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Did you miss the opportunity to invest in a company that has completed a fundraising campaign? It's not too late! Here you can invest in our portfolio companies even after their campaign has ended.
About the secondary market
When we founded ExitValley, our goal was to allow the general public the opportunity of taking part in the Israeli high-tech industry success. And so we did! ExitValley has become home to Israel's most promising start-ups, and has Israel's largest investor community. Every month, over $ 1 million are invested through our platform in a variety of Israeli start-ups, and our investor community is growing from day to day.
Over time, we learned that more and more investors are interested in investing in our start-ups, even after the fundraising rounds are over. And so, we have set up the ExitValley secondary market – where potential investors can purchase shares from existing shareholders. We invite you to invest in our portfolio companies and be part of the next exit!
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