Risk Warning


Investing in securities in general and in startups in particular involves risks, including illiquidity, fraud, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and such investing should be done after proper care and diligence has been exercised. The services offered by ExitValley are intended to introduce investors to entrepreneurs, but we cannot guarantee the integrity or success of any business. Investors should review all risks entailed in their investments and make their own investment decisions based on their absolute discretion. We urge you to consult with anyone with respect to the services offered on ExitValley's site. Please review our terms of use and privacy policy, as well as the transactional documents for further terms and conditions, including ExitValley's lack of liability for any transaction entered into on its platform.

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סבבי הגיוס באמצעות פלטפורמת אקזיטוואלי מתבצעים בהתאם למודל של פטור מחובת פרסום תשקיף לפי סעיפים 15א(א)(1) ו-15א(א)(7) לחוק ניירות ערך, התשכ"ח-1968. במודל זה, בכל סבב השקעה חשיפת מידע מפורט על ההשקעה ועל החברה מוגבל ללא יותר מ- 35 משקיעים שאינם משקיעים כשירים וסבב ההשקעה איננו במתכונת של רכז הצעה כהגדרתם בחוק ניירות ערך.
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