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MindFly has created a wearable AI-powered BodyCam that enables sports fans to experience the game from the POV of players and referees. The technology is being applied to various leagues, such as MLS, EuroLeague, Premier League etc.

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By: Eran Tal
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The AI Bodycam that puts you on the Field with Messi

MindFly is redefining the way sports enthusiasts engage with their favorite sporting events, both on and off the field. The company's fully automated platform and wearable AI BodyCam captures the thrilling perspective of star players and referees, creating immersive video clips and streaming live feeds that transport fans into the heart of the action. These dynamic moments are seamlessly distributed across social media channels and Live TV, allowing viewers to witness the game from a first-person point of view (FPV). The company's versatile solution caters to a wide range of sports stakeholders, including broadcasters, sponsors, leagues, and clubs.  


Key Collaborations and Major Costumers within the Global Sports Industry

Mindfly has established strong collaborations with significant customers in the global sports and broadcasting industries. These include:            

  • ESPN - USA. Already covered Professional Lacrosse. Now exploring other sports
  • Premier League - summer tour USA; masterclasses
  • Euroleague 
    • Refcam in matches in the 23-24 season. 
    • Potentially, Playercam from behind the scenes and matches.
    • Individual teams for behind the Scenes practice 
  • MLS - Major League Soccer. 2022 All Stars sponsored by AT&T and Target and 2023 All Stars sponsored by AT&T
  • Red Bull Media - Pro teams in football and other sports sponsored by Red Bull Media worldwide
  • Manchester City - elite pro football team in UK
  • Newcastle united – pro football team in UK
  • Bayern Munich BC - elite Pro basketball team in Germany





Excellent Reviews from Athletes Across Different Sports


Exceptional Entrepreneurial Team with a Track Record of Successful Companies, Exits and IPOs

MindFly was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in the realm of video sports, boasting an impressive history of establishing companies and driving them to successful exits. The company's co-founders, Eran Tal and Yehuda Elmaliach, each founded and managed four thriving video-startup ventures, two of which were acquired and one that went public through a $500 million Nasdaq IPO.



Prominent Investors

The company's innovation has attracted funding from a number of global investors and Israeli successful founders, Including the HYPE GVA Program, Pirveli Ventures, I-Lab Angels, and Lior Elkan, Managing Partner of M-fund club. Other private investors include Marc Epstein, owner of Woodenpig Ventures, and Oren Yogev, Founder of Replay Technologies and ex-Managing Director of Intel Sports.


Invest in a Rapidly Growing and Profitable Company

Since its establishment in 2021, MindFly has been experiencing rapid growth, both in terms of technological advancement and commercial operations. The company is already boasting a substantial clientele and witnessing consistent monthly revenue escalation.



The Need

In recent years, traditional sports viewership has experienced a decline, particularly among younger audiences, as they are increasingly drawn to alternative forms of entertainment and digital platforms. The surge of streaming services, the increasing popularity of e-sports, and the changing viewing habits of younger generations have all contributed to this shift.

To address this trend and capture the attention of younger, digitally native viewers, a new wave of immersive and on-demand content is necessary. Media companies, sports teams, and leagues are actively seeking innovative ways to engage viewers and provide captivating and personalized sports experiences.


The Solution

MindFly offers a unique and exciting new way of experiencing pro sports games and behind-the-scenes moments. The company's AI-powered wearable bodycam and cloud platform provide fans with an immersive game experience by enabling them to view sporting events from the perspective of players and referees. This innovative solution utilizes artificial intelligence to capture and present footage from a first-person point of view, allowing fans to feel more connected to the game.

By using MindFly's technology, fans can witness the action as if they were on the field, creating a more engaging and interactive viewing experience. The fully automated system captures the scene from the player's perspective, providing a unique and thrilling viewing angle.

With their cutting-edge technology, MindFly aims to bridge the gap between fans and their favorite sports stars, making the game more accessible and exciting for viewers regardless of their physical location.


The Technology

MindFly's technology revolutionizes the sports industry by providing players and referees with wearable bodycams. These bodycams are integrated into vests and allow for the capture of high-quality footage during sports games. The design of the vests ensures the safety and performance of the players while maintaining the camera's stability.

Customers can access the captured content through two methods: live streaming or extracting the content locally. Once the content is obtained, MindFly's AI software comes into play. The software stabilizes and auto-directs the footage, resulting in smooth and professionally edited clips. Customers have the option to further edit the clips or broadcast them live.


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Eran Tal
Founder and CEO
Eran Tal is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader, currently holding the position of Co-Founder and CEO at Mindfly.live. With over 15 years of invaluable experience, Eran has excelled in various roles, demonstrating his prowess in product development, strategy, and business management. Prior to his role at Mindfly, he served as the CEO and founder of Evrideo – a TV channel-as-a-service company where he showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by establishing and leading the company. Eran‘s innovation journey continued as he co-founded Goop.tv which got acquired by “Shekel scales” (exit), where he served as the Chief of Products, contributing to the company‘s success. Additionally, he played a pivotal role as CEO of Indivisualtv with more then 70 major customers, such as BT, Telecom Italy, AOL and many more, further solidifying his impact in the tech and media industry. Eran‘s academic earned a master‘s degree in computer science from Bond University, where his exceptional performance earned him a place on the Dean‘s List of Excellence.

  • Founder
: Yehuda Elmaliach
CTO and co-founder
Yehuda Elmaliach – Mindfly Co-founder and CTO is a tech entrepreneur and industry pioneer with a strong background in computer engineering. He studied at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. Throughout his career, Yehuda has been involved in founding and leading several successful companies. As the Co-founder and CTO of Optibase, he played a pivotal role in driving the company to reach a value of $400 million and employ 250 people at its peak. Yehuda also co-founded and served as CTO of Mobixell, a company that had hundreds of employees and generated dozens of million in revenue and ended up in an exit. Additionally, he has founded and was CEO of Rimoto. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Yehuda Elmaliach continues to make substantial contributions to the technology industry.

  • Founder



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