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OBVISLIM is developing ground-breaking technology that will allow customers to enjoy delicious food without regret, by reducing the absorption of sugars and fats. The company‘s products aim to revolutionize the enormous weight-loss and diabetes markets


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Campaign Highlights

Fighting the "Pandemic of the Millennium" - Breakthrough Technology with Huge Market Potential

These days more than ever, the importance of maintaining proper health so that the body can effectively fight external threats, such as viruses and bacteria, is clear to all. The innovative development of the Obvislim team fights two of the most pervasive epidemics of the modern world - obesity and diabetes, both of which lead to a wide range of comorbid illnesses. The company develops a product that is expected to  allow hundreds of millions of people at risk to enjoy delicious meals without the fear of raising sugar and fat levels, and help significantly reduce caloric intake.


Major Investors in the Company – the Israel Innovation Authority and IFF

The company's great potential is reflected, among other things, in the confidence expressed by large investors in the fields of innovation, food and dietary supplements. Obvislim was selected to be the first company to work in FoodNXT, the Innovation Lab of IFF (which acquired Frutarom). In addition, the company has received support and funding from the Innovation Authority under the Technological Innovation Labs program.


Now is the Time to Join - Invest Under Preferred Terms Before Next Investment Round

Obvislim is currently in the advanced stages of due diligence for investment with  large international player and received a LOI in March 2020. The letter was obtained after the company successfully completed all milestones of the previous investment and after a thorough evaluation for seed investment. The assessment includes aspects of regulation, intellectual property, technology, and so on.

Patents and Regulatory Approvals

Obvislim is working to position itself as a market leader, and for this purpose, is building an intellectual property portfolio based on patent applications and unique knowledge, kept as trade secrets. Currently, the company has a patent application in the PCT phase, another new patent application in writing, and unique knowledge developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts. The product being developed by the company consists of all FDA-approved ingredients, which is expected to place the company on a quick route to market in the US.

Development Status – Successful Preclinical Trials

In the past year, the company has successfully completed a proof of concept in laboratory studies (in vitro) and in a series of preclinical trials, showing that consuming its formulation before a meal of with large amount of glucose significantly reduces sugar levels. The experiments are conducted at the Innovation Lab, which are supported by a professional team of doctors dealing with obesity and diabetes. The below graph shows the impressive protection ability of Obvislim’s technology from the main enemies of the modern world – sugar and cholesterol. In preliminary experiments, it was found that different formulations could block up to 55% of glucose transfer and up to 85% of cholesterol transfer.





The idea

Significantly Improving the Lives of Obese and Diabetic People Worldwide

Being obese is a life-threatening disease. Beyond the aesthetic implications, this phenomenon leads to the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic diseases, cancer and more. Obesity also has significant sociological and psychological effects that impair the functioning and quality of life of the overweight person. In addition, obesity has a huge impact on the world economy. In the U.S., this impact includes treatment costs and job losses measured in hundreds of billions of dollars per year. For example, the U.S. has projected $ ~55 billion a year in obesity-related treatment costs alone.

A new 2019 report states that more than half of the population in 34 OECD countries are currently overweight, with 1 in 5 people suffering from obesity, and that obesity-related illnesses are expected to take the lives of about 90 million people in the next three decades. In the US alone, 38% of the population are obese and about 67% are overweight. In addition, there are 463 million diabetic patients worldwide. In the last decade, the obesity and diabetes ("Diabesity") map has been expanding to countries that were not previously affected - China, India, Chile, Argentina and others.

This problem has been defined by the World Health Organization, as well as by the US and European health offices, as a global pandemic.


The Need

A solution that allows the obese and diabetics to enjoy tasty meals without experiencing regret


According to the professional literature, lowering about 10% of an obese individual’s body weight will significantly improve that individual’s quality of life, both physical and mental.

Most weight loss/diabetic alternatives focus on limiting the amount/type of food a customer consumes. The most natural approach to losing weight and controlling diabetes is changing eating habits, lowering calorie intake and sugars, and increasing physical activities. However, many people find it difficult to make these changes in their lifestyles - about 95% of people fail most of diet programs.


Treatments for high BMI include approved prescription drugs and such bariatric treatments as surgeries, gastric balloons, sleeves, gastric emptying devices, etc. Although the surgery option can be highly efficient, it can also incur high health risks and a significant financial cost. The balloon technologies’ advantage is that the process is reversible; its disadvantage is the relatively high cost associated with customer dissatisfaction with the process. The advantage of employing drugs is that this option is a non-invasive treatment; however, it may incur side effects and exhibit low efficacy. As a result, an increasing number of people are looking for easy and enjoyable weight-management and diabetes solutions. In particular, there is currently great need for an optimal solution for those people who would like to continue enjoying tasty meals and yet wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Diabesity alternatives:


The Solution

Obvislim's innovative technology will allow overweight and diabetic individuals to enjoy food without regrets. The solution is a unique formulation that deposits a protective layer on walls of the small intestine. This layer separates the intestinal walls and digested food, which the consumer does not want absorbed by the lining of the small intestine.

The product is consumed as a beverage prior to large meals and, once it reaches the SI, it creates a very thin layer coating the SI’s inner walls that acts as a temporary protective barrier, partially limiting the transport of sugars and fats to the blood stream. The consumer will be able to enjoy tasty meals while significantly reducing the calories absorbed and hence blood sugar and fat levels. The product has a high safety profile, is transient, and can be used repeatedly. A quick solution, easy to use, based on natural ingredients, and affordable, satisfies market trends



The Technology

The unique technology is based on various polymers with a high affinity for mucosa, including the intestinal mucosa. The technology development principle focuses on combinations of different polymers that have a unique adherence to the intestinal mucosa. The targeting ability of the polymeric formulation will, on the one hand, allow partial and temporary reduction of the intestinal absorption, and, on the other hand, a rapid flushing of the formulation after a certain time. The ability to adhere and cover the intestinal mucosa with the formulation will provide a powerful platform for controlling the level of absorption of food in the small intestine.



The Experiments

In various experiments, we have shown that the rise of blood glucose levels after glucose consumption can be reduced by about 33% compared to a control group. These results reinforce the understanding that using our formulation will significantly reduce glucose uptake, consumed as part of carbohydrates in meals. High glucose consumption leads ,among other factors to the development of diabetes.

In repeated tests after the day of treatment, sugar absorption returned to previous levels, with no differences compared to control groups. These results show that the inhibition of absorption is temporary and completely disappears after a day, thus showing that its effect is short-term.







Dr. Itai Tzchori
Completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the NIH, USA. Established methods of use stem cells for human clinical therapies. Established cell and gene therapy platforms for human diseases. Developed and established large-animal models for human diseases research. Is Currently, the co-CEO of OBVISLIM LTD.

  • Founder
Eng. Igor Gindin
OBVISLIM Founder and co-CEO, Chairman
Biomedical engineer with a decade of industrial experience in complex biotech/biomed projects. Dealing with obesity for almost 3 years, Igor was driven by empathy for people suffering from this disease to found OBVISLIM. The modern world has imposed obesity on the individual; however, the condition is not destiny or fate. In our vision, it can be beaten and made a thing of the past, as have tuberculosis, polio, and the bubonic plague.

  • Founder
  • Chairman of the Board
Dr. Ran Suckeveriene
Group leader of the Laboratory of Polymers, Composites, and Nanocomposites at Kinneret Academic College. A Technion graduate with extensive industry experience, Ran has been an industry consultant for many years, leveraging his vast multidisciplinary expertise in polymers, composites, and electro-chemical and electro-mechanical sensors and nanomaterials. Currently, he is the CTO of the OBVISLIMLTD and the Kinneret Innovation Center.

  • Key Employee
Dr. Max Krepker
A polymer scientist with more than 10 years of academic and industrial R&D experience, Dr. Krepker’s rich and unique expertise combining polymers, materials, and life sciences is aimed at supporting OBVISLIM in the development of its unique product.

  • Key Employee
Dr. Irit Hochberg
Medical Director
Medical director, MD, PhD, and practicing physician and active researcher in Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel. Specializes in metabolism, obesity, gastroenterology, and diabetes. Has many years of experience in these diseases and has published dozens of academic articles in these fields. Analytical, sharp thinker, Devil’s advocate.

  • Key Employee
Boris Rozenblit
RD engineer
Boris Rozenblit is an R&D engineer with a BSc and an MSc from the faculty of biotechnology and food science at the Technion. He oversees formulation development and experimental design. Boris plans, executes, and analyzes the results of research experiments with precision and integrity in order to move forward with product development.

  • Key Employee
Dr. Gali Artzi
Board member, VP, Innovation and Clinical Affairs at IFF

  • Director
Dr. Kfir Oved
Board member and MeMed co-Founder and CTO
An accomplished entrepreneur with a dual background in medicine and immunology. Co-founded MeMed in 2009, and then served as its CTO & Chairman. Kfir led the development of the entire MeMed technology suite and its clinical validation, while also leading interdisciplinary multicultural teams. Selected as one of the Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine for 2019.

  • Director

Financial data

The Deal




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