How it Works


Investing in Israeli early stage companies has never been simpler:

A. Look for investment opportunities and select the campaign that interests you. Note that each campaign has a time limit, with a maximum time frame of 60 days.

B. Decide how much to invest and see how many shares you will receive in return.

C. Click on the Invest button and your place in the investment will be reserved. You will have three days in which to transfer funds.

D. Your money is transferred to a dedicated escrow account for each fundraising company, and shall be held there until the company reaches its funding target. We do not allow partial funding, since we would like to ensure that your investment will be used only in accordance with the Company's budget and pre-defined objectives.

E. Only when the company reached its funding target and confirmed you as an investor will the deal will be executed and your money transferred to the company, following which you will receive the shares in return. If the funding target is not attained, your money is refunded in full!

F. After the completion of a deal, ExitValley opens a special Investor relations panel on the platform, where you can stay in touch with the company, receive updates, follow the company’s progress and exercise your rights as shareholder.



Raise money and make your way to the next Exit:

A. The ExitValley platform give you full control over your fundraisting campaign. After creating your campaign, you can set your funding target, percentage of shares allocation, campaign duration, and more.

B. Upload a campaign video, business plan, budget and presentation.

C. Sign all our legal agreements, pay the registration fee and submit your campaign.

D. Get approval or feedback.

E. After receiving confirmation, you are ready for the big launch. Make a lot of noise, tell all your friends and family, attract investors and reach your funding target. If your campaign does not reach the funding target, all accumulated funds will be returned to investors and the deal will not be executed.

F. When the funding target has been reached, you will be able to receive the investment money. If your company is incorporated, you will just need to sign our standard Articles of Association to complete the deal and get the money. If you have not incorporated your company, you will need to do so in order to complete the deal and receive the investment money, we'll provide you with all the necessary documents.

G. After completing the deal, the ExitValley platform will open a special panel for managing your company’s investors relations. There you can summon shareholder meetings, send updates, communicate with investors, etc.


סבבי הגיוס באמצעות פלטפורמת אקזיטוואלי מתבצעים בהתאם למודל של פטור מחובת פרסום תשקיף לפי סעיפים 15א(א)(1) ו-15א(א)(7) לחוק ניירות ערך, התשכ"ח-1968. במודל זה, בכל סבב השקעה חשיפת מידע מפורט על ההשקעה ועל החברה מוגבל ללא יותר מ- 35 משקיעים שאינם משקיעים כשירים וסבב ההשקעה איננו במתכונת של רכז הצעה כהגדרתם בחוק ניירות ערך.
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