Ending the life of plastic

Clariter has developed patented, clean chemical recycling technology that turns plastic waste into high quality products. The company is established on 3 continents and has strategic partnerships and commercial agreements with global industry leaders

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By: Ran Sharon

Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

The Revolutionary Technology that Turns Plastic Waste into High-Value Products

Clariter’s innovative chemical recycling technology transforms low-value plastic waste into sustainable industrial products (Upcycling): waxes, oils, and solvents, which are used to create hundreds of new sustainable consumer end-products, such as paints, coatings, body and home care, leather care, wood care, etc. Clariter's proven patented solution ends the life of plastic as highly challenging waste and transforms it into high-value commodities with an annual addressable market worth billions of dollars.


A Large-Scale Solution to the Biggest Environmental Problems of Our Day

Clariter provides a first-of-its-kind solution to three of today's most crucial environmental issues: reducing plastic waste, reducing global dependence on fossil fuels, and reducing carbon emissions. The technology developed by the company uses a clean chemical process to turn 60% of all plastic waste into industrial waxes, solvents, and oils, which would otherwise be made from crude oil. The company currently contributes to 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and stands at the forefront of the world’s clean-tech industry.


A Unique Opportunity for the ExitValley Community to Join an Advanced Funding Round

Clariter is currently completing an advanced funding round that will allow it to use the proceeds of the funding for working capital and general corporate purposes, in accordance with the Company’s budget, and, inter alia, moving towards full commercialization as well as the construction of global industrial plants. As a part of Clariter’s DNA, a socially conscious and sustainability-focused approach is put to action in real life. Therefore Clariter has decided, even when it comes to capital raising, to offer community investors the opportunity to join its CLA round under the same conditions as Strategic and other industry investors. Clariter CLA was launched in 2021, attracting investors such as GADOT (Israel), AECI (South Africa), Kerax (UK), and more. Clariter found ExitValley to be the right partner to join and lead the community funding


Strategic Partnerships and Commercial Agreements with Global Industry Leaders

Clariter maintains strategic collaborations with some of the most significant players in the recycling and petrochemicals industries, both as R&D partners and as investors in the company. Some of the company's main partners include GADOT, AECI, a multi-billion-dollar company in the fields of chemistry, agriculture and minerals; COUNT, with which Clariter has signed a purchase agreement for all oils and solvents from the first 4 factories in Europe and the Middle East; and KERAX - one of Europe's largest wax suppliers. In addition, the company recently signed an agreement to sell hundreds of tons of wax to the leading candle manufacturer in France.

The collaborations include the development of new products and new applications for the company's products, the establishment of joint ventures in new markets, and more.

GADOT, AECI, and KERAX also participate as investors in the current funding round.


International Awards and Recognition

Clariter has received worldwide recognition for its work and innovation in the Cleantech industry.

In 2021 alone, the company:

  • Was recognized by EU Business News with the Sustainable Excellence Award, Leading Global Innovators in Chemical Recycling 2021 as part of Benelux Enterprise Awards 2021.
  • Won the Excellence in Best Practices Award at the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership in European Chemical Upcycling of Plastic Waste Industry.
  • Was a finalist in the Sustainability category at the IChemE Global Awards 2021. The awards celebrate and recognize the highest standards and achievements in chemical engineering around the globe.
  • Was a finalist for the second consecutive year for the S&P Platts Global Energy Awards, in the Award of Excellence – Downstream category



The Idea

For decades, the world has been looking for solutions to reduce plastic waste, dependency on crude oil, and carbon emissions. The plastic problem in particular is already seen as nothing less than a global epidemic.

If demand for plastics follows its current trajectory, global plastic-waste volumes will grow from 260 million tons per year in 2016 to 460 million tons per year by 2030, taking what is already a serious environmental problem to a completely new level. In the face of public outcry about global plastics pollution, the industry is starting to mobilize on the issue. Recent McKinsey research shows that just 12 percent of plastics waste is currently reused or recycled. The fact that the great majority of used plastics go to incineration, landfills, or dumps (or worse – ends up in our oceans), means that these materials are lost forever as a resource, despite plastics’ potential for reuse and recycling.


The Need

Existing methods for dealing with plastic waste do not provide a complete and comprehensive solution to the problem. Most conventional methods of mechanical and chemical recycling transform a used plastic product into a new plastic product (plastic-to-plastic) or convert plastic into energy/fuel (a relatively expensive and polluting process, the viability of which is highly dependent on world oil prices).


The Solution

Clariter is a global cleantech company that has developed a revolutionary chemical upcycling technology that ends the life of plastic with a negative carbon footprint.

The company's focus is on upcycling low-value plastic waste into high-quality industrial products such as solvents, waxes, and white oils.

The technology is a 3-step patented chemical process derived from a disruptive combination of well-known technologies used in an optimized continuous operation, which treats over 60% of all plastic waste.

Clariter’s products can displace crude oil-based alternatives and can be used as ingredients in hundreds of applications, from baby oil to cleaning products and candles.


The Technology

Clariter’s process of transforming plastic waste consists of patented technology including hydro-treating and refining knowledge. The process consists of three main stages:

1) Continuous thermal cracking stage - where plastic waste is converted into a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons.

2) Multistage hydrogenation and refining – to remove all impurities (mainly heteroatoms like sulfur, nitrogen, chloride), improving hydrocarbon properties and transforming aromatic and olefin compounds, leading to respectively naphthenic and paraffinic hydrocarbons.

3) Distillation of refined fractions – Distillation into usable products, which are blended into three product families of solvents, oils, and waxes. 

The result of the process is Clariter’s unique suite of ClariProducts consisting of solvents, oils, and waxes that have outstanding quality and purity. ClariProducts consist of high-quality fractions, which are in line with industry norms and are in high demand, either as a final commodity or as base chemicals into final product formulations, across a broad spectrum of industries.


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Ran J. Sharon
Ran is a serial entrepreneur who, for over 25 years, has led various ventures from the early concept stage to successful rollout and expansion. Ran co-founded Clariter in 2003 together with Prof. Andrzej Byliczki and Reuven Sharon and has been Clariter’s CEO since 2005. In 1997, Ran founded the Kornelius Group - an entrepreneurial investment and development group. Ran also co-founded and co-managed Internet Investment Fund, one of the first incubators in Central Eastern Europe, that evolved into IIF Group, a holding group of eight companies focusing on the TMT market. Ran frequently lectures on topics such as entrepreneurship, the green economy, and effective networking. Ran has Doctorate in Jurisprudence and Political Science from ELTE University in Budapest. He is a graduate of Executive Development Programs at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL and at Harvard Business School. Ran is a member of the YPO Organization. He is also a winner of the prestigious Global Best of the Best Award.

  • Founder
Reuven Sharon
Chief Development Officer
Reuven is the co-founder of Clariter and serveing as Clariter’s CDO since 2006. Before Clariter, Reuven had a long career in the public and private sector, including President of Global Wind Energy Poland, Vice President of Netia Telekom SA, and Vice President for Foreign Investments for the Dankner Investment Group. From 1989 to 1994, Reuven served as Israel’s commercial Attach? in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. Before that, he was Managing Director of the Institute of Quality Control (IQC) and acting Director of the Technology and Agriculture Department in the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade for 12 years. Reuven has a BSc in Agronomy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a diploma from the Israeli Export Institute for Management of Foreign Trade and International Relations.

  • Founder
Dr. Daria Fraczak
Scientific Director
Daria is a Research & Development (R&D) professional with more than a decade of professional experience in R&D, petrochemistry and technology, and process & product development. She joined Clariter in 2008, where she conducted research and implemented new developments. Daria also manages a team of scientists and key personnel in Poland and South Africa. As co-author of several patents, Daria is responsible for preparing and executing the R&D budget, technology, and product development. Her knowledge regarding REACH makes her an expert in this field. Daria has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and two master’s degrees: one in Chemical Technology, specializing in the technology of polymers and plastics, and the other in Chemical Analysis, specializing in quality control and environmental protection. In addition, she has two postgraduate diplomas: one in Project Management and another in Technology Brokering.

  • Key Employee
Yariv Eldar
Vice President Business Development
Yariv is a management professional with over 30 years of international experience in business development, marketing, sales, purchasing, and logistics in complex engineering projects. He joined Clariter in 2019 and is responsible for business development globally. This includes testing new markets, economic due diligence for projects, and locating and managing partners. Previously, Yariv held top management and executive positions at The Green Way Group: The Green Way Ltd; Shtang Construction Engineering; Shtang Eco, and Shtang International. Yariv has an MA and a BA in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Strasbourg. He speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, and some German and Arabic.

  • Key Employee
Henk de Boon
Vice President Engineering
Henk is an engineering professional with 35 years of experience in the petrochemical industry. His expertise is polymer and petrochemicals production and processing, operations, engineering, technology, maintenance, project management, plant construction, and startup operations. He joined Clariter in 2021 and is responsible for managing and supervising day-to-day engineering-related activities, developing Clariter’s first Full-Scale Plant project, supervision of cooperation with international engineering offices and subcontractors, and more. Previously, Henk worked at LyondellBasell - a leading global polyolefins manufacturer, for 19 years in various executive roles. Henk also served as Site Manager of LyondellBasell’s sites in Thailand, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany, where he was responsible for managing some of the company’s largest operations. Before that, Henk served as Head of Technology and Process Services and Head Thermoplastics Operations at Shell Netherlands Chemicals for five years and held various roles in Shell’s manufacturing, finance, and technology departments for more than ten years. Henk has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and speaks Dutch, English, and German.

  • Key Employee
Inbal Gedalia
Head of Legal
Inbal is an international commercial and corporate attorney. She joined Clariter in 2019 and is responsible for the Group’s legal operations. Previously, Inbal worked as Senior Associate at Lipa Meir & Co Law Offices, one of Israel’s top 25 law firms. Inbal has a BA in Economics and a JD. She is licensed to practice law in Israel and Texas, USA.

  • Key Employee
Henryk Sadzik
Financial Director
Henryk is a financial professional with over 30 years of experience in finance, capital raising, financial closure, and management in the private and public sectors. His expertise is creating economic models, business plans, and financial analyses. He joined Clariter in 2005 and is responsible for supervising the overall financial activities of the Clariter Group. This includes creating the company’s financial strategy, forecasts, budgets, business plans, and other necessary analyses for internal and external use. He is knowledgeable in Polish GAAP, US GAAP, and IFRS standards. Previously, Henryk held top financial positions at Netia, where he served as the Treasury and Revenue Assurance Director, and at BillBird as VP Finance and CFO. He also acted as Supervisory Board Member in National Investment Fund PROGRESS. Henryk has an MA in Economics and speaks Polish, English, German, and Russian.

  • Key Employee
Dr. Andrea A. Zambon
Non Executive Chairman
Andrea has served as Chairman of the Executive Committee since 2007. Andrea is the President and CEO of Kjos, a Holding Company focusing on technology-driven companies worldwide. Andrea is an industrialist with expertise in Chemicals and impact investment. From 2000 to 2004, he was President and board member of Zambon, a pharmaceutical and chemical group operating globally. From 1991 to 1999, Andrea served in various executive positions in the Group, including six years as Chief Executive Officer. Andrea has a medical degree from Milan Medical School and is a Harvard Business School Alumnus. In addition, he is a member of the YPO Organization.

  • Chairman of the Board
David M. Lazarus
Non Executive VICE Chairman
David has served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee since 2005. David is an Industrialist and International Entrepreneur with experience in logistics, insurance, manufacturing, and recycling. Since 2018, David has been the Executive Chairman of the RAM Group, a global group of companies active in logistics, real estate, insurance, and PE investments. From 2000 to 2017, David served as RAM’s Managing Director, growing family business of 20 people to a global and diversified group of over 3,500 personnel. Before joining RAM, David was the Executive Director of Bolux Milling, overseeing several factories, including a polypropylene sack manufacturing facility and a polypropylene recycling facility. David is a graduate of the Executive Program of the London Business School and the Harvard Business School and a member of the YPO

  • Director
Etienne Mouthon
Non-Executive Director
Etienne joined Clariter in 2009 as a Non-Executive Director. Since 2013, Etienne has served as the Managing Director of Elyseum, an investment firm specializing in real estate. Etienne is also a Managing Partner at Rive, an investment group with a specific focus on sustainable infrastructures with more than 2€ billion invested to date. From 2005 to 2012, Etienne served as Managing Director at Mirabaud, one of the world’s most respected private banking groups. He is an expert in infrastructure finance, international tax planning, global restructuring, and financial engineering. Etienne has an LLB from Universit? Paris-Saclay, and an LLM degree from NYU. is a member of the YPO Organization.

  • Director



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