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Innovesta developed the groundbreaking platform for evaluation and tracking of privately owned companies, risk assessment and real-time financial decision-making. The company secured major investments from several significant investors


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Campaign Highlights

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The Forefront of Technological Exceptionality - Objective, Validated and Reliable Data Delivered in Real Time.

The five AI engines on which the Innodex system is based allow clients to assess companies over a long period of time and receive real time information, thus categorically differentiating it from any existing product or service.

The data is updated on a daily and even hourly basis and undergoes:

  • An automated validation examining the information sources' credibility
  • An automatic catalog of major events in the industry's and company's life
  • Filtering of false information
  • Unifying and standardization of external and internal information sources.

Joining Strong, World-Renowned Investors – the Israeli Innovation Authority, Yigal Tamir, Tim Draper, Prof Shimon Ulman and Others.

Innovesta enters this current fundraising round with a number of  quality assurance stamps, testifying to the company's massive potential. Amongst our investors you will find:

  • The Israeli Innovation Authority.
  • The Time Incubator– a technology incubator, third time consecutive winner of Israel's Outstanding Incubator Award. 
  • Private investors, including Igal Tamir Group, one of the first investors in Mobileye – one of the greatest successes of the Israeli hi-tech world.
  •  Draper Goren Holm – a Tim Draper Group investment fund. Crowned by Forbes as an investor with a golden touch, the fund is based in the west coast of the United States, and even uses Innovesta's platform to examine new assets and for tracking existing portfolio companies.
  • Prof Shimon Ulman, winner of the EMET Prize for Art, Science and Culture as well as the Israel Prize for Mathematics and Science, one of the founders of Orbotech and the international Ecosystem, joins this current fundraising round with a serious investment under similar terms. 

Successful Pilots and Strategic Collaborations with Large-Size Local and International Clients

Innodex, Innovesta's flagship product, is a finalized, working product, on the verge of breaking into the American market. After a few highly successful pilots which prove distinct results and provide clear value to clients, and after signing collaboration agreements with some of the market's largest and most important  companies, Innovesta stands on the starting line as it leaps towards professional success. Currently starting its commercial activity, the company is already underway signing contracts with its first U.S based paying customers. 


An Advanced, One-of-Its-Kind AI Solution, Addressing a Burning Global Issue

The platform developed by Innovesta enables organizations and investors to receive information and track privately owned companies in a way they couldn’t before.
As part of the global Fintech revolution, Innovesta transforms the world of risk-assessment for non-tradable assets, by automation of manual processes using an advanced AI technology.

This innovative technology constitutes a massive breakthrough for a huge, yet outdated market of global organizations, procurement, lenders and financial bodies.


A Strong, Highly Experienced Management Team  

Innovesta's managerial team has an exceptional and proven record in the worlds of business, marketing, banking and finance, creation and leading of Israeli companies in local and international markets, as well as a vast experience in managing technological teams, development of complex systems and launching business partnerships.

Yali Harari, Founder and CEO, has twenty-five years' experience in company management both in Israel and the United States, from innovation, through development and up to Senior Management in public assets.

Keren Kay, Founder and CMO, with twenty years' experience in the world of advertising and marketing, including the establishment of a successful agency sold to the international advertising agency M&C Saatchi.

Keren Chavkin, COO and Chief Scientist, with seventeen years' experience in leading financial IT infrastructures in a global, multinational environment, between core banking, regulatory reporting, and Fintech.



The Idea

The Need

Unlike public assets, where company information is readily available, updated and monitored, privately-owned companies don’t conduct themselves with the same level of transparency and public exposure of information. When organizations, businesses or private clients want to buy products or services from privately-owned companies, invest or set up a partnership, they often discover it's hard to attain reliable, satisfactory information on the company's conduct and current state,
to enable them to make wise financial and business decisions. This is especially true in the case of small or newly established, less known companies.  

The various existing commercial information companies can issue detailed reports on privately owned companies, but these reports are very expensive, take a long time to prepare and more importantly – they only reflect the company's current situation at the time of writing the report. Today, there is no market solution providing reliable, detailed, and updating info – real time info.

Additionally, when the public (company, organization, investor etc.) manages to attain or receive information, they mostly don’t know how to classify and interpret it. Often readers are not aware that they're reading sponsored content, or don’t know how to make links between company events and interpret their meaning in relation to the company's condition.

Innovesta identified the market's burning need for a technological platform that will automate the data harvesting and analysis, enabling real-time understanding of the state of privately owned companies.


The Solution     

Innovesta developed an advanced AI technology offering clients in-depth, real-time information on private companies, allowing them to make wise business decisions.

The Innodex, the company's flagship product, creates a dynamic dashboard allowing clients to identify shifts, early warnings or success signs due to the connections made between the company, the business environment and external risk factors. Unlike existing products, which provide a 'snapshot' of the company's current state yet quickly become outdated, Innovesta provides a longer tracking process, addressing the global need to stay with the 'finger on the pulse' at any given moment.  

The platform allows clients to independently check new companies, whilst the systems' complete automation provides all the relevant information immediately and at any given moment.


The Dashboard: 


The Technology

Innovesta developed an AI-based and machine learning platform aimed at supplying users with a fast, interactive, personally-customized solution for managing their investment portfolio of privately owned companies.

The system is based on ongoing, real-time internal and external data harvesting in order to create a technology-based index of the company's risks and opp, outlining the company's development over time. 

The system is based on four layers of data, gathered continuously and consistently:

  1. Internal and external company data harvesting (characterization, competition, market)
  2. External, macro-level signals (regulations, geopolitics)
  3. Client preferences
  4. Risk and assessment indexes 

The platform runs algorithms from the world of AI, genetic algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing), identifying gaps and insight.

Innovesta's platform provides a response in the way of a tool for examining, comparing, tracking and helping the decision-making process regarding checked companies.


INNODEX – the company's signature product 

Information Sources: every company's Innodex is automatically calculated via machine learning of information harvested from thousands of external sources (social media, articles etc.), as well as internal sources (information inserted by company clients).

AI Engines: five AI engines run on DATA, producing the following results:

  • DATA categorization according to content, for example – fundraising events, product, management, etc.
  • Information credibility and quality assurance – who wrote it? Is it a reliable source? What kind of post (sponsored or not)?
  • Information unification – under a certain event
  • Marking of the event's significance in the life of the company
  • Sentiments analysis

Identifying Gaps and Insights: using DATA, we create a dynamic map of:

  • Online conversations– news and social media
  • Internal processes
  • Comparison to competition, to category and to the specific company's industry

Innodex at Times of Crisis

The global coronavirus pandemic has woken a critical need of gaining an up-to-date, specific updates of companies' performance during crisis times. Innovesta was quick to respond and created a unique resilience index - the COVID-19 Resilience Innodex™ - CRI.

The Innodex helps clients better understand the coronavirus risks relevant to each company, and how sensitive or resilient each company is against these risks. Innovesta knows how to teach the engine to identify and measure risks and black swans such as business and technological changes, geopolitical crises, and natural disasters.

By adding these extra layers and translating them to a business context, the Innodex provides a clear, realistic view regarding privately-owned companies during a local or global crisis as well.






Yali Harari
Co-Founder & CEO
Yali has been creating and leading organizations for over 25 years in the fields of technology, software and services. Holding senior management positions for companies both in Israel and the US, Yali was the CEO of 3i-Mind, Kamoon Inc. and Tescom Israel Ltd, the COO and Head of Global Services for NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE) and the General Partner at Impact First, a leading Israeli impact investment fund for technology that addresses global social missions. Yali is also the Co-Founder and NY Lead of Supersonas , a social organization dedicated to paving the way for a balanced presence of women in influential and decision making positions by raising awareness for gender equality on a national and global scale.Yali holds a B.SC degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the 2012 Women’s leadership course at Harvard. Yali is Based in NYC since 2000.

  • Founder
Keren Kay
Co-Founder & CMO
Keren Kay is an award winning advertising and marketing expert with 25 years of experience. Before moving to New York in 2017, Keren was Creative Director for McCCANN Tel-Aviv, Chief Creative Director for Publicis Tel-Aviv and was the founder of the independent communications agency, KDA. Keren is an enthusiastic feminist and the Co-Founder of Supersonas, an organization fighting for gender equality.

  • Founder
  • Key Employee
Keren Havkin
Keren worked for 17 years in global banking, passionate about fintech, data, and delivery. Specializing in really make a difference in the way companies and products work - as a business strategic thinker and problem solver. 20 years of proven international record in running operations, global programs, and business development in a multinational environment. Deep understanding of the enterprise sector, from inside and outside. Leading teams across global locations to achieve operational excellence and ongoing efficiency. Proven track record of managing global stakeholder engagements (internal and external), experienced in minimizing risks in a "chaotic" environment to provide more flexibility and efficiency for the business. Enthusiast of innovative technologies for financial services, exceptional understanding of the FinTech ecosystem.

  • Key Employee
Koby Huberman
Advisory board member
Koby is a high-tech industry veteran with extensive experience managing business operations, sales, marketing, and business development for software businesses in the Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Networking, and Big-Data Analytics spaces. He has worked as a strategic consultant to CEOs of mid-sized companies and unique startups. In this capacity, Koby has helped companies define new growth strategies to increase shareholder value through a combination of organic growth, and M&A activities, and new market penetration.

  • Advisor
Gadi Mazor
Board member and Industry expert
Served in the intelligence unit 8200 in the IDF. Co-founder and Former GP & CTO, OurCrowd. Global Industry Expert in equity crowdfunding, serial entrepreneur. Former Co-Founder and CEO at Nobex technologies. Gadi is now COO & Israel General Manager at BioCatch.

  • Director

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