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Fluenzy is developing an AI-based marketplace, which offers a range of digital tools and resources for training employees and organizations in the rapidly evolving hybrid work model, which combines office and remote work in the post-covid era

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By: Jeff Kahn
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Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

A Groundbreaking Technological Solution for the 21st Century Job Market

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the adoption of the hybrid office as the increasingly preferred method of working. The transition to hybrid work, to all its benefits, requires employees and employers alike to acquire an entire new skill set. Fluenzy is developing a marketplace that will fill this critical need by providing courses, consulting and certifications for succeeding in the Future of Work.

An Innovative Response to the Needs of a Huge and Rapidly Growing Global Market

The global corporate training market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and is expected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars in value by 2027. Fluenzi is creating a digital marketplace in the Amazon model, which will include all types of market players, large and small, to provide courses (like Coursera) and a network of global consultants (like Fiverr), and help the organization and its people thrive in the hybrid work environment. The company is positioning itself as a pioneer in one of the most important global markets today, and is on its way to becoming a leading player and a necessary tool in this market. 

A Strong and Experienced Team with an Impressive Record of Exits

Fluenzy’s executive team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs, with decades of tech experience. The company Chairman, CRO, and CEO were all part of the Broadsoft team that led it to a huge acquisition deal by Cisco in 2018.

A Signed Agreement with Cisco

Fluenzy’s initial go to market pipeline represents an initial opportunity, thanks to tens of millions of former Broadsoft users, now serviced by tech giant Cisco via the Cisco service provider customer base. This unique access provides Fluenzy with a low-cost customer acquisition strategy.

Important Investors and Strategic Collaborations in Israel and Around the World

  • Ynet, Israel’s largest media group is a founding partner and large investor in the company. Fluenzy’s strategic partnership and budget with Ynet is being utilized for content, video production, and capabilities related to the creation and deployment of digital assets. 
  • A major European tech distributor will be kicking off a program together with Fluenzy to potentially provide Fluenzy’s first product, Amplify, to their 40 tech vendors (including some of the top technology companies in the space such as Zoom and Polycom). Furthermore, each of the Vendor Partners are being offered to sponsor Vendor Content and offerings within the Fluenzy domains. 
  • Fluenzy has launched in the US market together with Fusion Connect, a California-based service provider. Fusion serves approximately 500K customers in the SMB, mid-market and enterprise space.



The Idea

COVID-19 has upended the nature of work. While not properly trained or prepared, nearly all businesses have transitioned to some form of Hybrid Work, in which a growing number of the employees work away from the office at least part-time. Even after the pandemic ends, Hybrid Work means that people will be switching between working from home and the office for years to come (The Predictive Index | Annual CEO Benchmarking Report, 2021).

However, not all organizations and not all individuals respond in the same manner to a Hybrid Work environment. Conflicting opinions and different personalities affect enterprises’ ability to adapt to the “new normal” of Hybrid work. As a result, employee health, wellbeing and productivity are in many cases being negatively impacted and the resulting adverse effects on the business can be substantial. 

The Problem;

Serious change in both our professional and personal lives as COVID thrusted us forward to Hybrid Work and Technology has blurred the lines between work life balance.

While there is tons of content available, the current challenge is that enterprise users do not have enough time to select the right content and or reskilling courses  or product solutions, let alone coordinate them by themselves.

This is negatively impacting productivity as well as employee engagement as well as employee health and wellbeing. This has resulted in a Tsunami like global resignations on behalf of employees that are feeling disconnected.

Technology providers as well as Service Providers are finding themselves in an ever increasing commoditized market. 

Some of the leading companies in the world like Apple, Google and others, who have always been known for their Human Resource strengths and achievements are struggling still today with managing the transition to Hybrid work.


The Solution

Fluenzy has focused on 4  basic principles:

  1. Enterprise management and knowledge workers need help managing through this evolution to Hybrid in the formats that are easily digested in minimum time with maximum value.
  2. In an age of mobile personal computing on steroids content and training must be tailored to the individual,  team and teams of teams (i.e. the Enterprise). This is accomplished via online assessment tools and AI.
  3. The best way to address the plethora of needs of the business community is via a Marketplace of solutions and services.
  4. Not only is “Content King”, but “Context is King” is equally important and the Watering Hole/Well where Knowledge Workers and enterprises come to drink their access to Hybrid work is either when they engage with a Service or Technology Provider. Therefore, the initial Fluenzy mission is to help these companies position themselves as Thought Leaders in Hybrid Work.

Fluenzy has thus launched 3 product sets:

  1. Amplify - a content based platform to be deployed by Service and Technology providers to their customer base.
  2. COMPREHEND - a digital magazine focused on Hybrid work and all the related needs associated with it.
  3. SHUK - a marketplace for all the services and Solutions Enterprises and Individuals will need to succeed in the Hybrid future of work.

Fluenzy is bringing the necessary components for success in the Future of Work into one comprehensive marketplace. Between the permanent reality of shifting work environments on a personal, team, and company level, a new and different approach is needed to realign the way we collaborate. Fluenzy is developing AI capabilities to help identify both individual and team needs in the Future of Work, and can customize offerings for those who use its AI-driven Remote Work Assessment Tool.

The marketplace will include training courses using a unique, adaptive learning approach which will be tailored for individuals and business leaders as a starting point for reskilling in the FoW. To help reinforce these concepts, provide professional advice, feedback, or coaching, Fluenzy is developing a network of global consultants and coaches who will be available to provide training to employees for the hybrid world, adapted to the unique cultural challenges facing the multinational businesses as well as SMBs located in different parts of the world.

The solutions marketplace will include a wide range of tools to support the Future of Work, including tech tools, resources, and even physical office furnishings and supplies, providing a single place for all things work related.
The following graphic describes some of the skills that employees and businesses will already require reskilling:


Business model

The company plans to introduce a series of offerings to build market share through customer acquisition while building its consultant network and knowledge base. The stages of growth include developing the content, courses, and technology that will fill the marketplace while building the technology infrastructure.

Initially, Fluenzy will provide professionally curated content sourced externally with a freemium business model (not requiring payment) to tech providers, service providers, and enterprises with a large customer base. The company intends to add its own internally-created content in the future. 

To help its users continue their customer journey, Fluenzy will begin to offer premium, paid content to supplement the freemium content and related insights. The content available for payment will include content subscriptions, pay per view/usage for courses and webinars, and consulting services. In addition, the company intends to monetize advertising and data analytics monetized as it refines its in-house analytics for the Future of Work. 

Fluenzy intends to build a customer journey by increasing engagement through its Amplify and Comprehend offerings, with the intention of driving them to become customers of its marketplace, which is currently slated for completion Q3 2021. 


Fluenzy will be building a marketplace dedicated solely to the many issues facing the enterprise. It will include both in-house designed elements and 3rd party integrations. 

In-house applications will include:

  • Development of a full marketplace environment, which will include elements such as courses offered through an adaptive learning approach (namely, the platform will recommend a unique learning approach for each customer tailored to his or her unique abilities), 
  • streaming of live and recorded webinars, 
  • providing live, online consulting, 
  • inclusion of links to relevant third-party services, and 
  • full ability to handle payments and accounting.

Third party integrations will include:

  • The Fluenzy assessment tool, which will be able to assess the EQ of customers and consultants. The tool, which combines an AI engine, will enable offering a unique training journey for each individual customer; assess individual, team and company strengths and weaknesses in the Hybrid Office environment and recommend appropriate consultants to further success in operating in the environment;
  • Tools to enhance a person/company’s presence in social media platforms;
  • Basic training on various technology tools (such as Zoom, Teams, Webex) vital to the success of remote work.
  • The application will be global and will have multi-language and multimodal forms of interaction.



Jeff Kahn
Founder and CEO
With over three decades of experience as a global strategist and communications expert in the private and public sector, Jeff was formerly the Chief Strategic Officer at AudioCodes (2010-2016, current market cap AUDC is estimated at billions of dollars) and Chief Transformation Officer at Broadsoft (2016-2018) acquired by Cisco in 2018 for billions of dollars. He also served as Former Chief Strategic Officer of Ruder Finn, a major 800 person global consulting firm. Degree: MA International Relations, Tel Aviv University

  • Founder
Jay Kailsh
COO and General Counsel
Jay has an extensive record of excellence in the investor relations and legal fields. He has served as general counsel to public and private companies, and was the founding legal partner at OurCrowd, Israel’s most active venture investor. He served as a senior IR executive to several NASDAQ-traded Israeli companies, where he successfully built and executed the companies’ IR strategies and developed an extensive network of institutional investors in the US, Europe and Israel. Degree: JD, Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University.

  • Advisor
Craig Decker
Former Managing Director, Cisco Cloud and Hosted, Worldwide Craig has been a key sales executive and industry leader in the field of on-line collaboration and implementation. He recently left Cisco, where he served as Managing Director, Cloud and Hosted Worldwide Sales. Prior to that he served as a key executive for 13 years at Broadsoft, which was acquired by Cisco in 2018 for billions of dollars. As Managing Director, EMEA he spearheaded the company’s successful sales growth in the region. Degree: Bsc. Monash University .

Mike Tessler
Executive Chairman
Michael is a proven business leader and technology pioneer. As former CEO of BroadSoft, Michael led the company from its early beginnings to its successful exit to Cisco in 2018. Along with his co-founder, they led the creation of a new industry, moving enterprise communications to the cloud. Michael scaled the organization to 2,000 employees and served customers in over 80 countries. Michael created a very close relationship with the company’s global service provider partners, allowing the company to become the clear market leader in the hosted unified communication category. Degree: Mcgill University, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications Engineering.

  • Chairman of the Board

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