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Protected by 2 patents, and after a clinical and commercial success during a year of feasibility tests in the USA, Liper™ Device is changing the tongue-tie therapeutic paradigm, allowing millions of newborns and adults to significantly improve their healt


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Campaign Highlights

The tongue and its motion, as an essential factor in the wellbeing and health of our children

In addition to chewing and swallowing, the role of the tongue is to shape the oral cavity in early childhood, thereby enabling daily essential vital functions after birth and later in life. In cases of sub-functional tongue (poor motion of the tongue), tongue training is designed to encourage the tongue to function properly, which allows the young babies to nurse and eat. This in return helps the tongue perform its physiological role of granting proper breathing, which later prevents phenomena such as:

  • sleep disorders
  • sleep apnea
  • Symptoms of ADHD
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • And other related critical effects

Until the day the Liper™ Device was available, treatment was lacking and, in most cases, did not even exist.


VIDEO: About Tongue tie and Liper™ Device click on the picture


Approximately 5,000 units were purchased by only 40 therapists within one year of the feasibility test

An outstanding success in repeated purchases and an impressive clinical success during this one-year feasibility pre-market penetration test took place in the US. During this period, about 40 leading physicians and therapists in the US market performed approximately 5,000 repeated sales (almost full retention) of Liper™ Device.

A huge and growing need

Research, awareness, the huge increase in the number of global therapists in tongue-tie, the sub-functional tongue, plus the vitality and the critical need for treatment, will lead to a worldwide accelerated business growth in the field.

The patients' market is divided into two segments:

Significant budget savings for physicians, hospitals and the community

From 30% to 3% fall of tongue reattachments after Frenotomy.

Moreover, most newborns who have not had tongue training or didn’t practice tongue training before and after the Frenotomy may suffer from problems of eating and swallowing, sleeping problems, sleep apnea, ADHD symptoms, recurrent ear infections, and more. These chronic problems burden individuals during their adult life and convey heavy costs for them and for the medical system.



An affiliation agreement with the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Liper™ Device, by Bam Medical Ltd. Has an affiliation with the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov).

Recognizing the importance of tongue training as a vital part of the tongue tie and sub-functional tongue treatment and its significance to the newborns, babies, and adults' health, the medical center decided to join Dr. Eyal Botzer's initiative and thus support the development of Liper™ Device.



Dr. Eyal Botzer has an active leadership role within all the company’s layers

The entrepreneur and inventor, Dr. Eyal Botzer is a world leader in sub-functional tongue and a significant asset vis-à-vis professionals worldwide.

Dr. Botzer is the Director of Pediatric Dentistry at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

Dr. Botzer is considered a global leader in the field of tongue tie and sub-functional tongue. Among his activities is also co-founder and a member of the board of IATP (International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals).


VIDEO: An interview with Dr. Eyal Botzer click on the picture


The idea

The Need

The tongue motion plays a significant role in the development of the structure of the face, oral cavity and palate. As such, our tongue motion directly affects daily vital bodily functions at every stage of our lives - from birth to old age.

Tenth of millions of children and adults worldwide suffer from sub-functional tongue or tongue-tie. The inability of the tongue to function properly is a significant and leading factor for critical problems in everyday vital functions such as:

  • Difficulties in breastfeeding to the point of impotence
  • Difficulties in chewing and swallowing
  • Symptoms of ADHD
  • Breathing problems
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Colic (stomach gases)
  • Repeated ear infections and more


Many adults around the world who experience these phenomena are unaware that they appear to have been caused by sub-functional tongue.

Since the ability to train the tongue with applicable, simple and comfortable tools did not exist to date, the system apparently also avoided investing in the diagnosis of most “mild” cases. Many cases have evolved over the years to the phenomena described here, in which therapy is more complex. Today, tongue training is feasible thanks to the Liper™ Device. Now, thanks to Liper™ Device, the diagnosis of these mild sub-functional tongue chronic diseases is encouraged.

The Solution

Tongue training is a familiar technique backed by research and clinical studies.

However, performed by inserting two fingers, a teaspoon and more… into the mouth of the newborn or adult. Therefore, patients avoided performing the exercises or in other cases stopped the training prematurely.

In cases of mild sub-functional tongue, even the therapists themselves have refrained from offering training because it is frequently not applicable.

Liper™ Device, invented by Dr. Eyal Botzer, was the result of the treatment of tens of thousands of newborns and children and his understanding of the critical need for tongue training in all the various sub-functional tongue and tongue-tie.

  • Pre and post Frenotomy
  • In cases where there is a sub-functional tongue without a tongue-tie
  • Sub-functional tongue at a mild level, which has not been treated to this day and the implications of this appeared later in life


Liper™ Device is here to change the therapeutic paradigm of sub-functional tongue!

Tongue training has been carried out to date with inefficient and uncomfortable methods such as the insertion of fingers, spoons and other "creative" tools into the mouth.

These unpleasant methods are the causes of:

  • Low training performance among the many diagnosed
  • Refraining from training treatment advice in mild cases by the medical teams
  • Many minor cases that were not diagnose, because training was not applicable

Liper™ Device is the first device developed for tongue training in cases of tongue tie and sub-functional tongue. This is the first time this vital treatment has been made available for patients treated today without the training layer, including the tens of millions who are not treated because of low applicability.



The significance of tongue training therapy

Sub-functional tongue stems from three main reasons:

  1. Neural issues
  1. Problems in the tongue muscles, mouth, and jaw structure
  1. (Mechanical barrier (tongue tied

Imagine an organ in your body that does not function as expected, whether from a physiological restriction or due to a period of preventing the movement of an organ for various reasons, such as fixation.

One of the treatments that solves this is to encourage movement by physical therapy.

The same is true for the tongue! Training a tongue with a restricted movement due to one of the reasons described above, actually "teaches" the tongue to perform the necessary movements, enabling it to perform its role in body development and other significant daily activities.

As mentioned above, therapists who are already working with Liper™ Device enjoy the ability to provide their patients with a better treatment. Those who are not aware of this treatment will significantly upgrade their ability to treat their patients correctly and [provide them with a healthier life. Something that has never been possible for tens of millions of patients around the world.


How does a sub-functional tongue cause vital functioning problems?

Let's start with the phenomenon.

  1. What is sub-functional tongue or tongue-tie?
  1. What causes sub-functional tongue?
  1. How it affects vital functions in our lives and the lives of our children?


VIDEO: A demonstration for tongue training with Liper™ Device click on the picture


The tongue and its motion is the main factor in the process of oral cavity formation, chewing, swallowing, and speech.

Sub-functional tongue is a tongue whose function is impaired as a result of a structural, muscular, neural or mechanical problem.

The restriction of the movement of the tongue casts on chewing, swallowing or speech is quite known. We will talk about its implications later. Here we will focus on one of the critical and least known phenomena to the public, the design of the oral cavity, and how the lack of tongue activity influences the body's vital actions throughout our lives.


The oral cavity formation

The womb our palate reminds us of an equilateral triangle. The tongue motion widens the palate, thereby flattening and lowering the "crown" of the palate. In this normal state, a continuous and convenient passage of air and liquids is possible.

The distance between the palate and the respiratory and fluid passages is very small. Therefore, if the tongue is sub-functional, the palate does not descend or does not descend sufficiently, causing a kind of obstruction or change in the angle of the passages. Thus, causing respiratory problems and repeated ear infections due to airflow and / or poor fluid.

[These pictures were taken from a study that shows the linkage between high palate and the air and liquid passages functionality.For reference click in the picture above] 


Naturally, a baby’s respiratory problems aggravate later on in life, affecting vital activities such as:

  • Breathing problems
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Symptoms of ADHD
  • Repeated ear infections
  • Colic (stomach gases)
  • Stability

How is sub-functional tongue and the symptoms of ADHD related?

here is a direct connection between these symptoms and the high palate and these. The high palate creates respiratory problems, leading to sleep disorders and to symptoms of ADHD. Children who seem to be asleep, but due to breathing difficulties or breathing breaks, interrupt their sleep (even if they do not wake up), suffer from a lack of concentration, have problems listening, get irritated easily, undergo a lack of persistence, among and other symptoms that are also characterized by ADHD.

Studies show that 90% of children diagnosed with ADHD have sleep problems. Most patients are not sent for testing in a sleep lab to "challenge" the diagnosis of ADHD. As a consequence, it is known that a higher percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD actually only have sleep disorders, which should not be underestimated.

Liper™ Device can prevent these cases by proper postnatal care.

If many of these symptoms were diagnosed as sub-functional tongue and high palate, tongue training would solve the problem and prevent sleep disorders. It would also avoid the social stigma associated with ADHD and prevent unnecessary drug therapy.




Breastfeeding difficulties is one of the most common symptoms associated with sub-functional tongue or tongue-tie.

When the tongue has a motion limit, it moves more forward and backward and is unable to perform its wavy and rotational motion needed for breastfeeding and the mother's milk to the oral cavity.

As a result, the pressure of the tongue applied to the nipple needed to breastfeed causes severe pain and even injury of the nipple, eventually causing the mother to stop breastfeeding. This phenomenon usually leads to the screening of the tongue, which is usually diagnosed as a sub-functional or tongue-tie.

In more severe cases, Frenotomy is recommended. In mild cases, some would recommend not doing anything at all.

In both cases, simple tongue training is critical for two reasons:

  1. It trains and teaches the tongue to move in order to perform the necessary actions
  1. Pre and post-operational training is also recommended
    1. The tongue does not know the movements required and the exercise teaches it to how to move.
    1. In 30% of the cases of tongue release, the tongue will eventually reattach, requiring repeated surgical intervention. Postoperative training exercise also prevents reattachment. Dr. Eyal Botzer's clinic measured a decrease of 3% on average by practicing with Liper™ Device before and after the removal.


Like in breastfeeding, when swallowing, the motionlessness of the tongue does not allow the baby to pass the food to the oral cavity. Initial diagnosis of the condition can also occur in children who drink from a bottle. In this case, we see that the baby's food will usually run out on the chin and probably also result in weight gain problems.

This said, if we see a baby with food on his chin (as in the picture below), it is not enough to wipe the food with the apron.



Liper™ Device in media

An interview with Dr. Eyal Botzer in Paula & Leon morning show click on the picture above


An article in Walla News web click on the picture above





Liper™ Device - allows, for the first time, an applicable and essential tongue training

Tongue training has been performed till today with uncomfortable and ineffective techniques, such as the insertion of fingers, spoons and other "creative" tools into the mouth.

These uncomfortable methods are the cause of low performance among the many diagnosed. It was even the reason that the medical teams refrained from commenting on the treatment of mild cases. Especially those who did not attempt to diagnose them because they had no motive to solve the problem.

Liper™ Device allows for the first time full and comprehensive treatment for tongue-tie and sub-functional tongue

  • Allows easy home training and higher treatment compliance
  • For the first time, gives an opportunity for treatment for tens of millions who didn’t have a therapeutic solution
  • Allows the completion of surgical procedures for success and higher therapeutic application
  • Improving wellbeing and future health

The benefits of treatment with Liper™ Device

Liper™ Device allows for the first time full and comprehensive treatment for tongue-tie and sub-functional tongue

  • Allows easy home training and higher treatment compliance for the therapists
  • Fulfillment of the treatment protocol turns non-applicable training methods to an applicable tongue training
  • Significant improvement in future wellbeing and health including mild cases
  • Dramatically increases compliance and treatment success
  • Saving money for the medical system and the private sector (repeated surgery at the doctor's expense)

Video: about Liper™ Device click on the picture above

Liper™ Device - A complex development challenge

Liper™ Device was developed for about two years.

Despite its simple appearance, it is intricately designed and consists of a large number of small and significant details, including the option to adapt the anatomy of the oral cavity, to perform the required exercises comfortably and to easily maximizing the success of the exercises and the entire treatment.

Thousands of development hours and trials in patients were invested in the device, to maximize its ergonomic design, so that it will maintain and maximize the product’s assurance in effective treatments, at the same time providing for comfortable and simple home care. Home care is critical to the success of the treatment, so it is important for parents and adults to have a comfortable training option at home.

This meant that the product should be sufficiently soft and pleasant to use, rigid enough to do the job, and accurate enough to enter the mouth of a baby as well as an adult without hurting or disturbing too much during training.

About 30% to 50% of the general population of school-aged children in the US are being treated because of tongue malfunction. In this field, tongue training has great significance. The most common therapists in such cases are speech pathologists (SLP) and the Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist (OMT).

Many of the patients are also people with disabilities such as Down syndrome or with diseases such as Parkinson's and others.


Liper™ Device - Product Features

Elastic ring - The finger ring is designed to fit fingers of different sizes and tightly on the finger.

The "ears" of the product - this part comes under the tongue and has enough flexibility to aid in performing the exercises and a soft and comfortable surface to touch the tongue.

At the edge of the "ears" a surface with a roughness that prevents smoothing during the treatment.

Liper™ Device - Patents

Liper™ Device is protected with 2 patents:


2. Utility

The patents are registered in a number of countries globally (USA, Brazil, China, Canda, Mexico, etc.).

They are currently in different stages; Pending or Granted, depending on the country.


Liper™ Device is approved for the treatment of infants and humans in general

Liper™ Device has been designed and developed to meet all standards and regulations required for the treatment of infants and adults.

Liper™ Device has been tested in an international laboratory approved for testing under TUV regulations.

Liper™ Device is being marketed under the WELLNESS category of the FDA.


Liper™ Device - Production

The product is manufactured from materials that meet the required standards and regulations and it’s produced without human touch.


Liper™ Device - A short, easy, comfortable and simple tongue training

One of the advantages of training the tongue with Liper™ Device is that it is simple and easy to do.

Each therapist has its own protocol of exercises recommend.

The exercises for each individual patient are derived depending on the condition of the tongue and on the therapeutic need.

Dr. Eyal Botzer and his professional team have defined a generally recommended infrastructure treatment protocol with Liper™ Device, in which it is possible to operate without the instructions from a professional therapist.

Each exercise is performed for a few seconds. The number of repetitions, the number of times per day it needs to be used to train, and the training period are defined by the professional therapist. The average time is between one and two weeks.


Global testimonials

Joy L. Moeller, BS, RDH
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

“I am thrilled with the use of the Liper both pre and post frenectomy to elevate the body of the tongue and allow the frenum to stretch and tone. I have found that the tongue will adapt easily. Moms can easily apply it to their infant’s tongue and possibly avoid a revision.
For adults, it is comfortable and easy, they can use it to pull the tongue up and avoid discomfort and bacteria from touching their tongue. I will recommend it to my students as well as my patients.”


Irene Marchesan, PHD
Sau Paolo, Brazil

“I have used the Liper device designed by Dr. Eyal Botzer to assess newborn’s lingual frenulum. It is easy to handle and helps visualize the lingual frenulum better. It doesn’t hurt the tongue and it is painless for the newborn.”


Autumn R. Henning, MS, CCC-SLP,
Leading tongue-tie consultant in the USA

"I use the Liper particularly for babies that, despite having a fully released and healed tongue tie, continue to struggle with midblade tongue elevation.  Our brain sends signals for our muscles to perform. Conversely, when our muscles move, they send signals to the brain as well. In the case of tongue tie, we have to change patterns.  Once anatomy is normalized, we need to develop coordination, strength and endurance for our movements.  I use the Liper to train tongue lifting/elevation by manually lifting the tongue.  The brain then integrates these schemata, and, with practice and development, the baby does not need me to lift the tongue and will do it on their own.  This helps to develop better suck and swallow, future speech skills, and oral posture for dentofacial growth."





Eyal Botzer
Being Dr. Botzer an internationally recognized person\ in the field of sub-functional tongue with an active role in the company, is a significant advantage for the firm penetrating the market. Dr. Botzer serves as Director of Pediatric Dentistry at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. He is a leader in the Tongue Tie medical community, co-founder and member of the board of the IATP (International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals), and extensively involved in research and treatment of Tongue Tie since 2000.

  • Founder
Eli Drapisz
Eli brings rich experience in marketing strategy, financing and business development. Following his position as marketing manager at ECI Telecom, Eli established an agency for marketing and brand strategy, with many years of experience in global markets. He successfully accompanied a large number of international Israeli companies in the development, management and implementation of the companys’ strategy, as well as closely accompanying their capital raising efforts and their international Go-To-Market strategies.

Lily Ouziel
VP Product & Growth
Lily brings with her extensive, professional and scientific knowledge and experience in the field of nursing and sub-functional tongue. She is an international breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC) and a professional clinical instructor who teaches breastfeeding counselors. She devotes her free time to helping mothers and families with breastfeeding challenges. Lily worked as a lawyer and before that as a retail consultant. Before becoming VP of Product & Growth for Liper™ Device, she worked as a professional consultant to the firm, distributing milk pumps. For more than a decade Lily has helped many families with breastfeeding, running a community nursing clinic, and as a breastfeeding consultant in the private market.

Reuven Marko
Reuven Marko has over 35 years of experience in high-tech and intellectual property. He holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. Reuven has served as senior manager in several companies. He is also the co-inventor of two dozen active patents and several others which are pending.

  • Founder
Or Agassi
Or Agassi is an Israeli lawyer and entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in the area of business development of start-up companies, with an intellectual property focus. Prior to founding Liper™ Device, Or was co-founder and co-CEO of Agam Innovations Ltd., an Israeli company that developed, manufactured and marketed products. Agam Innovations was successfully acquired in 2016. Or is presently involved in other start-up companies.

  • Founder

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