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geekApps is an all-in-one, full solution platform for DIY mobile app building for SMBs. The company has hundreds of paying customers, strategic partnerships with leading players in the financial and digital world, and operates in about $ 60B market.


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Campaign Highlights

Revolution in the mobile apps world

In 2008, the DIY web site creation revolution started and enabled anyone to build a professional web site easily, quickly and without prior knowledge. Now, geekApps is leading revolution for DIY business app creation. Its all-in-one DIY platform allows anyone to build a mobile app for managing small and medium-sized businesses, also without any prior app building knowledge.

Join leading investors of the high-tech world

Almost $ 3 million have already been invested in geekApps. Among the company's major investors is Amir Shaul, EMEA Treasury Director at Intel Corporation; entrepreneur Moshe Noor, founder of nurstar Media; and yellowHEAD, one of the largest performance marketing company, with which geekApps has a strategic partnership agreement. One of the first investors in the company was Assi Israeloff from the "Ma Kashur" trio, which is also leading the company's media exposure.

Global activity with hundreds of paying customers and millions of users

geekApps is growing exponentially. Since the launch of its product, the company has registered more than 600 paying customers from 22 countries and 1.5 million users, all within a short period of time and without any marketing activity (organic growth). Since the launch of the platform in the USA in May 2018, the number of costumers has doubled.


Track record that includes prestigious programs and distribution license in China

geekApps concluded in 2018 with the Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo Bank on the examination of cooperation between the parties. In addition, the company received an ICP license for distribution in China, which it receives only 1 out of every 10,000 non-Chinese start-ups. GeekApps has been awarded two prestigious programs to promote and support start-ups in Israel and abroad: the Shalav program of the Ministry of Economy and the Elite program of the London Stock Exchange.

A technological breakthrough in the market whose scope is estimated at about 60B$ per year

geekApps is leading the DIY app creation revolution in the $ 60 billion Mobile App Development market. The company provides a solution for a real need of SMBs, which make up more than 90% of all businesses worldwide and need to have an app for their businesses in order to stay relevant. geekApps implements innovative AI, machine learning and advanced geo interface technologies.



The idea

The world has gone mobile - everyone has a smart phone with which they constantly communicate, shop, make appointments and find services. Our smartphones are with us all day and almost everything is done through it.


The Need

Today’s businesses need online visibility to stay relevant in their targeted markets. In business, staying relevant is the name of the game and being present for your customers is critical.

However, today most service providers and SMBs still rely solely on websites, as opposed to mobile applications, to promote and advertise their business. Unlike building an attractive website, which today can be done easily through DIY web creation sites, building a mobile app remains a complex matter that requires prior knowledge, and the existing app building sites do not provide an adequate solution.


The Solution

geekApps one stop shop for DIY platforms enables all types of SMBs and service providers to simply create their own high quality business apps, raise their online exposure and increase their business activity.


geekApps is undercutting the superiority of larger companies in today's online and mobile marketplaces and ensuring the ongoing relevancy of SMBs and SPs in today's "mobile first" economies.

geekApps is transitioning and positioning SMBs into the mobile sphere, giving them critical omni-channel and digital presence.


The Technology

The premise behind geekApps products is the establishment of a fixed infrastructure with sophisticated algorithms that enable easy creation of a dedicated native application for businesses in a few simple steps of data entry; the selection of designs, fonts and other visual features. Once completed the application is automatically and quickly uploaded to iOS and Android app stores - method is described below.



MS SQL – the company’s database is stored here

Web Admin Panel – web based administrative interface for business owners to manage their designated app.

iOS admin panel app  – app based administrative interface for business owners to manage their designated app.

Android admin panel app  – app based administrative interface for business owners to manage their designated app.

Support Admin – management interface, support and control for geekApps support centre.




geekApps platform allows anyone to set up an application automatically and have it in the app stores within a few days (in the Android app store setup time is reduced to approximately one hour after finishing building the application). geekApps has attentively priced the service at a low cost making it affordable for a broad client base. Our products and interfaces are visually pleasing, have simple to follow instructions for the app build with “help me” film clips to also assist. Users can choose to add in-app shops and/or smart diary management modules.

The company's key breakthrough technology is the API developed between the company's Admin Panel and the iOS and Android APIs.

This innovative API enables any application created using geekApps platform to be in the App Store within only 3-5 days and in most cases Play Market within an hour!


System advantages


  • Simplicity: We have created a simple, short, step by step process, with “how to” video clips all the way through the process, so that anyone can simply build the best type of app for their business. 
  • Affordability: We have completely slashed both time and financial cost of creating an app. Users are encouraged to incorporate their own personal brand and feel into the app and free responsive website.
  • Small Business Growth: We have loaded our apps with simple to implement and use business growth tools. To make sure that managing the business online is simple and time saving, we have made many important functions with a single click, including:
    • Posting feeds/videos/pictures to social platforms.
    • Notifying clients of important events or just saying ‘hello’.
    • Multiple drag and drop for pictures into the gallery and shop.
    • Simple chat facilities that mirror the capabilities of the popular chat apps.
    • Changing the website skin to suit the user’s mood or specific activities such as festivals, sales and special occasions.
    • Changing the skin back to the user’s default “look”.
    • Growing customer base - advertising your business – sending push notifications to potential clients.

  • Quality: Continuous development of new tools and features that incorporate the latest market/mobile trends into every facet of our apps.
  • Easy process for uploading apps to android and iOS shops. 
  • Our apps are fully native apps giving end-users the very best User Experience.
  • Our apps are android and iOS compatible.

Business model

The company has a B2C business model based on app building and operating packages at a monthly or annual cost:

The company's successes

- geekApps has a distribution relationship with the Italian "Intesa Sanpaolo" Bank.

- Another partnership is with yellowHEAD (the company that launched Fortnight worldwide), which invested in the company.

In addition to the partnerships, GeekApps was accepted into two prestigious programs in Israel and abroad:

- The Shalav program: A multi-year program of the Ministry of Economy that provides businesses with financial assistance for the development of marketing systems abroad.

- ELITE Program, London Stock Exchange Group: In 2017 geekApps was selected from hundreds of companies to join the prestigious London Stock Exchange ELITE Business School program, along with 17 other international companies.




The market

geekApps operates in the Mobile App Development market, which is estimated at $ 60 billion a year and is expected to reach $ 100 billion by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 14%.


The company's customers are service providers and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), which account for more than 90% of all businesses worldwide and 99% of businesses in Israel. Businesses today understand that the best way for them to stay relevant and to reach and retain customers is by operating an active mobile app.

And here are some facts in numbers:


  • Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.
  • Tablets account for the highest add-to-cart rates on eCommerce websites at 8.58%. (Smart Insights 2017)
  • 58% of companies surveyed have a dedicated mobile marketing team.
    68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. (Salesforce)
  • 83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps were important to content marketing.
  • 51% of all digital ad budgets in 2016 were spent on mobile.(Strategy Trends)




Competitors – financial

Como: a company that produces business applications for its customers. Was founded in 2010 by the international software company "Conduit", which has raised $ 109.8 million to date.

Infinite Monkeys: an American company founded in 2009. Enables its customers to build their own applications. The company has raised $ 1 million to date and acquired AppMaker in 2013.

Bizness Apps: Founded in 2010 in California. Manufactures mobile solutions for local companies with a low budget. The company is now valued at $ 120 million.



Go To Market

GeekApps is currently checking out several affiliates to work with worldwide in order to promote the company quickly and successfully in the US, while continuing to work with yellowHEAD, Facebook and Google to penetrate the US market. The company is also seeking cooperation with one of the largest sites, which Have a similar solution and can advance our interest very quickly.

The exit strategy

geekApps is designed to create hundreds of thousands of applications. We intend in the distant future to issue our company in the American stock exchange or the stock exchange in England, as a result of our relationships there. Of course, there is also a high possibility of acquisition by one of the large players in the market, in part because of the technology and information we analyze and the usage patterns of end users, and therefore every proposal will be examined in due course.


Use of proceeds

The funds raised will enable us to increase our advertising budget, reach affiliates worldwide faster and more efficiently, increase the number of users, and of course assimilate monetization tools within the applications such as advertising in certain models and sharing profits.


Adi Katz
Adi brings a wealth of experience to the role of geekApps CEO. While at ATM Israel in 2010, Adi managed the disruption of the ATM market by placing over 300 bank independent ATM machines throughout Israel. He has managed teams and projects for over the last ten years and is a serial entrepreneur

  • Founder
Guy Amar
Guy’s intuitive ability to take ideas and create technological reality makes him a natural CTO. Running geekApps’ development hub in Lviv, Ukraine he maximizes his experience in planning and executing digital marketing and social media strategies for exclusive projects.

  • Founder
Sandra Ikhine
With an MA in International Economic Relations Sandra has packed a lot into her 14 years of experience. She has worked in the Ukrainian Government, in Banking and moved to Nigeria to take a position in the Trade & Economic Mission at the Ukrainian Embassy. Sandra built her own successful business in Kiev before moving to Lviv and taking the position of COO a few weeks after geekApps‘ inception.

  • Key Employee
Ira Myasnikova
Head, Agile PMO
Ira is passionate about quality and leverages her experience of 18 years in the IT industry as PMO, QA Manager and project consultant to ensure that each process steering the software development maximizes quality and avoids the common pitfalls made by many start-ups. Ira is a Certified SAFe 4 Agilist and lives with her husband and daughter in Lviv.

  • Key Employee

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