By: Ilan Arbel
Founder and CEO


Herd-itt combines AI with an advanced IoT Collar and Drone, to increase yield and monitor large cattle herds. The technology which also assists in preservation of endangered wildlife, targets a multi-billion market, and is already being sold globally


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Campaign Highlights

A breakthrough for a huge global market, with no real competition

Despite a clear need by the global cattle market, Herd-itt is the first company with a completed, approved field operational technology and product, and therefore operates with no significant competition in the field, on its way to establishing its tech as a worldwide standard. The system’s relevant market includes, among others, African countries with around 75 million beef cattle, Central and South America with 500 million, and Australia and New Zealand with 25 million - numbers which represent an incredibly vast market, with major players already showing interest in the company’s tech.

Attractive IP for investors and potential buyers

Herd-itt’s uniqueness is the combination of an advanced AI algorithm, based on processing and analyzing data gathered by multiple sensors, built into the company’s smart IoT collar worn by the animal, which allows “sensing” it’s physiological state, including cases of disease, danger or theft, as well as monitoring various parameters including GPS location, Geo-Fence, behavior, grazing times, rest etc, and also stages of heat, pregnancy and birth. The product allows greatly reducing costs and increasing productivity, thanks to a built-in Drone, replacing the need for an expensive fleet of vehicles or horses, which is currently required to manage large herds.

Protecting the environment, the herd’s wellbeing and consumer’s health

In an age where many of us are worried about Zoonotic diseases (which originate in animals and then transfer to humans), such as bird flu, “crazy cattle” disease or the Coronavirus pandemic which has changed the world we live in, the company’s tech allows for the first time the strict remote monitoring of animals’ health in every possible aspect, thus reducing the chance of similar epidemics. The system also greatly contributes to minimizing ecological damages which are caused by the cattle industry, allows reducing the size of grazing areas which reduces ecological pollution inherent to the industry, while also utilizing the tech’s abilities in the conservation efforts of endangered wildlife, in nature reserves or in the wild.

                                    Herd-itt’s technology helps to protect endangered wildlife

Cooperations with a long line of global tech leaders

Herd-itt has tight-knit cooperations with market giants such as Cisco, Microchip USA, Vodafone, the Actility communication company as well as satellite-communications companies Inmarsat, Iridium and Kines in France. The company develops it’s solar energy platform working exclusively with Solergy Belgium, to allow using its system in areas outside the power grid. Marketing-wise, the company cooperates with local market leaders who stand out in Herd-itt’s target countries, such as Vodacom in south Africa, or Beeline in Kazakhstan. 

Manufacturing according to European standards, under ISO-9000 regulation

Herd-itt cooperates with a leading cutting-edge European factory, for the production of its unique smart IoT collars, under the strictest manufacturing codes. The factory located in Belgium can produce up to one million units a year, under EU standards which are considered worldwide as strict and signify quality and reliability, under the ISO-9000 regulation. 

5 existing pilots and orders for millions of IoT collars

Herd-itt is in the midst of 5 major pilots in South Africa, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Israel and Italy, including initial installations of thousands of collars expected by mid 2021, with millions of collars additional units to be supplied over the next 4-5 years, according to LOIs signed with companies in South Africa, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Brazil. The company works with 7 leading EU universities, within the Clearfarm Project, researching the basic parameters in managing cattle herds, which help prevent diseases and environmental pollution. 

A leading team of international professionals with vast experience

Herd-itt’s core team includes Ilan Arbel, an AI expert mathematician, winner of the Israeli IDF Gold Award for science, who has also gained a medal for creative thinking given by AMAN (Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate), along with six leading engineers in the fields of AI algorithm, software, hardware, RF, regulation, drone operation and mechanics, a team of leading app developers based in Ukraine, and a marketing manager with international expertise.


The Idea

The Need

Around 600 million cattle are grazing today in South America, Africa, New Zealand and Australia and the US with most of the meat consumed worldwide arriving from these vast grazing fields.

The global cattle breeding industry suffers from a lack of advanced technological means, to fully allow for physical, sanitary, health related, physiological and safety monitoring of these animals. In fact, to this day, this industry operates without any proper tools for monitoring dangerous situations. As a result - about 50% of all calves do not survive beyond infancy, meaning, in the bottom line, that cattle produce a calf once every two years, instead of once a year.

The major loss of productivity due to this fact is estimated at an astounding sum of thousands of dollars per cattle (calculating the loss of offspring, which would also produce additional offspring down the line), along with an inability to ensure the safety and health of animals, especially in very large herds, grazing without interruption over huge natural areas.

The Solution

While improving the well-being and health of the herd, the Herd-itt platform will allow breeders to increase their productivity by a 25% growth in the number of calves, and at the same time save 30% on management costs, thanks to an integrated drone, which responds autonomously to theft attempts, predator attacks, detection of diseases, epidemics, allows finding exact birth locations and more.

In addition to the collar, which allows automatic herd counting and health status check every 10 minutes, the autonomous integrated drone saves major expenses on manpower and SUVs or horses, which are traditionally required for herd management, allowing the platform to save 30% on related expenses. Today, with Herd-itt’s tech, farmers can simply manage their herd via smartphone, easily and conveniently, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Herd-itt’s platform is also raising great interest and demand among nature reserves, organizations and activists involved in the conservation and rescue of rare wildlife, especially those on the verge of extinction, as a tool to protect animals from illegal hunting, disease monitoring, starvation prevention and more. These projects will be carried out as part of the company's non-profit philanthropic activities, as a contribution to the community.

                              Saving endangered wildlife as contribution to the community.


Herd-itt has developed an electronic “smart” collar in IoT (Internet of Things) technology, linked to a cloud platform, including many sensors and powered by artificial intelligence based software with machine learning capabilities.

The collar can identify the location of the cattle, and warn in situations of distress, attempted theft or predator attacks, attempts to remove the collar and many other situations, while monitoring the animal's behavior, physical activity, as well as conditions related to mating, pregnancy, birth and more.

This extensive data, including a count of the herd every 10 minutes, is transferred from the collars to a cloud database, where further processing and analysis of all data is performed, and then presented to the farmer on the smartphone app, including up-to-date information on each cattle's physiological condition. In the event of illness, disappearance or any danger to the cattle, a real-time signal is sent to the mobile phone, and farmers can launch the Herd-itt drone with a single click, to fly autonomously to the location of the incident, and obtain a real-time image of what’s happening in the field.

The collar transmits the various data and GPS location to the cloud using the LORA communication system, directly to a reception pole, or via direct communication to satellites, and from there to the cloud platform.


The many advantages of using Herd-itt’s tech include:

  • The collar, including its sensors system, machine learning and geo-location components, is capable of operating an entire year in the field without battery replacement, a huge and game-changing advantage for herd managers. The various elements that make up the company's IP, including machine learning models of animal behavior, along with an algorithm designed to manage the power used by the collar for such a long period of time, are all exclusive - Herd-itt is the only company in the world that can offer a collar with such capabilities.
  • The platform is able to collect real-time information from almost any location on earth, thanks to a communication system that connects the collars to the cloud via the LORA infrastructure, developed by Cisco specifically for IoT agricultural use, along with collaborations with 3 satellite-communications companies.
  • Using an autonomous drone as a “Flying cattle boy” integrated into the system, allows the farmer to get a real-time picture of the herd following any sign of distress. In South Africa, users of Herd-itt’s tech have created a complete control center, monitoring all herds from a single room, giving a real-time image of the condition of all cattles, including drone images at the farmer’s request.


Ilan Arbel
Founder and CEO
An engineer and mathematician with 35 years of experience in developing AI algorithms, and optimization of discrete processes. Ilan is the winner of the Israeli IDF Gold Award for science, who has also gained a medal for creative thinking given by AMAN (Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate). He has served 10 years in the IDF, finishing his term at the rank of Major. Ilan has 30 years of experience in the ecosystem of high-tech companies, mainly in the field of business development.

  • Founder
Sharon Zimmerman
Marketing Manager
Head of marketing and communications, originally American, a graduate of Columbia University in New York, Sharon is responsible for all communications, marketing, and management of investors and customers in the company.

Peter De Witte
CTO + Shareholder
An expert in real-time software development (embedded) with a MA in Computer Engineering and about 12 years of experience in this type of development, for IoT projects. Peter is located in Belgium and serves as PM for the project.

  • Key Employee
Bart Emmele
Hardware Developer
An electronics engineer in the field of hardware, with a master‘s degree, Bart is located in Belgium and responsible for the development of the Herd-itt collar hardware, with ~20 years of experience in developing end units and various sensors.

Baruch Kantor
Drone Systems Developer
Baruch is an aeronautical engineer with 30 years of experience in the development of airborne systems, and is responsible for Herd-itt‘s development of the autonomous drone integrated into the system.

Andrei Yupolsky
App Developer
Andrei is the owner of Olive System, which consists of 50 software developers who operate from Ukraine and are responsible for developing the mobile app that accompanies the Herd-itt system.

Bart Hendrickx
Mechanical Engineer
An expert mechanical engineer, with 20 years of experience in developing end units for medicine and IoT, owner of the ADSO firm which operates in this field.

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