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• Overfunding - Over 100%
ExoProTher Medical

ExoProTher Medical

ExoProTher Medical is an Israeli biotech company, developing a breakthrough bio-therapy that targets 60% of human cancers. The company has achieved strong positive results in pre-clinical trials with no adverse effects.


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192% From Funding target
Seed Healthcare
• Overfunding - Over 100%


WeBuy is the first on-demand shopping platform that lets consumers define their need for a particular product or service, allowing only relevant sellers to present ads and purchase offers and enabling optimal trading at the best possible prices.


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Minimum investment
105% From Funding target
Seed Advertisment
UNDER 1000 Gallery

UNDER 1000 Gallery

UNDER 1000 Gallery has revolutionized the art world with its innovative platform, which allows anyone to purchase original, high-quality art for no more than 1,000$ a piece. The company has had tremendous success in Israel and is now going international.


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Minimum investment
30% From Funding target
Seed Entertainment & sport

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