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w-cycle has developed and patented a 100% biodegradable pulp-based material, to replace the polluting plastic packaging of the food industry. SupraPulp is approved for marketing after receiving FDA, EU, and TUV approvals.

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A groundbreaking technology that offers a true alternative to plastic

W-Cycle, a clean tech company has developed SupraPulp - a breakthrough technology which can replace plastic food packaging with cellulose-based ones -  The technology  uses natural, durarle, efficient safe and renewable materials.  Suprapulp is free of heavy metals and toxic materials, completely biodegradable in a home-based compost process within only 74 daysand does not pollute the environment. The technology in patent pending in the US, Israel, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan and South Africa.

The company has also developed a "circular economy" manufacturing model which reduces secondary pollution that results from the need to transport materials and products. Instead, the production of SupraPulp will focus on small factories near the target markets, based on local agricultural waste collected nearby. This way, the company reduces production costs by saving on shipping, customs and production time, making the entire supply chain simpler, more efficient and affordable, as well as more environmentally friendly.

Signed sales agreements with leading global companies

The company has already started to sell its SupraPulp packaging, and its list of paying customers includes notable global companies in the prepared-food, institutional food, aviation and tourism sectors, among others. The company is also in advanced negotiations to begin numerous new projects with additional local and global brand names. 


Awards, competitions, accelerators

w-cycle has participated in several local and global competitions, as well as tech accelerators, and has also been awarded for its unique and environmentally friendly technology: World Food Innovation Awards 2017, MC MASSCHALLENGE, Kochav Israel 2021 Packaging Innovation Competition, WPO, Worldstar Packaging Awards and more.


SupraPulp is approved for marketing after receiving FDA, EU, and TUV approvals

The company's tech has already been fully approved for use, production and distribution by global regulation authorities, and has received FDA, EU, and TUV approvals for packaging which comes in contact with food, as well as for packaging which can be 100% turned into compost, even in a home environment.

Investments in the company by Kibbutz Gan Shmuel and International Angels

w-cycle has received significant investments by a dedicated French angel - the company's main investor at early stages - along with another prominent investor - Israeli angel, who has also made a very significant investment. Another main investor in the company is Kibbutz Gan Shmuel which specializes in investments in agro-tech and green technologies.



The Idea

the problem

80 years ago, the invention of plastic and its use for everyday needs have caused a real shift and revolution in lifestyle for the world's populationbut today according to environmental organization Greenpeace, most disposable plastic produced in the world ends up as waste, polluting natural resources, and especially the marine environment.

The main cause for this is the fact that today's world population produces - and throws away - much more plastic than ever before, and mostly far more than it is able to process, whether due to plastic types which aren't recyclable, or a lack of relevant policies or resources to do so, leading to plastic eventually ending up in water sources, polluting our beaches and nature alike.

Israel, according to GreenPeace, is among the world's most plastic polluted countries, with a very significant level of pollution which is on the rise, but this is of course a wider global problem, which in addition to pollution also leads to the death of many marine animals, as part of a phenomenon which can be seen in beaches around the world. In fact, there are currently several garbage "islands" floating across the ocean, varying in size - from the scale of the state of Texas, to the full extent of Russia's territory.

Many countries around the world have already joined the important task of reducing plastic waste pollution, through legislation, regulation and more - proving this is not some passing trend, but a fundamental change in direction for the whole world - and all plastic-based markets, which rely on it to transport and sell their products.

A long list of leading international companies have also signed an international treaty, aiming to fully transition to plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging, by 2030.

The Solution

Since 2017, w-cycle has been operating in order to meet this deep need and solve the issue of polluting plastic, which causes damage to shores in Israel and worldwide, by producing natural food packaging, offering an alternative to plastic packaging, based on the concept that the best way to "recycle" plastic is by simply not using it at all, and instead opting for natural, biodegradable materials, to fully prevent pollutants from ever reaching natural environments.

For this purpose, the company has developed its SupraPulp technology, and based on it has designed high-quality food packaging products, sourced and produced locally in an environmentally friendly manner, relying on natural fiber, under the principle of maintaining the same properties as plastic products such as cost-effectiveness, while using eco-friendly materials, of course.



The company has developed a biodegradable feedstock fiber based technology, which allows the product to be fully composted within 74 days, even in a home environment, decomposing 100% into its natural components. The SupraPulp technology is based on cellulose, does not use plastic, aluminum or other non-consumables or any other pollutants, and is free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, BPA and pesticides.

SupraPulp packaging is safe for use in the freezer, microwave and oven, at high or low temperatures, as required (from 40°C to 270°C).

w-cycle focuses on manufacturing in a "circular economy" model, in which all needed supplies are sourced locally, preventing any pollution resulting from the need to transport materials and equipment over great distances, using ships, planes, etc.

The current cost of products in the plastic market is mainly affected by the prices of raw materials and production, so in order to lower the cost of its chosen material, w-cycle relies on agricultural companies to cooperate with in a unique model, turning local agricultural waste into natural, cost-effective packaging solutions.

To allow this, the production of SupraPulp will be performed in small factories near the target markets, using local agricultural waste collected not far from the production facility. This allows the company to reduce production costs by saving on shipping, customs and the required production time, making the entire supply chain simpler, and mostly far more environmentally friendly.

The technology's production will be carried out in high velocity thanks to the use of unique materials, especially designed for this purpose by w-cycle, which is already working towards its next generation of SupraPulp, which will offer packaging solutions designed for longer "shelf life".



Issac Rome
VP Sales
20+ years in sales/channels executive roles in the Hi-tech industry.

Joseph Siani
Co-founder & CTO
Entrepreneur, inventor of the SupraPulp™ and expert in pulp manufacturing and biopackaging solutions.

  • Founder
Oran Scott
CFO & Biz Dev
Experienced CFO & board member of agri-food-tech companies.

Ofer Navon
Head of R&D
25+ years of rich & diverse experience in the field of classic chemical industry, pharmaceutical.

Avi Tenenbaum
R&D Innovation
40+ years in the paper manufacturing industry including as head of R&D at Hadera Paper.

Dr. Shira Rosen
25+ years of experience in the packaging industry. Chairman of the Israeli packaging institute.

Dr. Eric Singsaas
Advisory Board
Senior Research director for materials and bioeconomy at the natural resource research institute. His scientific background includes the study of plant and forest responses to climate change and new biochemical processing of biomass materials. He co-founded the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology, as well as two startup companies in the bioeconomy sector.

  • Advisor
Dr. Dana Mizrahi
CTO of LSRI (Life Science Research Israel, the commercial arm of IIBR), and researcher at IIBR. The author of 24 articles, 45 classified reports and 6 patents, several of which has matured into start-up companies. Former head of the department of organic chemistry at the IIBR, also former leader of the chemical decontamination group.

Financial data

Financial data



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