Anyone can drown, no one should

The "NeoMare" company is proud to present a groundbreaking Israeli development, capable of helping people in case of drowning at sea!

457% of funding target

Retail Investment: ₪1,412,601
Angel Investment: ₪780,000
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By: Eldad Erel
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Digital Health



Drowning in numbers

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 370,000 reports of drowning deaths are received each year. Even the "non-fatal" cases mostly end up in hospital. Most of the drowning cases are of young people under the age of 30 who tend to take risks in marine activities. According to the Israeli Health support ambulances (MADA) reports, in Israel, in the last two consecutive years alone (2020 and 2021) about 500 people were serviced for "drowning"(!), 83 out of them drowned to death. Drowning happens within minutes and can happen even to professional swimmers, athletes and divers.

Meet LifeSaver™
The "NeoMare" company has developed an armband called LifeSaver™ with an emergency mechanism, which includes a floatation balloon that inflates when there is a danger of drowning.
LifeSaver™ is a simple and elegant fabric bracelet, like a tennis player's sweat shield, containing a unique chemical compound.

Using a unique technology, the company managed to produce a chemical compound, capable of turning a few grams of chemical material into a large balloon with a volume of 8 liters (!).
In times of danger - it is able to turn with the push of a button, a wristband weighing 30 grams - into a large floatation balloon, which inflates in 20 seconds to a volume of 8 liters. This volume is enough to overwhelm an adult.

When using the LifeSaver™, the drowning person will be able to hold on to the balloon and float until rescue forces arrive.

Smart and groundbreaking
The LifeSaver™ technology is based on a unique formula, in which individual grams of chemical powder and liquid are able to inflate when necessary into a rescue balloon. The formula contains light gas (hydrogen), enclosed in a stable shell and safe to use. The company's intellectual property is protected by a patent registered in the United States.

A blue ocean just waiting for us
The company operates in a market with an extremely wide potential customer base. Starting with children, through water sports enthusiasts, pool swimmers and ending with port workers, sailors and military units operating at sea.
Neomare is in talks with commercial, government and defense bodies (military grade) for the benefit of future collaborations.

An investment opportunity in a company that works to save lives together with high business potential.



The Idea

The problem
370,000 deaths per year.

The life of each of them is our vision.

Drowning can happen to anyone. Even if he is a professional swimmer, or a world champion in weightlifting.

 370,000 people dies each year as a result of drowning - and these are just the reported cases!

We have a dream. We want to save people. And as much as possible.

Meet LifeSaver™, our way of doing good in the world.


NeoMare’s solution

With a groundbreaking patent - we have developed a unique product that is going to change the world!

LifeSaver™ is a simple and elegant fabric bracelet, like a tennis player's sweat shield, ONLY it contains a unique chemical compound, which In times of danger, can turn from a beautiful fashionable accessory, weighing 30 grams, into a large float balloon that inflates within 20 seconds to a volume of 8 liters! This volume is enough to allow an adult person to float.

The drowning person will be able to hold the balloon and float until the rescue forces arrive.


the technology
After 5 years of hard work with leading experts, we developed an amazing product which was also registered as a patent in USA!

Our technology is based on a unique formula, in which "grams of chemical powder and liquid" - are able to turn into a rescue balloon when needed.

The formula contains light gas (hydrogen), enclosed in a stable shell and safe to use. Our development received great resonance and interest from many parties in the chemical compound industry.

Beyond the scientific achievement that left many experts speechless, this technology opens up for us, a wide horizon of possibilities, in many and diverse aspects to empower and impact "industry" and "the economy".

But as mentioned, we are interested in saving lives.


target audiences

It's easiest for us to say that anyone who is exposed to the sea or the pool is a potential customer.

But above all, as parents to children ourselves, we all feel the heartbeat every time they are near the sea.

Our product is a kind of 'safety net', which can greatly contribute to the parents' peace of mind.

This is the place to point out, that 50% of all deaths from drowning at sea are at the age of 30 years, or younger - so there is no doubt that they will need our technology immediately.

As part of our vision, we have set ourselves the goal of enabling as many people as possible, to purchase the product - and we will make sure it will not be "only for the rich".

But not only children, in fact everyone who meets the sea is statistically at risk of drowning - because the sea is a huge force of nature, which does not differentiate between a small child, a professional or a somewhat strong swimmer.

So who else will need us? Swimming schools, surfers, divers and other water sports participants/enthusiasts.

And of course, port workers, shipowners, maintenance workers in the maritime industry and so much more...


Business model and our ROI (return on investment)

If we take the potential profit and yield options of the table for a moment - it is important for us to emphasize that if we saved one person from drowning, even one, we have already recouped our investment.

And of course we aim for much more.

Our business model is built on two main avenues:

A. The sale of the product to potential customers by direct order (BTC), or through various marketing networks dealing in the field of sports and water sports (BTBTC).

B. Complementary and related products, such as connecting to leading brands, or giving a personal and unique touch to our product (printing personal photos, choosing colors or prints in a variety of fields and more).


Market penetration strategy

We understand that implementing a new and unique product in such a wide market requires peripheral activity in several channels. Therefore our marketing plan is based on 4 main stages:

  1. Public relations - reaching through the media and social networks primary customers who will adopt the product.
  2. Direct appeal to the target audience - customers engaged in maritime activities
  3. Creating collaborations with leading companies in the industry to allocate branding on the product.
  4. Signing distribution agreements with distributors and marketing and sales networks on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay and a variety of POS (points of sale) around the world.


A huge market just waiting to open

It is impossible to accurately quantify the number of people entering to the sea in the world. Anytime. Everywhere. Billions upon billions of water entrances.

But it is certainly possible to estimate the millions of casualties and injuries as a result of drowning, along with the approximately 370,000 deaths each year!

The absurdity is that despite the alarming numbers, in the absence of successful companies and developments, the drowning rescue market still barely exists. But that's going to change.


We have all the elements and definitions of a strong market. A clear and immediate need. Target audiences. Predictions.

All that we are missing is a significant product, which together with its ability to save lives, will inaugurate and educate a completely new market.

In order to understand the magnitudes of the target market, we made a very conservative assessment. We maintain extreme caution, mainly because these are huge numbers and we prefer that one deviation will be minimal and not affects our business plan - and if so, then for the better!

Leaving the competition behind

The NeoMare bracelet has several competitors, but none of them come even close to what we are about to offer, in terms of quality and comfort.

Our product is lightweight, comfortable to use and swim with, fashionable and affordable for everyone.



Eldad Erel
entrepreneur and CEO
Has a rich management experience, for over 14 years in management of a large communications group as it‘s VP of marketing and business development. In recent years, Eldad has been involved in establishing and operating an advanced industrial processing plant in West Africa. Eldad h, Has much experience in management, marketing, and technological business development in international markets.

  • Founder
Noam Shani
Former IAF fighter pilot, "A a thinker" and engineer. Has experience in marketing and business development in the high-tech and defense industries in Israel and around the world. Has a Master‘s degree in business administration from Ben Gurion University, and is certified in project management from the University of Washington.

  • Founder
Omri Dagan
entrepreneur and leader of operational activity and production planning
An engineer with extensive experience in managing development and operations groups as VP in high-tech companies and in the defense defence industries.

  • Advisor

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Updates 1

  • Update date: 06/07/2023
    An amount of NIS 780,000 has been added to the campaign that was raised in the preliminary Angels campaign, and this will be reflected in the investment bar and the percentages. It should be clarified that this does not affect the minimum amount that the company must reach or the maximum amount that it can raise in the public campaign.
The financing rounds, made through the ExitValley platform, are in accordance with a model of statutory exemption from publishing a prospectus pursuant to sections 15A(A)(1) and 15A(A)(7) of the Israeli Securities Law - 1968.
Under this model, the disclosure of detailed information on the company and information about the investment in each round of financing are limited to not more than 35 investors, who are not qualified investors, and the round of financing is not in the format of an offering arrangement ("רכז הצעה"), as defined in the Securities Law.
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