Improving global food security through the agriculture of the future

AgroScout groundbreaking SAAS platform empowers agronomists &farmers worldwide with a cost-effective &time-saving tool for early detection of disease and pests. Our technology is a sustainable way to increase crop yield while lowering chemical use
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Revolutionary Agronomy Technology for Field Crop Scouting

AgroScout is revolutionizing field crop scouting with their AI-based, agronomy platform for early disease and pest detection. This cloud-based application works with an off-the-shelf drone to scan fields and pinpoint disease locations with the accuracy level of the individual plant —delivering real-time analytics to quickly identify and localize infestations. The AgroScout solution provides farmers a globally accessible and affordable tool to increase crop yields, enhance farm sustainability through decreased pesticide use and improves farm ROI.  

Invest alongside Leading International Corporations, VCs and Funds

Agroscout has secured investments from several leading organizations, including the Trendlines Group, Agriline Investment Fund (owned by British entrepreneur and billionaire Vincent Tchenguiz), the Brazilian Sirius Investment Fund, Kibbutz Yiraon and Kibbutz Yotvata. In addition, the company received grants from the Israel Innovations Authority and the International Bird Foundation.


Rapid Growth, Expansion and Global sales

AgroScout's rapidly growing commercial activity includes sales in over 20 countries worldwide.


Multidisplinary and Experienced Team in the Fields of Agriculture, AI, Sales, Software & Business Development

AgroScout was founded in Israel in 2017, by Simcha Shore, a veteran with over 20 years of experience managing technology projects, including analysis and characterization of complex information systems, remote sensing, image processing, AI and drones. The company is run by a Multidisplinary team with an extensive backgrounds in agronomy, computer vision, software and business development and sales.



Simcha Shore
CEO and Founder
Founder and CEO of AgroScout. Simcha has over 20 years of experience in managing technological programs and projects: analyzing and characterizing complex information systems - operational and administrative. He has rich and exceptional experience in initiating and managing projects for headquarters and intelligence units in the IDF, including: leading Innovative projects in various areas, collecting and processing geographic information, complex information systems, drones, Android, 360 photography and Big Data. Simcha Has a BA in Middle East and Asian studies and a master‘s degree with a specialization in China.

  • Founder
Ido Bar-Av
CSO and Company Agronomist
Company Agronomist since its Founding. Managed and supervised the field trials and developed relationships and collaborations with breeders and experts around the world - from both academia and the industry. He has extensive experience in supervising vegetable crops, plantations and orchards, as part of projects he managed at the Genesis Seed Company, at the Gaza Strip Farms Company and at the Araba Field Crops Institute. He also has research experience as part of his work as a research engineer at the Volcanic Institute at the Gilat Experimental Farm. Ido has a master‘s degree in desert agriculture.

Sharon Cohen
Software engineer and systems analyst, with twenty years of experience in software development, implementing technological solutions and managing development teams. Former CTO and development team manager at Synel MLL Payway, and development team manager at CreditGuard.

  • Key Employee
Asi Mashta
Product manager
Information systems analyst. Responsible for system characterization and manages all product development processes. Asi has over 25 years of experience working in the IDF, of which 13 years in research positions and 12 years in intelligence-technological project management positions. Has a BA in geography and AI studies and training in information systems analysis.

  • Key Employee
Dan Ladar
An accountant with over 30 years of experience. Holds an MBA degree with a specialization in finance and insurance from Tel Aviv University, with about 20 years of experience in financial management positions, including in the Haifa Group, and Blades Technology Inc. has been Self-employed for the past 12 years, currently a finance manager for several other companies in various fields, including startups. Extensive experience working with global entities, including companies and banks.

  • Key Employee
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