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AlgaHealth develops ground-breaking products and patented technologies for unique microalgae strains cultivation, and sustainable production of top-quality, high-value ingredients, aimed at multi-billion health and food markets.

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By: Eran Itzkovitch
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Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

Technological breakthrough in the production process of one of the most expensive products in the field of healthy nutrition

AlgaHealth is a groundbreaking Israeli biotechnology company that produces natural antioxidants, including fucoxanthin, which help in the prevention of obesity diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

The technology developed by the company enables for the first time to radically modernize the traditional production process, characterized by high pollution, limited supply, and varying quality, and move to commercial production with an innovative patented process, which maximizes the quantity, quality, and availability of produced material, significantly reducing environmental damage.

Patented intellectual property, collaborations with the leading research organizations in Israel, and winning the EU’s Sign of Excellence

AlgaHealth maintains collaboration agreements in the fields of research and development with the leading academic and technological research organizations in Israel, including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Volcani Center. The company has granted patents in Australia and Japan and waiting approval in several other territories. it has also won the Seal of Excellence of the European Research and Innovation Programme for 2020.

End-to-end solution - complete control over the value chain of the product

AlgaHealth operates according to the full control model in the value chain of the product - from the R&D stage, through the production system to delivery and new products development, so that the company is able to give its customers a solution at each stage and meet quantity, quality, and delivery requirements along with continued development of the product line.

The company operates in a B2B configuration and its customers are manufacturers, such as nutraceuticals, food, and cosmetics companies.

Advanced research and development arm dedicated to the development of future products, new species, and growing technologies

AlgaHealth holds an R&D arm that develops advanced biotechnological methods for the creation of new species and technologies, that will enable production efficiency 500% higher than existing methods, along with the production of a variety of high-value materials for additional uses. The company will use AI-based production systems that aim to enable accurate and fast identification of species with unique characteristics.

Worldwide sales alongside growth forecasts

Along with the company's multiple achievements, including completing the development of its production system and cultivation of unique microalgae species, it heads towards the end of 2021 with sales of hundreds of thousands of dollars worldwide, business partners, and an expectation of significant growth for the next two years.



The Idea

The Need

We might think twice about our everyday spending—but when it comes to our health and wellbeing, most people are far more likely to invest. Health and wellbeing expenses are valued, in fact, at hundreds of billions globally, with an ever-growing need for innovative solutions to age-old human problems, such as obesity.

Data shows that, in 2019, 60% of all adults in OECD countries were either overweight or obese, and could suffer related type-2 diabetes, cardiac and vascular failures, meaning a reduction in life expectancy by as much as 4 years. In addition to their reduced life expectancy, they are at high risk of developing severe illnesses such as cancer and dementia. Moreover, it was proven that overweight and obese children are 13% less likely to perform well at school and are less likely to complete higher education.

The Solution

Fucoxanthin is a healthy, highly effective ingredient that can be used to reduce health issues related to metabolic syndrome, such as being overweight or obese, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, and other conditions, but its current production processes make it extremely rare and difficult to manufacture at high quality and in large quantities, to meet the vast and growing demand.

AlgaHealth is a biotech company pioneering the development of smart, cost-effective applications of microalgae for the production of nutraceuticals. The company is developing a new source for fucoxanthin from its specially cultivated microalgae, and a new line of products that contain high quantities of it.


Microalgae in general contain much more fucoxanthin than seaweed, and AlgaHealth’s special strain of microalgae goes further to reach concentrations of up to 100 times more than the current seaweed source.

Additionally, since AlgaHealth’s microalgae are grown in a controlled environment, the product is available year-round and is of high quality and contaminant-free, as well as non-GMO. Growing the microalgae in a controlled, land-based facility and AlgaHealth’s proprietary “agro-manipulations” in its cultivation and production processes allow for easy upscaling and distributed production, which makes it far more sustainable than any current mass production solution.

The technology is based on unique, novel proprietary microalgae strains and innovative, patent-protected processes and solutions—to ensure a stable and sustainable production process, and remove this significant market bottleneck.

AlgaHealth has engaged with some of Israel's leading research institutes including The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and The Volcani Institute — to conduct ground-breaking research and development projects that will put AlgaHealth years ahead of the competition: microalgae strain development to achieve 3x to 5x the current microalgae production rate, and AI-based real-time sensing, implementing machine learning as part of production control and optimization.

AlgaHealth’s products—NutriXanthin™ and its parallel for cosmetics, DermaXanthin™—are new products featuring an extremely high concentration of fucoxanthin and are best suited for use as ingredients of food supplements and cosmetics products. Moreover, they are unique in not requiring any organic solvents for their production.

DermaXanthin™ will be available to customers in Q4 2021 and NutriXanthin™ in Q1 2022, pending regulatory approval.


Among the innovative advantages of AlgaHealth’s tech:

AlgaHealth production process—a positive environmental impact on the ocean floor

Current production of fucoxanthin from macroalgae (seaweed) creates significant damage to the ocean floor, with very low efficiency in the process. In addition, the extraction of fucoxanthin from current sources, both macroalgae and microalgae, requires the use of organic solvents. AlgaHealth’s production processes are “green”, which significantly limits the negative environmental impact and prevents environmental damage, while increasing production substantially.



Eran Itzkovitch
20 years’ executive and operational experience in multiple fields. Former CEO of Abundance Ltd – a pioneering Algae startup.

Omer Geva
Entrepreneur, investor, former CEO and chairman of multiple startups with 20 years’ of experience in building companies towards business success and M&A

  • Chairman of the Board
Oran Ayalon
CTO and Co-Founder
Former CTO of Alga Technologies and Algalo. Over 20 years of experience in biotech R&D. Holds a PhD in biology and chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science

  • Founder
Itai Ivry
30 years’ experience in design and development of microalgae and aquaculture production facilities. Former sr. advisor to Frutarom (IFF)

Hagay Tzur
Board member and Co-Founder
Former CEO of Alga Technologies. Over 20 years’ experience in management and business development. Proven success in commercialization of microalgae products

  • Founder
  • Partner

Financial data

Financial data

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Updates 1

  • Update date: 27/12/2021

    The company's patent got approved in the USA
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