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OmegaMore developed cutting edge bio-tech products to help treat & prevent chronic cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer‘s, dementia & ADHD, with a unique formula of high-concentration omega 3 DHA supplement. Its industry shows high growth with many M&A‘s.


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Campaign Highlights

A breakthrough development in Alzheimer's care

OmegaMore is a biotech company that develops, manufactures and markets omega-3 supplements extracted from sea algae. The company has developed a breakthrough product based on an innovative formula with essential components for the treatment and prevention of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's, depression and ADHD, as well as a wide range of heart and liver malfunctions, metastatic cancer and more. 

Great economic potential - an innovative product in a market estimated at tens of billions of dollars a year

The global omega-3 market is estimated at close to $ 35 billion a year and growing steadily. This is due to an increased understanding of the supplement's importance in preventing many diseases that have already become an epidemic in the Western world such as Alzheimer's, depression and ADD / ADHD. The innovative products based on OmegaMore's advanced chemical formula place the company at the forefront of a huge and growing market.


The company's products are manufactured at an FDA and GMP approved plant, showing an average annual growth of 75% in sales

The company's first product, which is manufactured at an FDA-approved plant, has already been sold in several marketing chains in Israel and has generated revenues of more than NIS 1 million since its inception in 2016 with average annual revenue growth of 75%. A variety of other products are about to enter the market, all of which are based on the unique formula developed in the company's laboratories, whose effectiveness has been proven in many studies.

Personal life experience leads to a biotechnological breakthrough

The personal experience of the company's founder, Israel Glamor, with his family's close encounter with cancer, made him determined to study the disease and understand it in depth. These unfortunate circumstances led him to many years of intensive biological and chemical research, which eventually led to a biotechnological breakthrough that changes our ability to deal with a wide range of devastating diseases.


An experienced team with high-performance capabilities and rich a history in the field of biotech development

OmegaMore's team consists of experts with over 20 years of experience in the biotech and tech market, including the development formulas purchased by Teva. The company's founder, Israel Gelmor, is an expert in the field of fatty acids and has many years of experience in developing unique chemical formulas and innovative products for some of the largest pharma companies in the market.


The idea

Omega-3 is essential to the body's daily functioning. The body is not able to create its own Omega-3 fatty acids and therefore must consume it from animals and plants.

Chronic brain disorders impair a growing portion of Western society as a result of poor dietary habits and lifestyle. ADD and ADHD among children are a prominent example. Yet, since children cannot, or will not, swallow capsules, we have developed a liquid algae product of DHA Omega-3, with strawberry and vitamin D supplements available to children of all ages.

Many adults and elderly also have trouble swallowing capsules, and so the product OmegaMore offers is also suitable for said adults’ daily consumption. Many studies have shown the benefits of using DHA to treat depression, anxiety, and even Alzheimer's Disease, which has become a 21st century’s epidemic due to increased longevity.

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease is the sixth largest cause of death in the United States. For comparison, 1 out of every 3 seniors dies from Alzheimer's, so the disease kills more Americans each year than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined! About 5.7 million (2018) Americans suffer from it, and by 2050 it is estimated that this number will reach 14 million. The cost of treating cognitive diseases is estimated to have reached $277 billion in 2018.

(Israel currently has 200,000 Alzheimer's patients, most of whom do not have treatment frameworks).

cardiovascular diseases

 cardiovascular diseases continue to be one of the leading causes of death in the Western world, responsible for 1 of every 3 deaths in the US (2018).

According to many studies, Omega-3 deficiency in general, and DHA deficiency in particular is the main cause of brain disorders and the formation of infections that cause heart disease.



Additional factors that support the need for Omega-3 in general and Algae DHA in particular:

 Increasing Demand for "Functional Food" - food enhanced with essential supplements (a $44 billion market in the US as of 2012), as well as continued awareness of the issue and increased consumption of food considered to have health benefits.

Over-Fishing - diminishing fish population due to overfishing, and pollution due to ocean acidification, coupled with the process of purification of Omega-3 from fish and detoxification from heavy metals, increases the cost of producing Omega-3 from fish, which is then passed on to the consumer at the product’s end. This creates a need to find a different source for the Omega-3 production, such as algae, especially since this is an essential substance that cannot be produced by the human body.

A Global Increase in Vegetarian, Vegan, and Organic Food Intake – Omega-3 produced from algae allows people who cannot consume a fish-based and/or krill (small crab) supplement, such as vegans and vegetarians, to still be able to consume Omega-3. Moreover, the active ingredient, DHA, does not exist in dry-land plants, and thus cannot be consumed from other sources.

“Around 85% of global fish stocks are over-exploited, depleted, fully exploited or in recovery from exploitation.”

BBC, Sep 12                                                      

“Omega 3 Ingredients Market to Witness Rapid Growth thanks to Heightened Awareness Regarding Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids; Industry Analysis & Trends 2021...”

CNBC, June 16



The solution   

Develop unique nutritional supplements based on DHA Omega-3 made from microalgae. These will help improve quality of life by preventing and blocking the development of most brain disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and even alleviating existing illnesses by increasing the Omega-3 fatty acids concentration in red blood cells.


The company’s goal is to significantly reduce illnesses typical of the western world – cancer and metastasizes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, brain disorders such as ADD, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, fertility issues (especially in men),  and improper fetus development.


Israel Glamor, an expert in the field of fatty acids, who has been developing innovative formulas for the past 20 years, including for the largest pharma companies in the market, has developed a unique formula of Omega-3 from sea algae named DHA Premium.


The formula contains a high concentration of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids produced directly from algae, alongside vitamin D3 and natural grapefruit and strawberry essence.


Science & Technology

OmegaMore develops grows and cultivates unique algae in laboratories and in clean pools. The company's unique extraction process of DHA Omega-3 yields a concentration of 40-45%, significantly higher than most of the competition. This is particularly important due to the fact that DHA is the main component of adipose tissue in the human brain and is responsible for maintaining the normal functioning of the brain.

International Credentials - The company's products comply with the following international standards: FDA (USA) and GMP (International), as well as European quality approval of NOVEL FOOD and SGS Laboratories worldwide. OmegaMore also has a Kosher certificate from Badatz (Eda Hachareidis Jerusalem).

Patentability - The company's new and improved product is expected to be released in 2019, and is based on a unique formula. The company will be able to apply for a patent for this product, and it is estimated to double or even triple the company’s current sales (rough assessment).

The Differences between Algae-based Omega-3, and Fish/Krill Oil Omega-3 - Both fish and krill feed on algae to create omega-3, and thus by producing Omega-3 directly from those algae we can skip an entire stage along the way and reduce costs.

Most of the brain tissue is fatty tissue, and 30% of it (in a healthy brain) is made of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be obtained only from the "marine" sources (fish and seaweed), and not dry land sources. In addition, DHA comprises about 93% of the Omega-3 composition in the eye’s retina.


The algae are grown in freshwater ponds to which salts and minerals are added - In this way, we can simulate the natural environment of algae but avoid exposure to pollution and heavy metals that are present in the sea.

The existing product is currently sold as a grapefruit-strawberry flavored liquid with vitamin D and is suitable for kids and the elderly as well. In addition, OmegaMore will expand its range of products next year with strawberry chewable capsules and with plain capsules for all age groups.

Seaweed oil and powder are currently in advanced stages of development. These will be used for enriching various food products such as dark chocolate, tahini, and olive oil.

The company is also in the initial stages of development of DHA powders for the enrichment of animal food mixtures (intended for completion in 2020).


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Business Model

1. B2C - Direct Sales to Consumers

This is done in both physical stores and online. The company is already recognized in pharmacies and supplements stores in Israel, as well as online through the company's website and through the company's Facebook page. The company is also an important player in the ultra-Orthodox market due to the approval of Badatz granted only to it (the company has so far sold products amounting to 1.2 million NIS since 2016 and has shown growth in sales each year ever since).


2. B2B - Business to Businesses

This includes cooperation with food companies and assimilation of the formula into various food products - such as chocolate, cheese, tahini, hummus and olive oil (The company is currently negotiating with one of the largest food producers in Israel, and is estimated to end in 2020).


3. Private Label (OEM)

The company will sell its products to supplements and pharma companies that will present it under their own brand. OmegaMore already has such an interaction with Supherb, the nutritional supplement company that is the Israeli distributor of the giant Nutrition Company Solgar.


4. Distribution Agreements

The company will sign an exclusive distribution agreement with different distributors in order to sell its products under the OmegaMore brand.

A large export transaction was signed with a Chinese distributor and is currently in the process of being approved by the Chinese authorities. A smaller deal has been signed with a Polish distributor and will be completed before the end of the current year.





The market

Omega-3 is proven as essential for the proper functioning of the human body. As such, the global market for Omega-3 is constantly growing, accompanied by several additional trends, including:

  • The growth of the Earth's population
  • The rise in the standard of living in India and China 
  • The transformation of a large part of the population into the middle class
  • Increased awareness and demand for functional food
  • Technological improvement in food production
  • An increase in disposable income.

The Omega-3 market is usually divided into the following segments:

Nutritional supplements, clinical nutrition, medicines, infant food, and a segment of food supplement for animal consumption.

Leading the industry is the infant food segment, which accounts for 41.6% of the market (for pregnant women and for infants during their first two years).


Estimated market cap and growth:

In 2015, the DHA market was estimated at 33B$, while in the US alone it was estimated at $2.04B$.

Between 2015 and 2016 there was a growth of $2B, and by 2025 the market is estimated to double, reaching 57B$.

The market is expected to grow between 2016-2022 at a growth rate of 6.6%.

The main omega-3 source in the market is based on fish oil and makes up 83.5% of the market (2016).

Algae-based Omega-3 is the fastest growing extraction source in the market and is estimated to have an annual growth of 14.3% (CAGR) between 2019-2026. This is a 417 mil$ market (2017).

Omega 3 world market growth- Segment division


The Competition

The market is competitive and held by a rather small number of multinational corporations working on high production volumes since the manufacturing technology is complex. The major sales channels are B2C - physical stores and online sales.

In recent years, these corporations have made a number of huge acquisitions of other companies in the field.

The remainder of the market is usually divided into private holding companies.

Manufacturers sell raw materials to global and local distribution companies.

Company’s Advantages

 The Team

More than 20 years of experience in R&D, including the development of an Omega-3 formula for mega companies such as Teva.

Creating Unique Formulas and Great Technological Expertise

The company’s products are patentable and are in the advanced stages of development – some are already being sold. Furthermore, these formulas are unique, and currently have no parallel in the market, since they are aimed at improving brain functions.

The company has the technological knowledge needed in order to integrate DHA Omega-3 into food products - a market that shows growth and is expected to continue to expand.

Proof of Concept

The company has accumulated sales of 1.2 million NIS since its establishment in 2016.

The company has distribution agreements with a large and well-known company in the market under Private Label - the distributor of Supherb products - Solgar.

Seals of Excellence

The company's existing products comply with the highest health standards - FDA approval (USA) and GMP (Europe).

Development and production of products in Israel enables high scrutiny and flexibility, as well as Israeli production and development as a symbol of excellence and quality in the global pharmaceutical industry.


The company has exclusive international rights from the manufacturer from which the algae is purchased.

The Badatz HaEida Hachareidis Jerusalem Kosher certificate enables reaching the unique growing market.

Competitors - Financial

The DHA Omega-3 market is led by the chemistry giant Royal DSM from The Netherlands, which holds 26.5% of the market, followed by the German company BASF, with a 12.5% market share.

Royal DSM has purchased the Canadian company Ocean Nutrition in 2012 for $540M (founded in 1997, had 415 employees, net sales in 2012 of 190M CAD, with a 5-year growth rate of 20%). Likewise, it has purchased Market, a company with 600 employees and annual revenue of $450M in 2011, for a sum of $1.1B.

In both cases, the purchased companies were in the same field of lipid-based nutritional supplements, and more specifically Omega-3 products.

BASF has purchased Pronova in 2013 for $845M. Pronova has also developed 90% concentrate Omega-3 products which are considered medicine and are given by prescription.

The products sold today in Israel are divided in two:

  • Low-Cost products which contain low concentrations of Omega-3 (180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA).
  • Unique expensive products which contain a higher concentration of EPA-DHA, in addition to products which are aimed towards a specific demographic (pregnant women, grown-ups, the elderly).

In the rest of the world, the situation is much the same. Most sales are in the Low-Cost domain, and the major competition (including our own) is for the established smart-consumer market. Our relative advantage is our vast knowledge and our development of new cutting-edge products.


Go to Market


  • Our product is sold today in a variety of outlets. The challenge before us now is to acquire cooperation with nutrition networks, chocolate factories and the like in order to add our supplements to a large group of foodstuffs which are consumed on a daily basis. An agreement with an Israeli chocolate company is already in the works,
  • At present, there is one product sold in the market – Algae Omega-3. We intend to develop a series of chocolates, candies, and spreads, and improve the health benefits of many nutritional products.
  • A large export agreement has been signed with a Chinese distributor and is currently in the approval process with the Chinese authorities.
  • An additional agreement has recently been signed with a distributor from Poland.
  • The company is currently in negotiations with one of Israel’s largest food manufacturers. It is estimated the negotiations will end in 2020. The sales potential is very large.
  • In 2019 the company will also begin selling chewable capsules with strawberry flavor intended for both children and adults. This is expected to double the company’s sales in Israel.
The exit strategy
  • As early as in 2019 it is expected that the company will become profitable and it will consider distributing dividends.
  • Raising capital at a higher market value, and maybe even become a publicly listed company.
  • The DHA Omega-3 market is mostly led by DSM from The Netherlands and BASF from Germany, two companies which have purchased a significant number of smaller companies.
  • For the right price, the company will consider cooperation with these two giants as well as an M&A offer by a leading market participant which is interested in expanding its line of products.
  • According to the data we posses concerning the sale of Pharmix, Amyris Brazil and a large number of other reputable companies in the field to the Dutch DSM in sums of tens of millions of dollars, it is reasonable to expect a purchase offer once OmegaMore is successful and well established in the market.
Use of proceeds

The money raised will be used as follows:

  • R&D: Launching the capsule product in approximately six months from the end of the capital raising, continuing to develop formulas and adding our supplements to food products.
  • Expansion of the Marketing System: Participation in three international exhibitions each year, increasing sales in both physical stores and through on-line means, as well as collaborations with producers and food manufacturers.
  • Increasing Production and Inventory.
  • Developing & Protecting Intellectual Property: Branding and differentiation for OmegaMore’s products.




Israel Galmor
Founder & CEO
Israel is an experienced CEO with some 20 years of cumulative experience as CEO of Omegal and OmegaMore, both of which he has founded. Israel is also an expert chemist and developer of fatty acids formula, developing formulas in the food supplements industry for some of the leading companies in the market such as Teva. Israel has a B.A from Bar-Ilan University.

  • Founder
Ofer Taran
CMO & Sales Director
Opher has a 25 years experience in international project marketing management and business development, as well as brand and OEM development. Opher gained his experience at a number of bio-med and pharma startup companies, as well as in corporations such as Orbotech (England), Minicom (Singapore), and as the founder and CEO of Biosan Medical in past 12 years. Opher has a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University, and an international marketing diploma from Xerox Corporation.

  • Key Employee
Yossi Gabbay
Yossi held the position of CEO and CFO in a number of companies, including as CFO of the Shomera insurance company Ltd. (with a 40 million exit deal) for 10 years, and as the CEO of Shahar Hadash Group Ltd (a publicly traded company until recently) for the past 15 years.

  • Key Employee
Adam Galmor
CTO & Director of IT
Adam is a highly experienced Software Engineer and has worked for some of the market‘s leading software companies such as Checkpoint and Radware. As the company adds E-commerce, Adam will develop and manage its IT and database (Costumers, suppliers etc.), and will be responsible for data security, etc. Adam has a B.Sc. in computer science and an M.B.A from Tel-Aviv University, both cum laude, as well as a B.A in mathematics and life sciences from H.I.T College – cum laude.

  • Director
Jason Barzilay
Advisory Board Member
Jason Barzilay was the co-founder, a large shareholder, and an Executive Director of Packard Bell, which was the world‘s largest personal computer maker between 1986-1998 (units sold). Jason and his two founding partners sold their holdings to NEC in 1998 Presently, Mr. Jason Barzilay (Founder) serves as an Executive Director at Dragon Ventures Management, a HK registered company offering complete solutions for Israeli companies wishing to establish a presence in Greater China.

  • Advisor

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  • Update date: 21/02/2019
    We are pleased to announce that Nansi Brandes has joined Omegamore's team. He is an Israeli famous musician and entertainer. We are experiencing increased demand for the company's products in Israel as well as overseas distributors, and are preparing for increased production. To accommodate this, we signed an agreement with Lycoris, which produces the highest quality standards, with the following approvals: GMP, HACCP, the Israeli ministry of health as well as a Hasidic Kosher seal of approval.

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