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The Next Generation of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms have paved the way for the formation of a blossoming community that supports and finances excellent ideas across all ends of the spectrum. Until recently, backers were not offered any kind of partnership or return on their investment. If a funded project became a worldwide success, investors would receive a thank you note or in the best-case scenario, a version of the product that they financed.

At ExitValley we have taken the concept a couple of steps further by combining the familiar crowdfunding platform with the world of investments and creating a ‘crowd investing’ platform that allows anybody to invest in your company, in return for shares.

The idea is quite straightforward: Take the sum you wish to raise and divide it into small portions so that you can allow more people to be your investors. Your inner circles, such as, family, friends and work colleagues are all potential investors – This is your ‘first circle’. Each investor from the first circle also has his own circles, add to this the list of other potential investors, investors from abroad, etc. and you have reached an enormous number of potential investors.

At ExitValley, you get to set the rules of your company's investment round, which enables you to raise money in a transparent, direct and fair manner for you and for your investors.

Raising Money with ExitValley  

  • No more time wasting or procrastinating! Our investment raising process is speedy and straightforward. Within 60 days, you will know whether you have succeeded in raising funds.
  • An effective way to expose your company to multiple potential investors, including: Family, friends, friends of friends, surrounding communities, investors from Israel and investors from around the globe.
  • With smaller minimum investment amounts, you’ll have access to a greater pool of investors.
  • Receive ongoing business support and legal infrastructure that has been assembled in conjunction with Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co., one of the leading law firms in the field of startups.
  • ExitValley handles all your negotiations and agreements, including SPA and incorporation documents if necessary. The money raising process has never been simpler!
  • Successful fundraising at ExitValley testifies to the fact that you are a charismatic entrepreneur and that the public believes in you and in your chances of success. Such a vote of confidence exposes young companies to a variety of opportunities that were previously not available to them.
  • Fundraising from a variety of investors helps you maintain control over your company so that you can steer it in a direction that is right for you.

What to expect

Our investment process is simple and fast:

1. Look for interesting companies

  • Register to the site and receive updates about new companies
  • Enter the site, and under "Discover Investments" you can sort through the different companies or filter according to your interests.
  • Choose the company that interests you. In the first stage, you will be presented with general, preliminary data regarding the company's activity. If you would like to receive additional information to help you examine an investment opportunity in the company, please leave your details under "Interested in Investing".

2. Examine the investment prospects and decide whether of not to invest

  • Once you have submitted an "Interested in Investing" request, we will forward your details to the company and, if approved as potential investors, you will get access to all investment data, including financial and other material information.
  • Examine investment documents, transaction details, market data, business model, budget and more, and decide whether to invest. You are welcome to contact us for further details or consult with other investors in our community.

3. Invest the amount you want

  • Decide how much you wish to invest and see how many shares you will get in return. Each campaign has a minimum fundraising target and a duration during which it is open for investment (about 45 days).
  • After completing the investment process, you must deposit your investment funds in a trust account that has been opened for the round.
  • If the campaign reaches its fundraising target, the transaction will be completed - the shares will be transferred to you and your money will be transferred to the company. If the campaign does not reach its fundraising target, your money will be refunded in full.

4. Follow up and participate in the company's activity

  • • After the successful round and completion of the transaction, we will create a designated area on the site for you and the company in which you have invested, that will allow you to be in touch with the company, receive regular updates and exercise your rights as shareholders.
  • • From this moment, you can indicate that you are willing to receive offers for the purchase your shares; If and when offers come, you can realize them.

Who is it Suitable For

  • Especially for those with excellent ideas – from startups to small businesses.
  • If you are charismatic enthusiastic entrepreneur, ExitValley is without a doubt your platform.
  • ExitValley serves incorporated ventures and also provides a solution for companies that have yet to be incorporated.
  • ExitValley is ideal for those seeking to raise funds ranging from 75,000 dollars to 3,000,000 dollars.
The financing rounds made through the ExitValley platform are in accordance with a model of statutory exemption from publishing a prospectus pursuant to sections 15A(A)(1) and 15A(A)(7) to the Israeli companies law - 1965.
Under our model, the disclosure of detailed information on the company and information about the investment in each round of financing are limited to not more than 35 investors which are not qualified investors and the round of financing in not in the format of an offering arrangement ("רכז הצעה") as defined in the securities law
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