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Exitvalley now fundraising

Last call - preferred terms for the Exitvalley community

After two years of operation, during which we have set off and established the field of crowdinvesting in Israel, the regulations allowing everyone to invest in Israeli start-ups and be a real part of our high-tech industry have finally past.
Exitvalley is now completing a fundraising round with preferred terms, in order to increase our activity in Israel and launch Exitvalley UK. We invite you to join us by investing in this round and become part of the first and leading crowdinvesting platform of the start-up nation.

The team

Founder and CEO of incredimail, CEO of "Tamir Fishman", 10 exits, 27 VC investments.

The platform

The optimal solution for investors and start-ups: investments, voting system, updates, secondary market.

The experience

Highest number of campaigns, most money raised, highest success rates.


Just about to launch in the UK. US operation by the end of the year.

Exposure to companies

Dozens of start-ups approaching monthly.

The investor community

Thousands of listed investors and growing daily.

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Did you miss the campaign of an interesting company? It's not too late, you can buy shares from existing investors. Then, of course, the secondary market will allow you to sell the shares you have bought so you can shorten your way to the exit.


Accredited Investors    
103% Of Funding target

16 Accredited Investors
149% Of Funding target

14 Investors
100% Of Funding target

6 Investors
125% Of Funding target

13 Investors
300% Of Funding target

34 Investors
196% Of Funding target

14 Investors
114% Of Funding target

24 Investors
136% Of Funding target

26 Investors
129% Of Funding target

20 Investors
116% Of Funding target

15 Investors
140% Of Funding target

25 Investors

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