Raise Capital

Do you have a winning team, a revolutionary product and an excellent market potential? Raise capital with the leading investment platform in Israel!

Why ExitValley?

ExitValley provides start-up companies with the best fundraising mechanism on the market, including: exposure to the Israeli and international investor communities, advanced legal infrastructure, marketing and content services, investor management services following the fundraising, great team of highly competent consultants, and more. Start-ups, working with ExitValley, enjoy the highest chances of fundraising success in the market.

  • The Method: The entrepreneurs lead the fundraising and not the other way around.
  • The Time: Short and pre-determined fundraising period.
  • The Flexibility: ExitValley can serve as an additional investment channel in the existing round vis-à-vis other entities.
  • The Terms: Fundraising process under fair term and conditions.
  • The Most Professional Support: The most experienced online investment team in Israel.
  • The Best Services for Success: In-house content creation and marketing departments.
  • The Shareholder Management Services: Advanced tools for managing the communication with the shareholders.

Common investment rounds at ExitValley  

Co-Investment: ExitValley joins an existing fundraising in collaboration with funds/angels/incubators, and takes part in the round.

Bridge Round: Fundraising for a company, designed to maximize its achievements, before the Round A.

Stand Alone Fundraising: Independent round on ExitValley’s platform, based on its investor community.

Any fundraising round on Exitvalley’s platform can be executed through the following investment vehicles: Share Purchase Agreement- SPA, Convertible Loan Agreement - CLA, and Simple Agreement for Future Equity – SAFE.

The Process:

  • Step 1 - Introduction
    Register on the platform, set your expectations from the fundraising and send us your company’s materials.
  • Step 2 – Matching check
    The ExitValley team conducts its due-diligence process. The examination will include the following components: the company's field of business, the product, the stage the company is at, its achievements, past investment rounds, staff, patents, fundraising expectations, the quality of the materials and content.
  • Step 3 - Finalizing the fundraising outline
    If your company has been found suitable for fundraising through ExitValley, you will receive all the legal and business documents. At this point you will need to approve the agreements with your lawyers, fill out an initial pitch document and a set-up a kick-off meeting, that will be held with the designated fundraising round management team.
  • Step 4 - Preparation of the fundraising round
    At this stage, the fundraising round’s contents and marketing materials are being created on the ExitValley platform, both in Hebrew and English. Your account manager and the rest of the designated team are building the infrastructure for a successful round.
  • Step 5 - Public Fundraising
    Your fundraising round has started! The opportunity to invest in your company is now open to tens of thousands of potential investors from ExitValley’s investor community in Israel and abroad. Our marketing efforts are at their peak.
  • Step 6 - Closing of the round
    Once you have successfully completed the fundraising, the closing process begins, in which the shares will be issued to investors and your company will receive the investment amount to its account.

You are welcome to join the investment revolution led by ExitValley, to raise capital in the fastest and most efficient way for you, to expose your venture to tens of thousands of investors and to join our prestigious portfolio companies club.

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