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AgroScout groundbreaking SAAS platform empowers agronomists &farmers worldwide with a cost-effective &time-saving tool for early detection of disease and pests. Our technology is a sustainable way to increase crop yield while lowering chemical use


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Campaign Highlights

Revolutionary Agronomy Technology for Field Crop Scouting

AgroScout is revolutionizing field crop scouting with their AI-based, agronomy platform for early disease and pest detection. This cloud-based application works with an off-the-shelf drone to scan fields and pinpoint disease locations with the accuracy level of the individual plant —delivering real-time analytics to quickly identify and localize infestations. The AgroScout solution provides farmers a globally accessible and affordable tool to increase crop yields, enhance farm sustainability through decreased pesticide use and improves farm ROI.  

Current Company Investors & International Collaboration

AgroScout is funded by the Trendlines Group, which specializes in investments in start-ups in the agrifoodtech field, and by the Israel Innovation Authority. The company has received additional investments from Kibbutz Yiron, Sirus VC of Brazil, Vincent Tchenguiz, a limited partner in Trendlines and significant grant funding from The International Bird Foundation.

AgroScout has collaborated with major US retailers and farms as part of its product trial and launch, working with cloud technology giant Oracle, which allowed AgroScout to grow their database of users quickly and efficiently. AgroScout, recently completed a successful yearlong pilot project with PepsiCo, which has become our customer and business partner.



Rapid Growth, Expansion and Commercial Activity

In the past year, AgroScout has shown accelerated growth in its operations, expanding from 3 key employees to 20 staff members. We increased our commercial activity and launched sales, signing up customers from four different continents in America, Asia, Europe and Africa.


Significant Technological Advancement

AgroScout’s proprietary technology integrates external data, together with deep learning and computer vision to detect problems accurately and autonomously in the field from the first acre. 

This data is uploaded to the cloud and analyzed by AgroScouts’ deep learning algorithms and sends farmers actionable insights to their computer or mobile device notifying them of disease location and crop status, with recommendations for treatment.



  • Autonomous disease classification & treatment recommendations
  • Disease detection with the accuracy level of the individual plant
  • Efficient, early disease detection with lower scouting costs
  • Complete field coverage in area and frequency
  • Optimized crop protection applications
  • Increased crop yields & improved crop quality


Multidisplinary and Experienced Team in the Fields of Agriculture, AI, Sales, Software & Business Development

AgroScout was founded in Israel in 2017, by Simcha Shore, a defense veteran with over 20 years of experience managing technology projects, including analysis and characterization of complex information systems, remote sensing, image processing, AI and drones. Simcha identified a need for a dedicated and cost-effective solution for scouting crop health so he sought out and built a multidisciplinary team with an extensive background in agronomy, computer vision, software and business development and sales.




The Idea

AgroScout has developed a unique, cost-effective app to battle pests and diseases in agriculture. Farmers continue to lose a huge portion of their crop to disease and pests,that’s enough produce to feed and additional 2 billion people by 2050.

AgroScout’s self-detecting and monitoring app is easy-to-use and can be downloaded from anywhere in the world right from you smartphone or PC.  AI crop protection is a privilege currently enjoyed by a small percentage of farmers that deploy “out of reach equipment”. 

Our main goal was to create a platform that is not only effective, but affordable to farmers of all sizes


The AgroScout Solution

Existing crop monitoring solutions are operated by trained employees and harness cutting-edge hardware, such as “monster” sci-fi drones and aerial photography that was previously only available to government and security organizations. These systems are costly, time consuming to operate and are intangible  for about 95% of the world’s farmers.  

AgroScout provides an affordable and easy-to-use AI solution based solely on user-generated content. To maintain its affordability, the app was designed to rely on equipment that is widely used on farms: smartphones and simple drones. The app offers field protection in under one minute, saving the user time and headache..  Users can simply download the app, press “Sync My Drone,” use the intuitive map wizard to mark the field, press “Protect,” and sit back and relaxfor 20 minutes while the app collects field data results.

The AgroScout team set out to squeeze the maximum out these widely used “toys” to turn them into premium autonomous AI data collectors. This app beats a professional human scout, 100-fold when comparing field coverage, and for significantly less money. Harnessing the users’ free data collection and the power of cumulative data collecting, the app is currently the only affordable individual plant level solution for pest and disease detection. Agroscout’s thin design circumvents high operation costs by relying on the users to use their simple equipment to collect data. The thin design is key to making this solution accessible and affordable to most of the planet’s 500 million farmers. 


The company’s technology

AgroScout developed the first “self-service” AI app for the early discovery of pests and diseases in agriculture by relying purely on user-generated content and user-owned drones. Since agriculture is known as a low-margin sector, AI solutions built on expensive company-owned equipment have seen good technical progress but haven’t been able to offer an affordable solution for 90% of the world’s farmers. The app puts cutting-edge, AI technology in the palms of 80% of the 500 million farmers worldwide, as compared to the current 5%. The app’s main strengths lie in its ability to ensure the quality of data collected from low-cost, off-the-shelf drones, such as DJI’s Mavic and Phantom and the app’s algorithms ability to learn quickly. Farmers can download the free app, sync with their drone and immediately start protecting their crops. The app relies mainly on members of the community to tag pests and diseases. Community contribution comes naturally to farmers, which will help integrate the AgroScout app into the agricultural world, bringing the industry forward and welcoming the next generation of agricultural products.  



product advantages 

AgroScout’s application has several advantages over other agriculture monitoring solutions:


  • Infinitesimal incremental operating cost per user – AgroScout does not deploy any field equipment and relies purely on user-generated content and user-owned equipment. AgroScout set out to enable quality data collection based on widely used, equipment that is prevalent on farms: mobile phones and FAA-excluded self-operated drones. By developing smart autopiloting for these relatively cheap user-owned drones, AgroScout opens the door to AI protection to most farmers out of the 500 million farmers worldwide.
  • Immediate and continuous availability:AgroScout gives farmers the flexibility, freedeom and control to check their fields as needed, such as between rain showers or for use in remote rural areas or even to check twice a day. Other systems in market require farmers to schedule ground teams that may arrive late and or may only be affordable for cash-rich crops.
  • Optimal coverage: The AgroScout app allows average farmers to achieve 100% field coverage instead of the 1% field coverage farmers can afford by hiring a person to sample his fields.
  • Pests and disease detection down to the single plant:Plant-level discovery with planes and satellites isn’t usually possible or economical. By relying on the user and the user’s equipment to collect data, the app can offer farmers detection down to the single plant. 
  • Early detectionof pests and disease and fast discovery of uncharted infections:Amazingly fast discovery and learning is made possible through user  data collection and tagging, fast-learning AI algorithms and the aggregated information collected from the large community of users. 
  • All weather: The app is not sensitive to weather and relies on the users’ simple off-the-shelf drones capable of autonomous low-height flight above crops and not greatly influenced by low clouds and other weather conditions. 



Simcha Shore
CEO and Founder
Simcha brings vast experience leading development projects in information systems, remote sensing, image processing, AI and drones. During his 21-year career in the Israeli Defense Force’s Intelligence unit, he reached the rank of major. He holds a BA and MA from Hebrew University and is a certified in information systems engineering and analysis.

  • Founder
Ido Bar-Av
CSO and Company Agronomist
Ido has rich experience leading and managing agricultural projects in plant protection and seed germination both in the lab and out in the field. He served as a research engineer at Israel’s Volcani Center, where he led the planning and execution of irrigation and crop protection research. He received his BSc in agronomy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a MSc in agronomy in desert agriculture from Ben-Gurion University.

Ori Netzer
Ori brings more than 20 years of experience leading product and operations at various start-up companies. OHe served as the COO at Shyft and the CPO at SQream. He will be overseeing AgroScout’s day to day operations and long-term logistic planning.

  • Key Employee
Orit Kedem
VP Software
Orit came over from AT&T as a software developer where she led her team for the past 10 years. She is the VP of Software Development for AgroScout.

  • Key Employee
Ofer Solomon
Head of Computer Vision AI
For more than 30 years, Ofer has led projects in computer vision and R&D. He started with AgroScout as an engineer, and he is now the head of the computer vision and AI division.

  • Key Employee
Amir Adari
VP Sales & Marketing
Amir is AgroScout’s VP of Marketing & Sales and Business Development. He has 15 years’ of extensive experience in senior management positions and has a proven track record managing business units locally and internationally. He is also a lecturer of international marketing and business management at Tel Hai College.

  • Key Employee
Gadi Feldenkreis
Gabi is AgroScout’s CIO and has over 20 years’ experience in collecting, analyzing, and processing geovisual intelligence from observation to satellite.

  • Key Employee

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