By: Nadav Kamil
CEO & Partner

Drink Mine

Drink Mine is an innovative global wine-in-a-can brand developed by world-class wine & alcohol experts, operating in the fastest-growing segment in the wine market and revolutionizing the way millions of people worldwide choose to consume their wine.


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Campaign Highlights

The future of wine has arrived

The world of wine is in the midst of going through two major processes in parallel – on the one hand, there is a stagnation of sales (in terms of volume) – while traditional consumers drink less wine, yet still they choose to pay more per bottle. However, in the meantime, a younger audience discovers the world of wine and it is this audience that drives the most important trends in this category (the growth of Rose wines, Organic and Bio-dynamic wines, etc). Therefore, wine leaders must find ways to attract new and younger consumers who have not yet been exposed to wine, for whatever reason.

Traditional market leaders are facing a significant challenge in attracting a younger, and often first-time consumer base. While wine is still perceived as a natural and romantic drink, even as a healthy alternative compared to other alcoholic beverages, it poses several challenges/barriers for potential 1st time consumers – a wine opener, delicate wine glasses and the need to “commit” to an entire bottle once opened, not to mention a cumbersome glass bottle. All these factors prevent many young consumers from adopting wine as their go-to drink.

In recent years there has been a global cross-category shift (beers, coffee, water) towards cans among young consumers. The combination between this rising trend and current attitudes towards wine, dictates the need of a product that addresses the need of convenience and the environmental concerns of young consumers. This is the driving force behind the growing consumption of wine cans.



A novel product that supports recent trend in the wine category

The current wine-in-a-can segment primarily targets consumers aged between 25-45, offering them an alternative to bottles. Drink Mine has created a product that perfectly caters to this segment – white/rose wine cans, lightly bubbled based on taste and accessibility.The company is adopting a bottom-up marketing strategy, initially targeting the 18-25 age group, while leveraging the general trend of can consumption and the growing tendency among younger demographics to consume wine. We are driven by our mission to expand the wine category, and turn first time wine drinkers into lifelong consumers. Furthermore, Drink Mine is a first-of-its-kind product within the Israeli market, giving the company a significant head-start in the local wine market, and a fantastic launchpad for international expansion.



A market with tremendous growth and a significant revenue potential

The global wine market is one of the largest and most established categories in the alcohol industry. Millions of people consume it on a daily basis, whether in restaurants, at home, at parties or anywhere else. The wine-in-a-can segment meets the wine market at the exact point where it struggles most, especially among young audiences. It empowers the ‘rethinking’ of consumption of wine to everywhere - from the beach, to parks, sporting events, and any place consumers could possibly want. With this in mind, it comes with little surprise that the wine-in-a-can segment has steadily grown by dozens of percentages in recent years, and has even drawn the attention of the large alcohol conglomerates. Just recently InBev purchased Babe, while other conglomerates, such as Constellation Brands and Asahi Breweries have acquired Crafters Union and Riot, respectively. These deals are just the first indication that this segment is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years.


A team of world-class wine experts

Drink Mine was founded and is led by a group of world-class wine industry experts. Roy Itzhaki and Gal Zohar, two of the most prominent figures in the Israeli wine and alcohol scene, as well as highly respected in the global wine industry. Roy is the founder of Tulip & MAIA Wineries, two of the leading wineries in Israel and brings significant experience in selling to the local market and exporting to global markets. Gal brings unparalleled access to global markets through his network as a DipWset and a Master of Wine Candidate. These factors position the company to gain a massive foothold in the Israeli market, as well as additional markets around the world. The combination of a unique time-to-market, the quality of the executive team and the focused product strategy, promise to turn Drink Mine into one of the leading companies in the wine-in-a-can segment.


The Idea

The global wine market is undergoing two significant processes in parallel. On the one hand the market is stagnant, at least in terms of volume. Traditional consumers are drinking less bottles, even as they choose to pay more per bottle. Simultaneously, young people around the world are discovering wine and are a driving force for change. In parallel, more and more young people are beginning to consume their beverages in cans - from water, to coffee to a whole range of alcoholic beverages. This provides leading entrepreneurs in the wine market  with an opportunity to reach larger audiences, by offering the option to drink wine in new and attractive ways and engage with a younger audience, responding to the zeitgeist and desire of young consumers, while increasing revenues.



The solution

Convenience, mobility, sustainability, and portion control are driving many young people around the world to choose cans over bottles. Cans can be carried around easily, can be brought in to multiple locations where glass is forbidden, provides a simple-to-use alternative (no need of glasses/an opener), and chills much faster than a bottle as well.

In addition, wine continues to be perceived as not only romantic and natural, but also as a healthy alternative compared to other alcoholic beverages. The opportunity lies in the meeting point between "the Wine and the Cans" – the can attracts consumers that wouldn’t otherwise consider wine as their go-to drink and provides them with an accessible introduction to the category. This is especially true for the 18-25 age group, which are just shaping their personal identity, preferred tastes, and brand loyalties. By creating a delicious and accessible drink that focuses on this demographic, and through the execution of a bottom-up market strategy, there is unparalleled opportunity to bring and take ownership of a new audience for a very long time.




Roy Itzhaki
Co Founder
The Founder & CEO, for the past 17 years, of two of the most successful wineries in Israel (Tulip & MAIA). Tulip Winery was established as a social business while integrating 45 employees with special needs throughout all company operations. Roy has vast experience with importing and exporting wine worldwide through his subsidiary company for the past 15 years (Adom Kehe Ltd.). In addition, Roy is a partner at the BSB American Bourbon Brand and a senior partner at RST CleanTech Solar Company.

  • Chairman of the Board
Gal Zohar
Co Founder
Leading sommelier and wine educator. After many years of leading the wine and beverage sections in the most successful restaurants in both the UK and Israel, in parallel to advising to international food and hospitality chains, Gal founded W - the leading institute in Israel for awarding diplomas in the fields of wine and alcohol, and it’s the only institution in Israel to hold the WSET APP rank. Gal also holds the DipWset degree in addition to being in the second phase of his Master of Wine degree.

  • Director
Amnon Illuz
Co Founder
The Founder & CEO of Re-Levant Design. One of Israel’s premiere branding agencies. Over the last 15 years, Amnon had led end-to-end branding processes for large institutes, retail, and high-tech companies. Such as Waze, Super-Pharm, Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Chill Beverages (ZA), SimilarWeb, Fivver, and more. In addition, Amnon has been a senior lecturer at the highest design academies - Bezalel and Shenkar.

  • Director
Nadav Kamil
Nadav has vast global executive experience in the fields of Business Development, Marketing, and Operations. Nadav had been the CMO&CBDO of one of Israel’s largest coffee companies, (Joe Gourmet Coffee Ltd) and led its global expansion. In addition, Nadav was the VP of Business Development in Photomyne, a B2C-oriented high-tech company that has more than 12M users worldwide and was recently IPO’d at the Tel-Aviv stock exchange.

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