Mappo developed a cutting-edge technology to experience location-based content while riding. Mappo cooperates with FORD and is in advanced negotiations with 5 global car companies, as it is now turning to a key actor in IN-CAR INFOTAINMENT sphere.

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By: Deddi Zucker
Successfully funded Public Campaign

Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

Mappo signed a long-term agreement with FORD, and from January 2021 it will be assimilated in all FORD cars in the U.S.A, Europe and Australia alongside advanced negotiations with 5 of the leading car companies in the world.


The company has a commercial contract with FORD, one of the largest car companies worldwide (which manufactures approximately 6 million cars annually) and owns one of the most advanced INFOTAINMENT systems in the world. Currently, Mappo holds a technological approval from five additional car manufacturers - TOYOTA; MAZDA; SUZUKI; MITSUBISHI; SUBARU (which produce 18 million cars per year, combined, excluding FORD).



Global FORD campaign about Mappo – Operation launching in the U.S.

In January 2020, a global campaign about the activity of Mappo in the U.S. and the UK will be initiated by FORD. The main reason for the campaign is the utmost trust FORD has in Mappo’s product and a future vision of the unique system as one which will differ from other INFOTAINMENT systems worldwide. This achievement might contribute to the ongoing increase in FORD’s car sales around the world, according to FORD’s marketing department. As a result of this campaign, Mappo will gain an unprecedent global exposure and high demand from the main actors in global car market. The company’s operation will focus on central main and geographical areas in the U.S., including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Highway 1, Florida, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, and additional locations. In Europe, the company focuses on the UK, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona. The broad deployment of Mappo across the USA and U.K. will start with 30,000 content points and will reach more than 100,000 content points by the end of 2021.



Mappo has completed its preparation to operate in the UK

The company has completed its preparations to fully operate in the UK. At launch, Mappo will have approximately 10,000 content points deployed in its system and by 2021, more than 40,000 content points will be installed across the UK. The combination of multiple content points and the trust by the largest car manufacturers in the world will lead Mappo to a global recognition and supply the company with unprecedent deployment.


Mappo is in negotiations with SAMSUNG-HARMAN

Mappo is in advanced negotiations with SAMSUNG-HARMAN (HARMAN CARDON’s manufacturer). The company sells every year tens of millions of INFOTAINMENT systems to various manufacturers’ cars. A signing over the agreement will allow Mappo to dominate additional gigantic markets, in addition to its successful existing current partnerships. 


MAPPO signed in November a distribution agreement with HERE.

HERE is the world's #1 location platform. HERE was acquired by an unbelievable partnership of Mercedes- Audi- Volkswagen.
HERE creates navigation maps for automotive industry. HERE navigation supplies more navigation applications than Google Maps.



Mappo develops a global-scale advanced 2.0 version

The company develops the 2.0 version of its technology with the assistance of expert professors from IDC Herzliya. Currently, the technology can ‘read’ a large portion of texts and to extract paragraphs mentioning a specific location. The 2.0 version will be able to ‘understand’ the written text in that paragraph and to ‘decide’ whether it is relevant and interesting, or not.



Mappo has developed mobile apps- Android and iOS

Mappo has developed a unique app enabling the company to be ready for penetration to casual tourism market. The apps are available both on App Store and Google Play.



Winning multiple lucrative contests: #MICHELIN# FORD #Paris Municipality #IMPACT- EU 

  • Already in its early days the company has won, with 22 additional startups, a competition held by the Paris municipality. Mappo (in its former name- BooksOnMap) was installed over hundreds of touch screens in bus stations across Paris.

  • Alongside 20 other startups around the world, the company has won the lucrative Michelin Movin’On 2018 competition held in March 2018 in Montreal, Canada.   
  • In November 2018, the company has won the second place in FORD’s European competition. According to a focus group operated by FORD during the competition, Mappo was named as “the most popular startup”.

  • During 2019-2020 Mappo has participated in the EU IMPACT project. During the program, the company was tested by all the large car companies operating in Europe. Roughly 400 startups in the field of transportation have started the program, and at the end of the project, the company was elected as one of the 18 distinguished startups in Europe in the automotive industry for 2019.
  • The EU composed a list of promising startups for 2018 and 2019:


Israel Innovation Authority’s investment and a portfolio company of Israel’s leading incubator – The Time

The Time, the lucrative incubator which is repeatedly nominated as the leading incubator in Israel and stands behind numerous successful companies, has invested in Mappo and is a key shareholder in the company. The investment was made, in part, with funds of Israel Innovation Authority which reviewed and approved this investment.






The Idea

The interior space of the car is named by car manufacturers: “Living Room”. This space is rapidly changing, and it offers an extraordinary riding experience for all passengers. In 2021, more than 50% of new cars will be equipped with a SIM. Therefore, the connected car will supply diverse navigation opportunities, tour and journey guides, Emails, AR concerts within the car, advertisement services, podcasts, indications and notifications for electric charging, games and so on. The future car will be equipped with 2-3 online screens. Not only the driver, but all passengers will benefit from it.  


The problem and the solution

Mappo’s content improves the riding experience. The company supplies audio and video In-car Infotainment for the automotive industry.


Mappo supplies family, geo-localized content - audio and video- for car manufacturers, that moves as the car rides. 

Mappo’s content is designated for the connected car, which is equipped with a SIM and in several years, it will fit the autonomous vehicle as well. Car manufacturers are in need of additional content for the driver and the passengers, but they are not interested in producing this content independently and so they approach external companies.

Mappo meets a real need of car manufacturers in which they invest extensive sums: to create an improved riding experience that will assist in the car branding and its marketing and selling. All car manufacturers invest in development, research and resources in the driver’s and riders’ riding experience.

With the algorithm, Mappo can supply these needs to every car manufacturer everywhere around the world.

Mappo is the first company in the world that uses all types of cultural content created along human history, to extract maps out of them. The company’s raw materials are a gigantic database of cultural content: books (history, children literature, cooking books, novels, architecture etc etc), music (from the Beatles in England to Aznavour in Paris and even songs about the Kinneret), movies (Experience ‘Rocky’ on top of Philadelphia’s map) or TV shows (Breaking Bad in Albuquerque or House of Cards in Washington D.C.)

The company creates, with the algorithm developed by the company, geo-based content maps.

The company’s cutting-edge algorithm can “read” extremely broad texts, extract quotes that mention a specific location, and place them as a map layer.   




The dramatic changes in the automotive industry created a relatively new domain, highly developed by the car industry: In-car Infotainment.

Two key technological developments recently have led to new business opportunities in the car industry, on a scale of billions of dollars:

  1. The integration of internet and cars. Most new cars are already equipped with SIM.
  2. The introduction of additional screens to cars as a result of the car’s online connectivity.

It is worth mentioning that: The car’s app is available both in an android and iOS version for each user, regardless of the type of car used.

The content is engaged in audio version and video.

Mappo supplies the tourist unique content: It is not a Wikipedia-style content but tailor-made content in formats like stories, literature, architecture, content for children, food, history, or music that results into a unique experience. Digital world has thousands of tourism app supplying information but there is no application in the world that supplies an experience like Mappo learned and can supply.


Influence over the In-car Infotainment

Mappo supplies car manufacturers with a product that meets their needs: 1 – new market opportunities 2 – branding 3 – differentiation, 4 – family content.

The usage of cultural content over the car’s screens and sound system completely changes the riding experience and it has the potential to change the revenue model of car manufacturers that currently operate with tight profit margins. Mappo’s product contributes to the change of the product’s definition manufacturers offer to their clients. This innovative product will place the manufacturer, in addition to the car itself, as an innovative, user -friendly company offering a family experience.

Mappo knows how to equip each city in the world, in no time, with local content. Moreover, the company will be able to sell data for municipalities or local tourism companies. It is worth mentioning that prior to the decision to focus on the car industry, the company has worked with the Barcelona-based company TURISME and has supplied its hundreds of thousands of customers with dedicated excursion plans created by Mappo. 



The company has developed a global platform, which enables to connect all types of content (texts, songs, TV shows dialogues, movies) and their location, based on where they occur. This connection, creates an extensive database, including content-based maps with multiple points of interest (POI).

This database creates a layer over a digital map – both within the app and on the website. This layer is created by a unique GEO-REFERENCING algorithm. It is important to mention that it is a significant technological challenge, including the analysis of the texts, extracting the locations, and accurately placing them over the map.


Products and technologies that already exist

  1. User-generated content platform: The platform enables each user to manually create geographical content and to enrich it with additional content related to location, a creation, or a creator and to upload movies and pictures. It is a web-based platform, and it is responsive for all types of screens.

Users can also upload content such as routes which will be reviewed by the company to ensure the reliability and quality.

  1. Geo-Referencing engine (English): The company has developed an engine which is able to process texts, recognize high-resolution location pins (a street, a site, a monument, a neighborhood, a building, a city, a district, a country) with a well-trained model for texts in a variety of genres. The engine is able to analyze entire books in English and place location pins over the Earth’s map in a 90% accuracy.
  2. Data API: A secured content distribution and clients’ management system for B2B customers who can get the content produced by the company for various avenues and usages within their own product.
  3. Management, demonstration and tagging of content: The system enables editors to watch the content created by the engine, review it and tag it, to improve and contribute to the engine’s learning and to extract any irrelevant content. With the system, it is possible to build databases that can improve the engine and create autonomous learning through AI neural networks.


Technological development program for the upcoming year

  • A route-generation engine that can create real-time routes according to personally tailored points of interest per user.
  •  Saliency: The company has become aware to the fact that the current algorithm ‘extracts’ phrases which some will not interest the end-user. The company acknowledges that a more subtle, distinct, and sophisticated work is needed.

The main target is to achieve significant technological development that understands the text and enables to choose phrases and to rank them according to their importance in the text and the level of interest they generate. By accomplishing this goal, the company will be able to precisely sort and chose only ‘interesting’ data and every text including the mentioning of a location, without distinguishing the level of interest it will generate.

It is the toughest technological challenge the company has taken upon itself. This operation is led by two scientists from IDC Herzliya: Prof. Ariel Shamir, Dean of Efi Arazi school of Computer Science and Dr. Kfir Bar, a world-class expert for NLP. This operation brings Mappo to operate within the AI sphere.

The ability to “understand” a text and to choose outstanding phrases is at the forefront of NLP. A success in this unique domain may bring the company an extraordinary value and a great technological edge.



  • In 1.5 years, the platform is planned to generate approximately 200,000 content items on a global scale, in a variety of fields and in hundreds of cities.
  • The technological development creates a potential for two patents: 1 Geo-Referencing; 2 - (and the most promising!) - Saliency and 3 – Customization and personalized routes per user. 





Deddi Zucker
Deddi has Served as an active member of Knesset for 18 years, and later on in the fields of digital content, as an entrepreneur and manager. During this period he initiated and managed 3 cable television channels, in addition to being the founder of an internet production company and later in the cellular content worlds. Mappo is Zucker‘s fourth startup as an entrepreneur and manager.

  • Founder
Sharon Epshtein
Co-founder, Marketing & Product
A Digital woman with wanderlust disease. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, advertising and PR in organizations and private companies, and owner of a Digital marketing agency, Sharon joined Mappo as a co-founder and marketing manager from it’s early days. Based in Tel aviv, but exploring the world through its literature.

  • Founder
Omri Cohen
A seasoned technology director with business orientation and wide experience in Technology Architecture and Product Management focusing in the Healthcare Industry. Omri holds a BCS in computer science (Ben-Gurion University) and MA in Psychotherapy (Lesley University) focusing on Expressive Therapies, investigating the encounter between the mind and the soul, passionate about true artificial intelligence and the power of big data.

Yael Viesel
Business development
Former EVP of Business Development and sales with leading companies in the automotive business. Yael Holds a BSc in Computer science and Mdes in design and technology. Yael brings her experience in translating trends and global moves to business opportunities. Tying connections and matching the offering to these opportunities is her added value to the team. The book that had the most impact on me was “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. What started as an adventure book for me turned to be a fascinating peek to a different way of thinking on the nature of the human kind.

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Updates 1

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