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Manage Your Trip

MYT has developed an innovative management platform which optimizes the various aspects of a trip and is expected to completely change the tourism industry. Join three leading VCs in investing in a company which is growing at an accelerated rate


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Campaign Highlights

A unique product in an outdated market 

The tourism industry has undergone a major revolution in the last several years. This revolution has skipped over more than 70,000 large global companies focused on organized tourism. The organized tourism industry, on the other hand, has not changed in decades: It is based on a lot of logistics and is mostly built on manual processes. Manage Your Trip is changing this method of operation and bring a transformation to the industry. The Manage Your Trip platform is the only one in the world which provides a completely coordinated solution for the organized tourism industry: trip planning, marketing, logistics aspects, financial aspects, trip operations and more.


Lack of any significant market competition - the perfect timing for Manage Your Trip 

The end-to-end product of Manage Your Trip is penetrating a virgin market that has no significant big players. The solutions available today come mainly from domestic and local tourism companies, various office tools (such as Word and Excel), and competing companies that are either expensive or provide only partial management of the process. Manage Your Trip is preparing to lead the market with its unique and accessible product, its great customer track record, and the support of its leading investors.


Trust from Investors – investment by two of the leading Israeli funds

Manage Your Trip has raised capital from First Time VC of The Time incubator fund, which has been selected several times as the best incubator in Israel and has supported a number of successful exits. Manage Your Trip has also raised funds from Sarona Ventures Fund, a fund that specializes in discovering innovative breakthrough companies. The company has also received financial backing from the French fund MC Partners, and participated in a leading acceleration program, which includes the Innovation Authority's support programs.



Manage Your Trip presents an accelerated growth

Since launching its platform in 2017, Manage Your Trip has already amassed dozens of paying customers from nine countries. These customers include local suppliers of the Birthright Project, the "Israeli Journey", Tlalim group, Eco Tours, and many more. Manage Your Trip is growing at an accelerated rate and increasing both customers and revenues from year to year.




The idea

The Need

The tourism industry has undergone a major revolution over the last few years. This revolution has skipped over more than 70,000 large global companies focused on organized tourism. When planning a private trip, everything is fast and accessible: book a flight on KAYAK, order a vacation on AIRBNB, rent a car directly from the HERTZ website, order the food through WOLT and build the trip program with the help of several content sites. The trip program has considerable flexibility and can be stretched according to the needs of the traveler.

In the organized tourism industry, a tour operator is required to plan a detailed, perfectly coordinated program for a group of travelers, and to avoid any mistakes.

The available solutions today for tour operators are mainly domestic and local, most of them using various office tools. Most of the processes are carried out manually: registering for the trip, sending the reservations, and dealing with all of the financial aspects before and after the trip.

The challenge is significant. For example, for a one-week organized group tour, the tour operator is required to manage more than 60 different service providers on average. The logistics are endless and might create significant operational losses.

Manage Your Trip was created to streamline the industry and take it forward into the digital age.



The idea                                                            

Manage Your Trip is changing the tools used by tour operators and enabling the industry to take a significant step forward. The platform transfers all the trip processes to online and integrates all of the providers into one system which communicates with them continuously.

Manage Your Trip is the only platform in the world that provides a complete solution for the organized tourism industry: trip planning, marketing, operation of the logistics aspects, handling of financial aspects, field management of trips and more.

The simplicity of the platform mechanism makes using the platform efficient and easy for the customers, which allows the tour operators to build and to change the trip program with a click of a button. Each operation is connected to the various suppliers, generates / updates orders, and completes the process in its entirety.



Financial efficiency

One of the most notable advantages of Manage Your Trip is its financial efficiency aspect. Each trip has a planned budget that defines the plan. With each trip there are discrepancies between the planning and the execution, so that tour operators often incur losses. For example, if a few individuals from the group choose not to join a specific activity, the tour operator suffers a financial loss, the result of a lack of synchronization between the coordination of the activity and the real number of participants. When this process is managed in a connected and computerized way, the gaps between the plan and the execution are almost non-existent. The trip becomes organized, efficient and smart. The Manage Your Trip platform provides significant savings in travel costs, and substantially reduces the human work hours of the tour operators in planning and managing the trip.

The platform enables considerable optimization during the trip planning stage: If previously many hours were spent only for the trip planning, now, the use of the platform greatly shortens the planning time and allows the tour operators to create a complex trip in only a few minutes.

One of the significant trends in the industry is private touring - Tailor Made Tours. In order to support this kind of trip, tour operators must have extensive knowledge, with various capabilities and quick responses. The Manage Your Trip platform has a great solution for this industry trend.



The Technology

The Manage Your Trip cloud platform is built on a SAAS (SERVICE AS A SOFTWARE) model and contains the following modules:

• Calculate and generate bids with a click of a button

• Trip planning and marketing generating with the logistical outputs of the trip (internet site, designed plan)

• Management of the travel sleeve of the trip, including all the suppliers

• Management of participant registration using an independent registration interface for the tour operator

• A unique application for field management of the trip

• CRM for customer management

• An accounting tool which connects to the ERP systems, and includes accounting issuing, documents and reports

• Trip customization algorithm




Rafael Amzalag
Holds a bachelor‘s degree in computer science and a second degree in business management. Rafael has been a tour guide since 2005 specializing in inbound and educational tourism.

Joseph Amzalag
VP Development - Computer Engineer
CRM Specialist with 10 years of experience working in international and public companies such as: Amdocs and SALESFORCE

Meir Coinks
Accountant, partner in the COGEP firm for 30 years

Financial data

The Deal




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