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BioXtreme‘s disruptive robotic technology for motor learning significantly shortens post-stroke limb rehabilitation, improving results by 100%. The unique patented device‘s efficacy was proven in clinical trials , fully ready for the global market.

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By: Haim Hoffman
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Medical Devices

Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

A breakthrough technology that cuts post-stroke rehabilitation time by 50%

Millions of people worldwide suffer strokes or other brain injuries each year, and require a long and expensive rehabilitation process. BioXtreme will assist in greatly improving their quality of life, while shortening the recovery process and significantly improving motor skills. The company's unique patented Error Enhancement technology is a true game changer, shortening rehabilitation time by up to 50% and improving the range of motion by 100% (!), compared to traditional rehabilitation methods, as proven in 3 clinical trials and an independent research conducted by Northwestern University (US).

Ready for marketing, after completing clinical trials and receiving FDA, CE and AMR approvals

BioXtreme's effectiveness has been successfully proven in clinical trials, and the company has also completed all required regulatory procedures and has obtained FDA, CE and AMR approvals, with a production line planned in accordance with the highest quality standards (ISO13485). This is a chance to invest in a company with a completed product, already approved by regulators worldwide, and fully ready for immediate market penetration. BioXtreme intends to further develop a complete set of multipurpose motor-learning devices to include finger & palm grip, balance and gait, on its way to become a world leader in motor learning in general, and neurological rehabilitation in particular.

Strategic investments and signed contracts for international distribution and cooperation

BioXtreme has so far received investments by the Israeli Innovation Authority (Chief Scientist), the Ashkelon Technological Industries tech incubator and its parent company (Gefen Biomed Investments Ltd.), as well as by Lucio Fontana BV based in the Netherlands, the company’s main strategic investor who owns large companies providing medical and para-medical services to the Dutch health system (including ownership of hospitals). The company is in contact with leading hospitals in Israel and around the world (also for the purpose of clinical trials), who have expressed great interest in its unique neurotherapy and technology and have asked to take part in the product's demonstration. The company has also signed contracts with large US and European distributors, along with other cooperation agreements signed around Europe.

Attractive IP and exclusively unique patents registered in Israel, USA and Europe

The company's intellectual property is protected by an extensive patent which includes BioXtreme's combination of unique hardware (sensors, controllers and motors), with the company's Error Enhancement technology, as well as unique algorithms for calculating and amplifying the error (with automatic calibration, machine learning capabilities, and all care-related data gathered in the Cloud). The patent is registered and approved in the US, Europe and Israel. This registration has been extended to Russia and China through the Utility Model, and the company later intends to expand it to further territories, and to register additional patents for its next planned products. BioXtreme has also created an extensive hierarchical production portfolio, which includes a CPA, assembly, inspection and packaging instructions etc., which represent additional attractive and exclusive IP, owned by the company.

International signifiers of quality: accelerators, incubators, competitions and grants

BioXtreme is in the final stages of applying for a grant by the European Union's Horizon Program (EIC Accelerator). The company has advanced to the final stage in the Reinhold-Cohen patent firm 'Startup 2021' competition, as one of eight finalists selected out of 160 companies, has been granted the "Tnufa" grant by the Chief Scientist (currently known as the Innovation Authority) and has benefited from development grants while in the program. In 2022, the company received a grant by the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

A new, vast and rapidly growing market, with great potential to expand into additional sectors

BioXtreme's first product is aimed at the robotic stroke rehabilitation sector, a rising innovative field that is expected to grow in scale to billions of dollars within a few years. The company's tech, the first of its kind in the world, will allow BioXtreme to position itself as a key player in this fresh market at an early stage, initially for rehabilitation purposes following brain injuries with its unique motion correction platform, and later extended to other content worlds (professional sports, children, elderly etc.).



The Idea

The Need

Each year, approx. 25 million people worldwide suffer from stroke or other traumatic brain injuries (a number which grows in accordance with the ageing world population), as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2019). The two thirds of them who survive then require a long and expensive rehabilitation process, in designated hospitals or large rehabilitation centres. The result is a huge strain on healthcare resources which then leads to poor outcomes in terms of quality and speed of patients' rehabilitation, as well as a major financial and emotional burden for their families and surrounding communities.

Traditional rehabilitation methods (physiotherapy, occupational therapy), or current robotic and computer-based rehabilitation techniques already introduced to the market (usually automate and imitate traditional treatment methods), have shown limited efficiency and results so far. Despite the era of innovation experienced by the medical field over the last decade, this market still awaits a game changing technological break-through in the neurological rehabilitation of stroke patients.

The Solution

BioXtreme has developed a groundbreaking robotic platform: deXtreme™ is a unique robotic device used for motor learning and rehabilitation of upper limbs, for patients recovering from stroke or other traumatic brain injuries, based on Error Enhancement tech with an array of sensors, controllers and motors powered by unique algorithms. The technology will be implemented also in plaXtreme - a finger & palm, grip & grasp rehabilitation device first, and later on in devices designed for balance & standing rehabilitation and gait rehabilitation, as part of a complete set of multipurpose robotic devices for rehabilitation of stroke patients.

While all traditional rehabilitation methods that aim to correct the patient's movement error while using cognition require long rehabilitation time and allow only limited success, BioXtreme's solution relies on error enhancement technology, in a method that causes the body's adaptive response to correct its movement automatically, when after only a short number of treatments, the correct movement is "embedded" in the brain and learned by the patient.

The Technology

Error enhancement is a unique, patented technology, which makes BioXtreme's robots a real game changer in this field: rehabilitation time (for upper limbs) is shortened by up to 50%, while according to the data gathered so far the range of motion is improved by 100% (meaning, doubled results), compared to traditional rehabilitation methods, as proven in 3 clinical trials, as well as a an independent study conducted by Northwestern University in the US:

BioXtreme's solution will be later expanded to include a complete set of devices, for upper limb rehabilitation, finger grip, balance and gait, with all devices based on the same unique and exclusive error enhancement technology.

How does it work?

The robot detects the patient's error versus the correct trajectory and intensity of movement, with sensors embedded in the robotic platform, then this error is fed to the control system, which calculates the direction and intensity of the required error enhancement (using a set of controllers), and sends commands to 3 axis motors (Z, Y, X) which perform the error enhancement.

Applying the error enhancement to the limb triggers the body's adaptive response, which causes it to instinctively and automatically correct the movement to or near the right direction. The system (using machine learning) “learns” the required error enhancement each time and adjusts it to the patients’ progress during each repetition, which makes practice sessions more effective. Within 10-12 training sessions (about two weeks time) the correct movement is "embedded" into the patient's brain, and becomes a habit.

Error enhancement technology has been researched by several academics in Israel and worldwide, and is based on a rather simple principle: first, identifying the error in motion, compared to the correct direction and intensity. Then, instead of correcting the error (as traditional methods attempt to do) the goal is to actually amplify it in the same direction, and let the body respond automatically and correct it to the desired direction. Each treatment, the technology detects the deviation from the correct trajectory, and adjusts the intensity of error enhancement forces in the next treatment, accordingly.

BioXtreme is the only company in the world that has successfully managed to commercialise this theory and translate these universal, bio-mechanical principles into an array of sensors, controllers and motors that operate the robot, along with unique algorithms to translate data into "execution commands" for its various hardware parts, and Cloud database management (according to international standards for sensitive data handling and storage in the EU and US). The gathered medical data allows for "Machine Learning" by the system with the help of AI, as well as a continuous automatic improvement of the platform's calibration and control systems.

IP and Patents

The company's intellectual property is protected by an extensive patent which is registered and approved in the US, Europe and Israel, and includes a combination of unique hardware (sensors, controllers and motors), with the company’s Error Enhancement technology, as well as unique algorithms for calculating and amplifying the error (with automatic calibration, machine learning capabilities, and all care-related data gathered via cloud).

The patent registration has been extended to Russia and China through Utility Model, and the company later intends to expand it to further territories, and to register additional patents for its next planned products:

As part of development, BioXtreme has also created an extensive hierarchical production portfolio, which includes a CPA, assembly instructions, QA & control instructions, packaging instructions etc., which represents additional attractive and exclusive IP, owned by the company.



Haim Hoffman
CEO and Chairman of the Board
Holds degrees in industrial engineering and management, and analysis of computerized information systems, from the Technion. Has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, establishment, management and sale of companies from 1979 to 2021. Past ventures include Martens Hoffman Management Consultants - the leading company in organizational, managerial and industrial consulting for companies, factories, security, government etc, Marmanet Ltd. - an operational outsourcing company for government, security, local government and business companies, Geoda - a tech company for computerized mapping, GIS systems management and electronic archives, Tel-Ofan - a company for bicycle rental in Tel Aviv, And Martens Hoffman Computing Services - a company providing software services and systems analysis by outsourcing. Took part in the "exit" of several companies: Marmanet - 2016, Geoda - 2016, Tel-Ofan - 2015, Martens Hoffman Computer Services - 2010.

  • Chairman of the Board
Nini Bluman
CTO & Founder
A mechanical engineer, with experience as R&D manager in robotics and medical devices (integration of sensors and control systems) for various companies, including planning and leading the development and production of BioXtreme since its inception in 2010. Among his achievements, he has led the development and production of Cardiosense (remote cardiac signal transmission company), was a partner in the establishment, development and production of XJet - a company for 3D printers, CoreSense - an innovative tech company for heart attack detection. Previous positions include INTEX - a startup for printing technology, NOVA - Multidisciplinary measurement systems and semiconductors, SHAHAL - developing systems to detect cardiac signals, XJet - where he served as a mechanical and system engineer, and CoreSense - as the director of development.

  • Founder
Alon Goldstein
Engineering & Systems Manager
Holds a degree in electronics and electrical engineering, with extensive experience in developing interdisciplinary systems that include sensors, controllers and robotics for medical equipment, along with managing development teams. Among other things, he took part in the development of a prototype for a heart attack detection technology at CoreSense, and has been a full partner in the development of the BioXtreme robot since its inception. Previousoly he has worked at NOVA - measurement systems for semiconductors, Etrog - diagnostic labs, and CoreSense - development of medical equipment.

Mati Mashiach
Software Engineer
Electronics engineer and graduate of professional courses, including physiotherapy studies, who joined BioXtreme in 2020. Has 30 years of experience in software and hardware development, specializing in computer embedded systems. Among other things, he developed a software and hardware check scanner, and operating systems for unique products,. His professional experience includes the IDF Intelligence Corps, Elta - radar development, Astronautics - control unit development, and G&S - control equipment development For financial systems.

Tamar Moyal
Sales Manager
Holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Technion, with 25 years of experience in business development and sales in organizations and startups that specialize in medical equipment and instruments. Has managed a medical device sales team of 12 employees in the US and Europe, performed market analysis and sales of millions of dollars for NITI, led significant sales at GORDIAN in Europe and South America, and engaged in business development in Europe at MST. She worked at NEOFARM - Medical Equipment (1995-2002), NITI (2002-2011), and has been independently consulting startups on medical marketing (2011-2020), until joinind BioXtreme in 2020.

Hilla Hoffman
Marketing Manager
BA in Sociology and Psychology and graduate of the Lahav Program for Senior Business Management, both at Tel Aviv University. Joined BioXtreme in 2019, and previously served as Marketing Manager for Storwize (2006-2009), a company that develops an integrated hardware and software system to reduce large-scale data storage volumes, which has performed an "exit". Her experience also includes a role as a marketing team member for Genzyme Europe - a giant ERT-based drug development company (2005), and consulting for medical/social projects in the Netherlands and the EU, between 2010-2019.

Omer Mor
Production Manager
Holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Sapir College, joined BioXtreme in 2021. Previously served as the PP&C (Production Planning and Control) manager at the Elop Ltd. factory for 3 years, in charge of scheduling production line components (2018-2021).

Prof. Avi Ohry
Medical Advisor
Rehabilitation Medicine MD, specializing in Neurological Rehabilitation. Has served as head of the rehabilitation department at Reut Hospital, and as director of the neurological rehabilitation department at Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital for 15 years. Worked as a full time professor at Tel Aviv University (currently, Emeritus) and was elected in 2006 by the WMA, as one of the world‘s most dedicated doctors.

  • Advisor
Prof. Eli Carmeli
Research and Therapeutic Advisor
A rehabilitation specialist with a Ph.D in Physiotherapy and Life Sciences, he is currently the head of Physiotherapy Department at Haifa University, previously head of Physiotherapy Department in Tel Aviv University

  • Advisor

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Financial data



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