About ExitValley

ExitValley is the first and fastest-growing Equity-Based Crowd-Investing platform in Israel. ExitValley changed the rules of fundraising for start-up companies, allowing them to raise capital directly from the general public through an online investment platform, and made it possible for everybody to acquire shares in those start-ups, thereby becoming part of the Start-up Nation success. Founded by the architects of the internet investment industry in Israel, ExitValley leads the market with the highest number of completed rounds, the greatest amount of funds raised, and the largest investor community in Israel.

Our Vision

  • To provide start-up companies with an advantageous opportunity to raise capital through a path, every step of which is designed to help them build a successful company.
  • To allow everybody to invest in Israeli companies and become shareholding partners in the Start-up Nation.

Our Raison D'etre

  • The buzz and interest surrounding Israel as a start-up ‘superpower’ has been continuously growing. Despite its small size, Israel stands at the forefront of technology and innovation, along with other leading countries in the field. With years of experience as entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and market professionals, we learned that there is a significant shortage in the supply of investment capital for Israeli companies in their early stages. We also discovered that investing in the Israeli hi-tech industry is something that is exclusively accessible to a very small group, mainly comprised of Venture Capital funds, Incubators and a handful of Angels. By solving these two problems, we help the Israeli success stories numbers to grow. With ExitValley, more entrepreneurs manage to raise funds and realize their vision. At the same time, more investors gain access to these opportunities and are able to partake in the success. A few years ago, we decided to take up the gauntlet and gathered together the best brains in the industry to develop an inclusive solution that restores power to entrepreneurs and provides public investors with a world of opportunities. Today, we are the change, the one we meant to create.

The Team

Shahar Shraga, MBA
Co-Founder and CEO
Shahar founded ExitValley. He is one of the architects of the internet crowd-investment industry in Israel.
Over the years Shahar has accumulated unprecedented expertise in all the aspects of the fundraising business, which turned ExitValley into the most successful equity based crowd-investing platform in Israel today. Under Shahar's leadership and guidance, ExitValley continues to lead the market with the highest number of completed rounds, the greatest amount of funds raised, the largest investor community in Israel and the most diverse portfolio of successful start-ups.
Prior to founding ExitValley, Shahar served as a business development manager at Tamir Fishman, one of the leading investment houses in Israel.
Shahar received his BA from the University of Haifa and his MBA from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Nir Meital
Co-Founder and CMO
Nir is one of the co-founders of ExitValley. He established the marketing department of the company and set the tone for the internet investments marketing in Israel. Nir is an undoubted expert in his field, specializing in managing the full range of marketing divisions, from content, through digital and to PR, bringing exceptional results and placing ExitValley at the forefront of the Israeli venture capital industry. Today he continues to expand his know-how by creating numerous marketing collaboration initiatives in Israel and abroad. Prior to ExitValley, Nir served as the head of the economic team at one of the leading consulting firms in Israel, working with both Governmental offices and private corporations. Nir holds a BA in economics and political science from the Tel Aviv University and a master's degree in security studies from the Bar Ilan University, which he completed as part of his military service as a senior officer and commander in an elite unit of the IDF.
Yoel Ettedgi
Co-Founder and CTO
Yoel lives and breathes technology and is an expert at turning ideas into reality.
Yoel conceived, initiated and created ExitValley's technological platform, along with its groundbreaking exchange tools. Yoel leads the field of innovation and development in the company. He has more than 20 years of high-tech experience: as an entrepreneur, as a technology consultant, as an investor and as a project manager in a variety of work environments.
Daniel Ben-Ishai, Adv.
Daniel established the ExitValley's fundraising division. Being an absolute expert in the field of internet investments, today he is tasked with overseeing the majority of the operational functions of the company: the fundraising processes, the legal infrastructure, the investors relations and more. Daniel is managing a team of professionals, and together they lead ExitValley’s portfolio companies all the way from building the investment round and up to its successful completion. Daniel is a former lawyer with extensive experience in private equity fundraising activities in a variety of sectors. He has a degree in law and business administration, major in finance (LL.B., B.A.), from the Reichman University.
Eden Pozin, MBA
Business Development Manager
Eden is managing business development activities for ExitValley. With the aim of realizing and reinforcing the company’s vision, Eden is in charge of the development of ExitValley’s new investment channels and products. As part of her role, Eden identifies new business opportunities, works on establishing long-lasting partnerships and international collaborations and more. She has 10+ years of experience in senior-level international business relations, in both public and private sectors. After a Diplomatic career at the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, Eden managed several sales and business development projects from concept to completion for private companies in Israel and abroad. Eden received her BA in Political Science and Communication and her MBA (Major in Finance) from Tel Aviv University.
Maor Zarini
Deal Flow Manager
Maor is managing the deal flow and Israeli start-up ecosystem partnerships at ExitValley. As part of his role, Maor is responsible for creating collaborations with various innovation-related entities, such as early-stage VC funds, accelerators, tech incubators, innovation centers, corporations, hospitals, academies, and more. Maor finds and selects the most suitable start-up companies for the platform. In addition, he follows up the many success stories of our portfolio companies. Maor has a Law degree (LLB) from the College of Management Academic Studies and an MBA from Ben Gurion University with a major in finance.
Shai Levi
Chief of Staff
Shai operates at a tactical, strategic, and operational level, handling the oversight of projects at ExitValley. She promotes team integration as well as cross-functional communication and collaboration. As part of her role, Shai is responsible for implementing business strategy through developing policies, procedures, and processes. She also leads yearly and quarterly objective planning and KPI-setting processes, and has full ownership of tracking and monitoring execution, all with the aim to improve the company's overall operational excellence. Shai has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (major in marketing) from the Ruppin Academic Center.
Yoel Cohen
Fundraising Division Team Lead
Yoel is leading a team, responsible for managing investor relations and fundraising rounds in the company, from content refinement to handling the fundraising process itself, and up to the legal closing. Yoel holds a fundamental role in building a personalized fundraising strategy for each company. As part of his role, he connects the fundraising start-ups’ tasks to the relevant ExitValley's departments. Furthermore, Yoel actively assists with management tools development and in-house operational improvement. Yoel has extensive experience in business development, operations set-up, customer relations management, and sales. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in business administration and entrepreneurship from Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).
Eden Tabibi, Adv.
Investor Relations
Eden is in charge of managing, expanding, and building strong relationships with the investors and the financial community. She works closely with the fundraising start-up management teams throughout the fundraising period. As part of her role, Eden develops strategies to increase the fundraising companies’ visibility among relevant audiences. Eden is a lawyer, with vast experience in commercial law, managing customer and company relations and business advertising. Eden has a bachelor's degree in law (LLB) and is currently completing her MBA (major in finance) at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Lee Goldbruch, Adv.
Account Manager
Lee is in charge of accompanying the start-up companies throughout the fundraising round, from the establishment and day-to-day management, and up to the stage of issuing the shares of the company to investors. In the process, Lee serves as the focal point between the start-ups and the various departments at ExitValley, and assists in the preparation of the legal infrastructure. In addition, Lee is responsible for supporting the platform’s digital infrastructure, including the implementation of new tools with the aim to improve the work processes. Prior to her position at ExitValley, Lee did her internship at the Civil Attorney’s Office and worked as a lawyer in the areas of commercial law, litigation and insolvency in leading law firms in Israel. Lee holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a BA (Government) from the Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).
Damian Piechotka
Content & Marketing
Damian is in charge of marketing ExitValley’s portfolio companies, from content, through digital marketing and to PR, using a variety of channels. He serves as a focal point between all the components of a strong marketing campaigns: our content writers, sponsored content managers, media creators and graphic designers. In addition, Damian is successfully managing all the fundraising companies’ marketing budgets.
Damian is a graduate of a copywriting and social media management program at “Habetzefer”, the leading professional advertising academy in Israel.
The financing rounds, made through the ExitValley platform, are in accordance with a model of statutory exemption from publishing a prospectus pursuant to sections 15A(A)(1) and 15A(A)(7) of the Israeli Securities Law - 1968.
Under this model, the disclosure of detailed information on the company and information about the investment in each round of financing are limited to not more than 35 investors, who are not qualified investors, and the round of financing is not in the format of an offering arrangement ("רכז הצעה"), as defined in the Securities Law.
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