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AquanautiX : Innovators of KikFin™ - the world‘s 1st hands-free smart water scooter: a Jet-pack wingsuit that also doubles as a diving vest and a surfboard motor. Endorsed by free-diving world champion. Rigorously tested. Patented in key markets.

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KikFin™ - Revolutionizing Underwater Exploration and Marine Rescue Forces

Introducing KikFin™, the groundbreaking hands-free Water Scooter with wearable Jet-pack wings. Dive into an extraordinary underwater world, guided by the inspiration of dolphins.

This innovative device not only delivers an exhilarating underwater flight experience but also enhances safety and exploration due to our unique underwater sensors technology, which allows smart safety features. Our products are for beginners, adventurers and rescue professionals alike. As well as having both industrial and military applications.


Robust Intellectual Property Protection

KikFin boasts a strong arsenal of intellectual property rights safeguarding their groundbreaking technology. Our comprehensive IP portfolio spans patents, trademarks, and PCT approvals across the USA, Europe, China, Australia, Israel, and other pivotal nations.


Proven Excellence through Rigorous Testing and Lifesaving Demonstrations

KikFin has demonstrated its technology's capabilities through extensive pilot testing, with over 5,000 underwater hours and 850 testers, spanning ages 12 to 80, conducted in Eilat, Israel's Red Sea resort and in the Mediterranean.

Moreover, we conducted a remarkable rescue pilot with the renowned Ukrainian freediving world champion, Kateryna Sadurska. Performed at a depth of 30 meters, this showcased the exceptional speed and efficiency of our hands-free operation, revolutionizing water safety and rescue practices.

Our foremost dedication is to innovation and safety. Witness how we exemplify the invaluable seconds that can be preserved in a rescue, positioning KikFin as a transformative force in the water safety industry:


Strategic Collaborations and Firm Business Commitments

KikFin has established strategic collaborations and secured signed contracts that pave the way for significant commercial activity and distribution. Our partnerships extend to prestigious surfing and diving schools, positioning us as unique in the industry.

We are also proud to announce our collaboration with the reigning freediving world champion, recognized by IDIA for the years 2022-2023. This partnership solidifies our commitment to excellence and underscores our dedication to making KikFin accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. Together, we are diving into a future filled with limitless possibilities


Experienced Leadership and Expertise

The company is helmed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and directors with a diverse expertise spanning mechanical and electronics engineering, hardware and software development, and marine systems. This accomplished team boasts a wealth of experience in founding and managing successful enterprises.

Among them is Guy, a product development engineer holding a degree in mechanical engineering from the Technion, specializing in naval architecture. With a background that includes spearheading large-scale projects in civil and military marine sectors for renowned entities like Elbit, Rafael, and elite IDF units, Guy brings invaluable expertise to the company.


Broad Market Potential

KikFin's groundbreaking technology opens doors to numerous multi-billion dollar markets. From surfing and diving, maritime life rescue, and water sports; our innovation addresses the unique needs and pain points of a wide array of audiences.

This versatility positions us to capture a diverse customer base across various industries, significantly expanding our market reach and unlocking substantial revenue potential.

Among the industries of use:

Leisure industry - A vast global market comprises hundreds of millions of people actively participating in a diverse range of water sports, such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, tank diving, free diving, and fishing. KikFin™ emerges as a strategic solution catering to this massive and dynamic market, driven by the demand for innovation and enhanced sporting experiences.

Search and rescue - To date, marine scooters have never been utilized for rescue missions due to the limitations of existing models, which require both hands to operate and restrict the mobility of the rescuer. However, KikFin has developed a groundbreaking underwater scooter that stands as the sole device in the world allowing the rescuer to keep both hands free. This critical and life-saving feature provides a distinct advantage in marine rescue operations, making our scooter the ultimate choice for such missions.

Ocean preservation- Our hands free scooters have proven to help garbage collecting teams to operate with ease and collect garbage from the ocean sea floor, as well as planting and preservation of coral reefs. AquanautiX has pledged to preserve our oceans and will offer rewards to its customers for doing the same through the app.

Military applications: the company collaborates with military bodies. Confidential.


What sets us apart is our unique integration of hands free and underwater sensors based algorithm technology, which allows smart safety features, and the first to have performance tracking via a user-friendly app. There is currently no smart scooter in the market, making KikFin™ the pioneering choice for adventurers and rescue professionals alike.



Pioneering Advancements in Water Sports and Underwater Exploration

Setting the stage for unparalleled innovation in water sports and underwater exploration, we have developed a suite of groundbreaking products and features. Being the first to offer these innovations showcases our commitment to advancing the industry:

  • Smart Motorized Fin: Our motorized fin, operated with a wireless, fingered remote, puts control at your fingertips.
  • Jetpack with Safety Mode – Depth Sensors: Safety is paramount, and our Jetpack is built with advanced technology and algorithms that allow each customer to adjust limited depth, distance, and other metrics through a user-friendly app. This feature ensures secure underwater adventures for the entire family.
  • Head-Steering Bio Mimic: Drawing inspiration from the elegance of marine life, our head-steering bio mimic technology replicates nature's underwater movements, making you feel like you're gliding gracefully, just like a dolphin.
  • Hands-free Water Scooter – Jetpack: Our hands-free water scooter, designed in the form of a Jetpack, redefines underwater mobility, providing freedom and ease of movement. KikFin Frees swimmers from the need to hold onto handles, offering a new level of convenience and ease.
  • Underwater Replaceable Battery: We've introduced an underwater replaceable battery, ensuring extended adventures.



The Idea

Imagine the effortless grace of dolphins gliding through the ocean or the powerful surge of a shark propelling itself forward. Nature's mastery of underwater mobility has always fascinated us. KikFin has harnessed the wonders of marine life to introduce a groundbreaking solution in water sports and underwater exploration.

The Need

KikFin takes on several pressing challenges and unmet needs across various industries:

Diving Industry (KikFin Fly/Pro):

  • Lack of Depth Sensors and Smart Scooters: Existing water scooters in the diving industry lack data analysis and depth sensors, limiting divers' situational awareness and safety.
  • Occupied Hands: Divers frequently have their hands occupied holding the scooters, restricting their ability to respond to unexpected scenarios underwater.
  • Underwater Maneuverability: Current water scooters make it challenging for divers to navigate underwater and avoid obstacles effectively.

Maritime Industry - Water Safety (KikFin Fly/Pro):

  • Water Scooter Rescue/Lifeguarding: There is a pressing need for an effective solution for free-handed water scooter rescue and lifeguarding, where seconds can make the difference between saving lives and facing tragedy.
  • Enhanced Efficiency in Marine Operations: The same need applies to marine construction, maintenance, and other marine operations that can benefit from increased efficiency and safety.

Surfing Industry (KikFin):

  • Safety Concerns: Strong currents pose safety risks for surfers, dragging them away from the shore and making it difficult to return safely.
  • Paddle Difficulty and Stability: 80% of beginner surfers give up during the initial learning stages due to difficulties such as paddling and gaining stability.
  • Speed Constraints: Beginners often fail to attain the necessary speed to catch waves, hindering their progression in surfing.

Military Applications (KikFin Fly/Pro):

  • While specific details cannot be provided in a public forum, KikFin Fly/Pro has substantial potential for military applications, augmenting operational capabilities and mission success.


The Solution: Revolutionizing Water Sports and Exploration

The company offers two distinct products, each tailored to address specific industry challenges:

KikFin - Empowering Surfers SUP’s users:

  • Safety Assurance: Engineered to handle strong currents, KikFin ensures surfers can safely return to shore.
  • Enhanced Speed: KikFin's innovative system significantly boosts surfers' speed, ensuring they catch more waves with ease.
  • Universal Compatibility: KikFin seamlessly fits onto any surfboard, offering a universally accessible solution.
  • User-Friendly: Plug-and-play functionality makes KikFin easy to use for surfers of all levels.
  • Underwater Replaceable Battery: Providing uninterrupted performance and extended sessions in the water.
  • Affordability: Both individuals and surfing schools can access KikFin as a cost-effective alternative.

KikFin Fly/Pro - Redefining Underwater Mobility:

  • Unparalleled Freedom: Operated wirelessly via a finger-controlled remote, KikFin Fly/Pro grants divers unprecedented freedom of movement and capabilities for rescue and operations.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with depth-limiting functionality and an integrated alert mechanism, KikFin Fly/Pro prioritizes diver safety.
  • Hydrodynamic Efficiency: Designed with hydrodynamic wings, KikFin Fly/Pro mimics the physical attributes of marine animals, ensuring effortless underwater navigation.
  • Portability: Featuring a replaceable underwater battery with between 1 and 2 hours of runtime, KikFin Fly/Pro ensures uninterrupted exploration.
  • Accessibility: KikFin Fly/Pro is priced affordably for individuals, reducing underwater working time for diving assignments and operations.
  • Working Tool: Use it as a working tool for underwater operations such as welding, maintenance, and cleaning, among others.

Alon Rivkined - Free-diving Asia National Champion review from KikFin on Vimeo.

The Technology

Introducing AquanautiX's Cutting-Edge Hardware and Software Solutions:

AquanautiX is at the forefront of innovation, with two remarkable products that redefine underwater mobility. The first of these innovations is the hardware product, "KikFin-Fly," designed to elevate the user's underwater experience. The second product, a software solution, complements and enhances the capabilities of the hardware, combining to offer a comprehensive and unmatched experience. Together, these products set new standards in the world of DPV/D markets, bringing unique value to our customers and establishing AquanautiX as an industry leader.All benefits we elaborate in this section is sutable for this use cases: Scuba tank diving , free diving, snorkeling, rescue teams, lifeguarding , Maritime, Marine Construction, Fish Farming, Marine Safety and Marine Military, by providing cutting-edge underwater mobility solutions as well smart sensors and monitorization.


  1. KikFin-Fly - Revolutionizing Underwater Mobility with Bio-Mimicry Design and Technology: KikFin-Fly is a cutting-edge wearable suit that resembles human wings and fins, providing users with a unique flying sensation and unparalleled head-steering movement capabilities, setting new standards in the world of underwater mobility. This innovative product boasts a patent that covers all electrical wing suits, establishing itself as the ultimate underwater scooter.

Key Technical Details:

  • Wearable Design: KikFin-Fly takes the form of a wearable suit, designed to replicate the maneuverability of underwater animals like dolphins or sharks. Our special human wings or fins offer users a remarkable underwater flying experience that has never been seen before in human use. Our engineering allows the user to have a smooth and easy turn or maneuver in every direction he desires despite the great friction when moving fast underwater.  The wings/fins take the load caused by the speed and the user can cruse in every direction. Today’s DPV coping underwater torpedo and dragging the user by his hands.  The user cannot move with ease and needs to apply great force to change his direction. Our benefit saving oxygen for the user and giving him a higher degree of maneuverability underwater. The Wearable Design allows us to attach up 6 thrusters for 1 user in different wing structures on the back of the user for greater run time and force. 

  • Up to 10km/hr underwater and 40 meters use depth: already been tested during a pilot in the Red Sea. Up to 5000 hours underwater with users aged 12-80 years old and weight of 40-120 kg. 
  • Battery Integration, up to 60 minutes runtime: Inside each wing of the KikFin-Fly, the battery units are strategically placed for innovative cooling patent and to ensure a balanced and efficient underwater flying experience throughout the user's underwater journey. The battery is also to be the 1st that can be replaceable underwater because of our underwater battery connectors.
  • Thruster at the Core: The main body of the KikFin-Fly, located at the base of each wing, houses the smart electrical motor and a specifically designed propeller. This motor serves as the core component responsible for propelling the user underwater.
  • One-Finger Activation: KikFin-Fly stands out as the world's first underwater jetpack that can be activated with a single push of a finger. This feature enhances user convenience and ease of operation, ensuring a seamless experience and hands-free for divers' use cases like marine operations, construction, cleaning tools, filming, fish farming, all marine maintenance, coral planting, and many more.  
  • Real-Time Active Algorithm: The product integrates a state-of-the-art smart algorithm system with real-time data. This unique technology allows the KikFin-Fly to interpret the user's intentions and adapt to their movements, providing precise control and unmatched underwater safety and experience.

KikFin-Fly represents a groundbreaking advancement in underwater mobility, seamlessly blending futuristic design with cutting-edge technology. It provides users with the sensation of underwater flight and allows for intuitive, hands-free operation, making it a global milestone in the world of DPV/D markets.


2) The AquanautiX algorithm System: [1] The AquanautiX AI System is an intelligent submersible control system designed to enhance the performance of the Smart Underwater Scooter. It acts as the brain behind the operations, providing real-time data analysis and control.

[2] This system consists of advanced sensors, the algorithms process data from the depth sensors, orientation sensors, and other relevant information to locate the user's location and near future location. It interprets this data to offer precise control, safety enhancements, and recommendations to divers, optimizing their underwater experience.

[3] The unique value proposition of the AquanautiX System is its ability to make underwater operations smarter and safer by leveraging technology. It offers divers real-time insights, predictive maintenance, user behavior analysis, and enhanced navigation, ensuring a safer and more efficient underwater experience. This system sets AquanautiX apart from competitors, making it a leader in the underwater mobility industry.

In summary, these products offer a one-of-a-kind underwater mobility solution that combines technology, hands-free operation, and advanced sensors to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. The unique value proposition is their ability to set new industry standards and differentiate AquanautiX from competitors in the market.


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Amihay Mines
As founder of AquanautiX, Amihay is not only a man of the sea, but also brings a wealth of expertise in mechanical engineering, marine propulsion systems, product manufacturing, and patent registration.

  • Founder
Yuval Malka
Electornics engineer
Chief project engineer. Yuval holds a bachelor‘s degree in electronic engineering and a master‘s degree in signal processing and communication from Ben Gurion University. With a remarkable track record spanning nearly 30 years, he has honed his expertise in developing innovative products in both the medical and marine industries. His specialization lies in embedded hardware and software development. Additionally, he is a co-founder of UTC UNDERWATER, a renowned provider of underwater communication tools to security agencies worldwide.

  • Key Employee
Guy Benon
Chief engineer
Guy is a former navy commander, product development engineer, and has a degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in naval architecture from the Technion. He has executed large projects in the maritime field for Elbit, Rafael, and prestigious military units. Guy is highly experienced, having overseen the development and implementation of systems and tools, both domestically and internationally, with over 10 years of experience in the maritime industry.

  • Founder
Eran Tamir
Eran brings a wealth of managerial experience to the table, particularly in the high-tech industry and leading international companies across various sectors including communications, medical, digital printing, and lasers. Prior to his role as Vice President of Operations at Kramer Electronics where he oversaw sales volumes in the hundreds of millions, Eran held a similar position at RIPLES, a company within the Landa Group, focused on developing a printer for the food and beverage industry. Additionally, he has been a partner in QUICKTIONARY, a successful public company with a presence in Europe. Eran has also contributed his expertise in several public companies such as Orchit/Korigent, HP-INDIGO, and SCITEX.

  • Key Employee
Jon Sumroy
Jon is an expert in global sales and expansion, with a track record that includes being a former manager at JONSON&JONSON and UNILEVER Israel. He is also the founder of MIFOLD, a company that specializes in developing booster seats for children in cars. Jon‘s outstanding leadership skills were evident in his role in overseeing one of Israel‘s most successful Kickstarter pre-sale campaigns, which reached a staggering $3.4 million. This campaign paved the way for the company‘s impressive total sales of $75 million in subsequent years. MIFOLD‘s success story is further highlighted by its presence in approximately 120 countries, including collaborations with renowned distributors and retail giants like Walmart.

  • Director

Financial data

Financial data

Updates 3

Updates 3

  • Update date: 18/04/2024

  • Update date: 27/03/2024

    AquanautiX signed an agreement with 'Aradg' to conduct a full pilot for adapting KikFin™ to the maritime agriculture industry.
  • Update date: 20/03/2024

    AquanautiX collaborated with the top influencer Super Car Blondie (@supercarblondie) with over 56 Million followers to promote and sale KikFin™️.
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