Driving efficiency and safety in medical centers

IntraPosition has developed a system based on cutting edge Ultra WideBand technology, which optimally manages the location of medical equipment, staff and patients in hospitals, and significantly improves operational efficiency.

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By: Yaron Shavit
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IntraPosition has developed a system that optimally manages the location of medical equipment in hospitals, through a technology based on Ultra WideBand (UWB) – considered the indoor location technology of the future. IntraPosition system monitors medical equipment, patients and hospital’s medical staff in real-time, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Hospitals are complex operating environments. To provide patients with better care, requires coordination between the medical staff, support staff, technicians, nursing staff, medical equipment, and more. For instance, when a patient arrives at the Emergency Room, it is required that the medical equipment will be available and in place in the ER to guarantee this patient effective and quality care. Further, it is necessary to inform the relevant medical staff. For example, when the patient is sent for a CT scan, it is important to check that he is not “forgotten” in the waiting room, etc. Hospitals all over the world, especially during this period of a global pandemic, operate with a permanent lack of resources and staff. This directly affects the quality of care we all receive.

According to research in the American market, nurses waste an average of around an hour per shift searching medical equipment.

According to conservative estimates, between 5% and 10% of all medical devices in hospitals cannot be located at any given moment. IntraPosition enables hospitals to maintain the service level with up to 25% fewer medical devices - an immense saving in the hospital's operational efficiency.




The Idea

The time it takes to locate a medical device which might be critical to a patient, is reduced to minimum.
What could take days(!) in the past, takes seconds with IntraPosition.

IntraPosition’s system is essentially a GPS for indoors with differential accuracy, i.e., an accuracy that varies according to the hospital's needs. Like Apple’s AirTag or Samsung’s SmartTag, which assists in finding lost objects and saving valuable time, IntraPosition empowers hospitals and medical centers to save valuable time searching critical assets around the facility.

The system created by IntraPosition saves both time and workforce: Tags are attached to the different medical devices and at-risk patients, and this way, they track the location in real-time, making more efficient use of work time and staff.

The system helps hospitals to save money and redirect financial resources related to lost medical equipment. Mislocated items are not maintained, and insurance costs still apply to them for three years. IntraPosition eliminates mislocated items and saves these costs.


UWB has a range of significant advantages over existing technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

  • Technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth require the installation of a dense and expensive infrastructure with a low level of accuracy. At the same timey, the UWB-based system developed by IntraPosition provides differential accuracy, enables location with precision of up to 30 cm, consumes less electricity (long battery life), and includes a simple and economical infrastructure installation. IntraPosition’s technology requires installation of about a quarter of the number of receivers required by legacy technologies.
  • Additionally, IntraPosition provides an end-to-end solution. Apart from the software component, the company also creates the hardware for the solution. The hardware components are relatively simple and are not expensive, unlike other solutions.

All the data received  by the system is routed via Wi-Fi to a server in the cloud. The control panel displays all hospital location data for each user according to their permission level and can be accessed from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. The result is operational efficiency. By using the system, hospitals and medical centers can seamlessly monitor and track medical equipment in real-time, monitor patient flow to improve care levels, and transfer caregivers' locations when at risk. The IntraPosition system collects massive amounts of information about the operational management of the hospital. This information is accessible to hospital managers in the form of reports and analyses so that they can continue to improve operations.


After a long period of development and submission of a patent application currently at the PCT stage, IntraPosition is already reaping the financial rewards in the field. The company has been operating in the healthcare market since 2020. By March 2021, following a successful pilot, Meir Medical Center had already become its first paying customer and had signed a long-term contract. Today, Clalit health system is one of IntraPosition’s satisfied customers aim is to expand collaboration with the company with additional hospitals.      Towards the end of the year, a hospital from one of the most well-known health systems in the USA, Mass General Brigham (MGB) network will inaugurate IntraPosition’s innovative system to its own special hospital for ear and eye medicine. The purpose is to collaborate with MGB, who controls the healthcare system in Boston, in 11 additional hospitals as well. 


Large healthcare organizations chose the unique IntraPosition system over competing systems that still use legacy technologies such as Bluetooth (which has been around for over 20 years). 

The innovative technology is evolving and is considered to be the next “big thing” in the field of connectivity and location. Apple, is leading this growth trend, and recently introduced the technology to its smartphones products so that its customers would be able communicate with UWB-based infrastructure providers such as IntraPosition.




Yaron Shavit
Founder & CEO- M.Sc. in Physics. Yaron has extensive experience in multidisciplinary development. Served as a System engineer, Project manager, and Program manager in leading companies such as Applied Materials, Stratasys, and SCR. Yaron brings a broad perspective that connects market needs with diverse technological capabilities.

  • Founder
Maayan Darki
Chief Business Development Officer
B.Sc in Electrical Engineering. Maayan brings vast experience as a BizDev manager, opening new markets, working with VARs, and creating partnerships. Maayan is an experienced entrepreneur, former Co-founder & CEO at Timing.

יונתן יהלום
Chief Software and Algo
M.Sc in Mathematics. Yonatan leads the software development in the company as well as algorithms department. Yonatan has vast experience in software development. Worked in leading companies such as Bloomberg.

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Financial data

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    IntraPosition Started collaborating with Meir Hospital -
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