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A pioneering food-tech startup that specializes in crafting nutritious, high-protein meat alternatives made from upcycled pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The company is commercially operational and retail-ready.

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By: Leonardo Marcovitz
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Consumer-Centric Approach

Addressing the increasing demand for delicious healthy and sustainable food choices, More Foods provides products rich in protein and fiber, boasting clean labels (ingredients that are recognized), short ingredient lists, and devoid of major allergens.  By catering to consumer preferences for varied tastes and textures, the company aims to fill the gap in the market for appealing alternative proteins.

Patented technology

More Foods holds a granted patent for its unique process and formulation, enabling the production of textured plant-based high protein products from pumpkin and sunflower seeds.


Strong Market Traction

The company has gained significant traction, with their products available in over 70 international restaurants and retail outlets, including prominent customers such as Dabush, Mexicana, Yarzin Sella Group (serving clients like Facebook, Google, Samsung), and Swiss retail giant Migros.


Strategic Partnership with Osem-Nestle Subsidiary Brand - Tivall  

Tivall, a prominent vegan food brand, has recently made a public statement expressing their intention to collaborate with More Foods to “create a portfolio of innovative, pumpkin seed, meaty products for main meals”.



Efficient Capital Utilization

More Foods has demonstrated remarkable capital efficiency by progressing from concept to commercialization with only seed funding. This showcases the team's ability to leverage resources effectively in product development and market penetration.


Leading Investors

The primary investor in More Foods is BioMeat, a public investment fund that specializes in investing in innovative R&D companies within the food-tech industry. Additionally, the company has been chosen to take part in the esteemed Masschallenge acceleration program, providing them with valuable resources and connections to increase their growth.





The problem/Need

A significant portion (30%) of the population in developed countries is actively seeking to reduce their meat consumption. As meat is commonly associated with being a major source of protein, this shift in consumer preference presents a substantial opportunity to meet the demand for delicious, high-protein foods that derive protein from plant sources. However, there is a notable issue with the existing market solutions. Many of these alternatives are not perceived as healthy nor are they considered tasty. This is primarily due to the prevalent use of soy and seitan, which are major allergens and harbor negative perceptions. Additionally, these products often feature long lists of unfamiliar ingredients, lacking a clean label. Moreover, the lack of variety and diversity in available options, where the majority are based on just the same 2-3 main ingredients, leaves consumers longing for different tastes and textures. Thus, there is a clear need for healthier, more flavorful, and diverse plant-based protein alternatives to satisfy consumer preferences.

The Solution

More Foods has developed a range of delicious, highly textured plant-based products that are considered a healthier alternative to other products in the market. This effectively addresses the current gap in the market for nutritious meat alternatives. These products stand out due to their impressive nutritional profiles, including high protein content of 27% and fiber content of 7%. Additionally, they offer clean labels, short ingredient lists, and do not use any major allergens.

One key advantage of the company's products is their unique formulation and production process, which has been granted a patent. This enables the company to utilize pumpkin and sunflower seeds as primary protein sources, setting them apart from competitors in terms of health attributes,  taste and texture.

Moreover, the versatility of More Foods' products allows for a wide variety of culinary applications. They can be used in various recipes, such as stir-fries, burritos, bao buns, sandwiches, and shawarma, offering consumers a diverse range of options to suit their preferences and satisfy their culinary needs.


The Technology

Within the established oil extraction industry for pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a byproduct is generated after the oil extraction process. This byproduct consists of the residual seeds without the oil content. More Foods employs an innovative approach by converting these de-oiled seeds into a powder. This powder is then combined with other natural ingredients and conveyed with water into specialized food production equipment. Through the application of controlled pressure and temperature, the mixture is transformed into a textured, meat-like food product. The resulting meat alternatives are then shaped into various forms suitable for different culinary applications before undergoing freezing.

More Foods holds intellectual property and a patent related to the process and formulation essential for producing textured plant-based protein products utilizing pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The company has secured an Israeli granted patent and a PCT application, providing the opportunity to seek protection in major countries while maintaining the priority date of the original Israeli submission. For a visual representation of the process, refer to the overview schematic included in the company deck.


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Leonardo Marcovitz
CEO & Founder
Experienced entrepreneur: proven track record in taking products from idea to commercial reality. Degree in Biomedical Engineering. Strong personal drive to make delicious foods that happen to be plant based.

  • Founder
Dr. Florian Wild
Leading food engineer with focus on plant proteins and their applications in meat alternatives. Expert on protein texturizing.

Yael Policker
Experienced Operations and Supply Chain executive. Most recently, built, implemented and led Zero Egg‘s global operations and supply chain, from a concept to a product line produced and sold in 3 continents.

Amit Raz
Head Chef
Highly experienced chef who owned a chain of restaurants in South Africa for over a decade with a recent shift to focus on food consulting specializing in plant based cuisine.

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