencers have a great number of followers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and therefore are able to directly impact purchase decisions of their followers. 

Whereas current Influence Marketing efforts are focused on celebrities, there are millions of micro-influencers worldwide, who have typically 5,000 to 100,000 followers. In the current scenario these micro-influencers cannot be reached by advertisers.

The Power of Influencer Marketing:

What's the Market Size?

The micro-influencers are hungry for real opportunities of making profit by monetizing their audience, exploiting their reputation and popularity. But they currently don’t have any source of marketing campaigns to promote. 

Existing platforms require manual negotiation between advertisers and influencers, and thus are not scalable. In these platforms the advertisers can search for influencers, but they do not empower the influencers to search for campaigns, so they cannot be proactive.

Number of active micro-influencers according to Social Media Platform:


Companies Ads are Getting Ignored:

Companies are investing huge amounts of money in social media advertising. They invested $23.6 billion in 2015, and indications are that in 2017 social network ad spending will reach $36 billion, a growth of more than 50%. Industry reports show that there are many impressions and people reached but very few real engagements. Most advertisers are frustrated by limitation of traditional channels: Banner ads, Native ads, Sponsored ads etc. 

Percentage of users who think that the ads generate a non-positive experience

Those traditional channels may be “targeted” and “personalized” but they lack the impact of a product being recommended by a credible friend. Industry reports show that there are too many impressions and loads of people reached but very few real engagements.

Another problem is that Ad Blocking is detrimental to the entire advertising ecosystem, affecting mostly publishers, but also marketers, agencies and others whose businesses depend on ad revenue. Ad blocking is expected to continue to grow by double digits this year and next, there are already 616 million people saying “No, Thank you!” to traditional channels.

Adblock growth:

Users almost never look at anything that looks like an advertisement, whether or not it's actually an ad. On hundreds of pages, users didn't fixate on ads. Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information, which can also be called ad blindness or banner noise.

Ad Blindness:

*Heatmaps from eyetracking studies: The areas where users looked the most are colored red; the yellow areas indicate fewer views, followed by the least-viewed blue areas. Gray areas didn't attract any fixations. Green boxes were drawn on top of the images after the study to highlight the advertisements.

The Market

The Solution: 

Influencers have a great number of followers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and therefore are able to directly impact purchase decisions of their followers. 

The Solution

At KashKlik it is the influencer who searches for campaigns rather than the advertiser searching for influencers. Differently of all existing Influence Marketing platforms, Kashklik has a much more intuitive model giving the influencers the flexibility to promote the campaigns that fit their audience, and decide about timing and trends.

Measuring Impact

With KashKlik, advertisers and influencers can track the performance of their promotions through concrete and accurate engagement metrics.The clicks on Smart Links are tracked and the statistics added to the control dashboards of the respective advertisers and influencers.

Virality and Scalability

Campaigns are shared in the form of Smart Links, which are shortened URLs unique for a specific campaign and influencer pair. When a Smart Link is clicked, the platform counts this click and automatically redirects to the promoted web page. Smart Links are agnostic to the media channel: they may be shared as posts in social networks, in emails or even embedded in blog articles. There is a viral effect when the influencers’ Smart Links are shared by their followers.

Focus on Engagement rather than Social Amplification

Advertisers want their message to reach the right audience. With the use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Kashklik will deliver crucial information through rich influencer profiles.

The extensive data collected and analysed by our algorithms are able not only to capture the true potential of each influencer, but also to show trends and the reaction of their followers - the decision makers!

The Platform:

Unique Value Proposition:

KashKlik has unique properties that make it an extremely attractive investment:

It solves real business problems: KashKlik provides a new channel for advertisers and a source of income for influencers.

It is monetizable from day one: our business model assures real revenue starting with our first customer.

It has the potential to grow virally and exponentially: we address a market of tens of millions of influencers worldwide.

It is highly scalable: our platform needs to handle only the clicks, the impressions are handled by the social networks.

It is extremely smart: we use advanced Machine Learning algorithms, which are proprietary knowledge of our founding team.

Current Status:

Business Growth

At this stage our main goal is to validate our business model. We understand we lack the resources to bootstrap.

KashKlik already has hundreds of registered influencers. Most influencers became active and promoted at least one campaign. The influencers that reached their targets were able to withdraw their payments and expressed satisfaction with the usage of the platform.

Growth of our total audience reach:

In total, were created more than 50 different campaigns, which generated more than 300 promotions (a promotion is when an influencer takes a campaign).

These promotions registered more than 20,000 clicks. Among our advertisers, KashKlik already has several paying customers and even recurring customers. It must be noticed however that campaign budgets are still modest because most our customers are currently trying the platform.

The Marketplace

The KashKlik marketplace is currently fully-functional, including essential features such as:

Connectivity to Social Networks through their API. 

One-click sharing of promotions on Social Networks. 

Automatic transfer of payments to/from advertisers/ influencers using PayPal.

Tracking of clicks on promotions using Smart Links.

Building a rich influencer profile including popularity scores.

Computing promotion statistics, including maps and referrers.


We already invested on KashKlik more than 150,000 NIS, including:

Costs of domain registration, hosting, email and other services.

Costs of marketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook and other platforms.

Costs of our bootstrap campaigns using our own platform.

Development costs of the platform and website.

We have been working on the development of KashKlik since April/2016, with the managment team working most of their time during this period. Besides that we managed a team of four Regional Managers that got commission-based compensation for their work.

Competitive Advantage

KashKlik focuses on the long tail of micro-influencers and provides a solution for smaller brands.

Competing platforms do not have effective tracking and attribution mechanisms. At KashKlik we know exactly how many clicks there were on each promotion, so that the advertiser only pays for real engagement.

Competing platforms have very simple targeting based on demographic attributes. KashKlik will build a rich influencer profile using Machine Learning algorithms. This profile will include topics of interest and levels of engagement.

Competing platforms require manual and individual negotiation between the influencer and the advertiser. KashKlik is fully automated, and thus it is also scalable: a campaign can be promoted by hundreds of micro-influencers.

On competing platforms the influencers are passive: the advertisers search for influencers and then contact them. At KashKlik the influencers are pro-active: they search for campaigns that fit their audience.

Customers and Industry Experts

Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy is Merger & Acquisition (M&A). We expect that KashKlik will be acquired by a larger company, in a short period of no more than three years from now. Potential buyers would be big media corporations or advertising agencies, which would be able to immediately integrate KashKlik's technologies as part of their solutions. Such companies with complementary offerings can save resources by buying KashKlik. Also, it would be a more efficient and quicker way for them to grow their revenue than creating their own platform.



Use of Proceeds

Use of Funds: 

Funds are needed to cover the operating costs as KashKlik scales up. These funds will enable us to add personnel to handle a growing number of users of the platform, both influencers and advertisers. Funds are also needed to expand our marketing campaigns and increase our revenue. Part of the invested funds will be dedicated to the development of more advanced machine learning algorithms.


Marketing Strategy:

Sales Efforts:

Partnerships with Digital Marketing Agencies to acquire several advertisers through a single contact point.

Direct contact with potential advertisers through our Regional Managers.

Participation at professional conferences and meetups.

Content-driven growth:

Publications of professional reviews about KashKlik on Digital Marketing media outlets.

Inbound marketing: bring traffic to KashKlik’s site through the publication of professional articles on our blog.

Creation of marketing material such as infographics and presentations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Paid Promotions:

Marketing campaigns of KashKlik on Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks.

Bootstrap campaigns in which the influencers can promote KashKlik itself.

Affiliate campaigns in which influencers are paid when they bring new users to the platform.

Email marketing campaigns, acquiring lists of email addresses of potential customers.

Organic Growth:

Active presence on Social Media, sharing useful material about Influencer Marketing.

Daily reach to thousands of real followers on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks.

Email newsletters to our users and to subscribers of our blog.

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Hayim Makabee
Hayim has more than 20 years of experience in the Israeli hitech industry, having played leadership roles as a Software Architect and as an expert in Machine Learning. Hayim has a M.Sc. in Computer Sciences from the Technion and is the author a book and several scientific publications.

  • Founder
Why Hayim Makabee ?
Over the past 20 years, Hayim Makabee has played leadership roles in several Israeli startup companies. He was part of three successful exits, at startup companies that served millions of end-users. Hayim is an expert in the application of Machine Learning methods to Computational Advertising.

Ariel Verbner
Ariel has more than 15 years of professional experience in IT, with focus on software development, including team leadership. He is M.A. Systems Engineering graduated at Buenos Aires, Argentina. His experience includes leading the development of complex software systems for government corporations.

  • Founder
Why Ariel Verbner ?
Ariel has many years of experience leading teams of developers to implement sophisticated web-based platforms. He has a deep knowledge of the advanced technologies that are being used to deploy KashKlik‘s services, assuring quality attributes such as efficiency, scalability and robustness.

Jacob Kutschenko Gurfinkiel
Jacob has been working with large companies in the Digital and Marketing fields for the past 7 years. He has a B.A in Psychology and M.A in Psychoanalysis both graduated with honours. Graduated in Neurosciences at the Hebrew University and M.B.A at Tel Aviv University.

  • Founder
Why Jacob Kutschenko Gurfinkiel ?
Jacob has many years of experience working with large companies in the Digital and Marketing fields. He has been responsible for multiple digital innovation projects. He also worked as a consultant helping entrepreneurs and startups to launch new businesses and enter new markets.

Galina Kravchenko
Marketing Manager
Galina has over 4 years of experience in marketing of entertainment media. Graduated from National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow), she has a B.A. in Integrated Communications, M.A. in Media Management (graduated with honours).

  • Key Employee
Why Galina Kravchenko ?
Galina has unique experience in the management of Digital Marketing campaigns for big brands, including digital strategy planning, community management (SMM), content management and PR-agency coordination.

Nikki Fig
Influencer Relations Manager
Nikki has 5+ years‘ experience as a marketing manager, with an emphasis on content marketing and influencer relations. She graduated Suma Cum Laude from Emerson College with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

Why Nikki Fig ?
Nikki has extensive experience managing influencer relations at companies in the North-American market. She will give an important contribution to KashKlik, participating in the planning and execution of our influencer acquisition strategy.

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