By: Emanuel (Ami) Ahnine

Sabres Security

Sabres Security is a cyber-security company that has developed the world‘s first security network that enables comprehensive protection of sites, servers and applications using multidimensional technology.


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Campaign Highlights

A Breakthrough Cyber-Security Solution Developed by Senior Officers from the Prestigious IDF Mamram and Lotem Units

Sabres has developed the world's first comprehensive cyber security network for the protection of sites, servers, and apps using Artificial Intelligence-based multidimensional (MDP) technology that can be embedded as a cloud-based MDP or on-premises MDP software).

Sabres allows small businesses, companies, and security administrators in organizations to enjoy maximum cyber protection, as well as comply with the international information security regulations to which they are committed.

The World's Most Advanced Information Security Technology - 94% effectiveness in lab penetration test

The security network developed by Sabers Security achieved excellent lab penetration test results, making it a significantly superior product to other solutions available in the market.



A Team of World-Class Programming Experts, Veterans of IDF Elite Technology Units and Israel’s High-Tech Industry

Sabres was founded by an outstanding team of programming, software development, artificial intelligence and information security experts, with many years of experience in the military and private sectors. The Company's CEO, Lieutenant Colonel Emanuel Ahnine, recently completed a 24-year career in the ICT (Information and communications technology unit) and a wide range of technology units in the IDF, during which time he served as Deputy Commander of the prestigious Maram Unit (Center of Computing and Information Systems). Shay Bracha, founder of the company, has 25 years of experience in software development and cyber security, including working with TEVA, GSK and Pfizer, where he still serves as a consultant.


Rapid Commercial Success - Large Customers and Strategic Partnerships in Israel and Abroad

Sabers Security initiated its market activity at the end of 2019, and quickly acquired large paying customers, such as Cellcom; Ness Technologies (a global company with 4,500 employees, which is also the distributor in Israel of giant cyber company Akamai Technologies); several major hotel chains in Israel; and the Japanese Lit Innovation Company, which was the company's first customer in the Far East.

In addition, Sabres has contracts with major distributors in Israel and around the world, including the Israeli Integrity Software Company, the American AXXUM TECHNOLOGIES, and the Japanese ASPIRATION CORP.


Great Exit Potential to Global Cyber Giants

Sabres breakthrough technology, combined with the impressive penetration tests results and commercial success, indicate great potential for an exit to one of the cyber giants within a short period of time. The current round of investment offers small investors a unique opportunity to participate in a steaming market and join an investment round led by angel investor Eli Nhaissi.


The idea

Over the past decade, we have witnessed unprecedented growth in the use of the Internet, which has effectively made the online world the major business arena for businesses and individuals, with over 1.25 billion active websites and 4.5 billion users worldwide.

The transition of private and business activities to the Internet has completely transformed our lives and revolutionized the way we behave, with unprecedented optimization of a variety of areas, including communication, commerce, access to information, medicine, and more. However, besides the significant advantages inherent in the Internet, there is also a serious drawback: it is open to the public and may reveal personal, private and confidential information about anyone who uses it. Indeed, over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase worldwide in cyber-attacks. More than 60% of businesses (most of them defined as small businesses) have experienced hacking attempts, and over 14 million sites are hacked each year.

Increasing, and increasingly dangerous, cyber threats have led to international legislation requiring organizations and businesses to comply with stringent data protection regulations, including increasing C-Suite liability and record fines.  This has led to an unprecedented demand by businesses, both large and small, for cyber security, which has resulted in the growth of the industry as a whole.

Despite increasing cyber threats and an increase in demand for data security services, the variety of technologies and solutions available on the market do not meet the needs of companies.

  • Companies lack comprehensive cyber-security; standard solutions are fragmented and not designed to work together, creating vulnerabilities. Multiple different security systems often fail to communicate, opening the door for hackers.
  • Many of the existing products are outdated and unsuitable for today's cloud computing environment.
  • Existing solutions do not provide sufficient tools to manage enterprise-level information security (CISOs).
  • Finally, the existing solutions are costly and are not adaptable to small customers.

Sabres Security has developed a breakthrough technology for the holistic protection of websites, servers and apps. The company's platform is the world's first security network that enables total cyber protection through AI-based multidimensional technology (MDP), which can be embedded as a cloud-based MDP or as an on-premises MDP software.

Sabres enables businesses, companies and security administrators in organizations to enjoy maximum protection that complies with international data security regulations, at affordable prices for every company, along with a range of benefits including modularity, ease of deployment and use, possible integration with existing products, continuous updating and more.


The Need

Despite the increase of cyber threats and the increase in demand for data security, the variety of technologies and solutions available in the market do not meet the needs of companies:

Lack of a Holistic Solution - The market is saturated with a variety of separate, non-communicating security products, exposing the user to many security breaches.

Outdated technologies that are not adapted to today's cloud computing environment - many of the products available on the market are outdated and are not compatible with the cloud-computing environment.

Lack of control and management capabilities - Existing solutions do not provide sufficient tools for managing the Dashboard at CISO level.

Inability to interface with existing products - Most of the existing products do not interfere with other systems.

• Costly solutions that are not customizable to customer size - leaving small businesses (most cyber-attacks) without a viable solution, especially in light of legislation that requires compliance with data security regulations.

The Solution

A breakthrough technology platform that offers a holistic cyber protection solution for sites, servers and application - the world's first comprehensive cyber protection network using AI-based multidimensional technology, also tailored to today's cloud computing environment. The Sabres platform enables businesses, companies, and security administrators of organizations:

Maximum cyber protection - 94% success rates in penetration tests.

Compliance with International data Security Regulations -

• GDPR - EU Data Privacy Act

• CCPA and HIPPA - North America

• APPI - Asia

• LGPD - South America

A modular solution at the right prices for any business, company or organization - a viable solution for any business, enabling optimal protection alongside compliance with international data security regulations.

Integration with existing products - Interfaces with other systems, allowing optimal protection.

Command and control capabilities - dashboard for managing cyber protection

  • Unified management system - One stop shop
  • Compliance with worldwide regulations - Receiving alerts, producing reports alongside event questioning capabilities.
  • Integration capabilities with other control tools.


The Technology

Multi-Dimensional Protection platform (MDP)  

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) multi-dimensional (MDP) One Stop Shop cyber protection platform that can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-premises software solution.

  • Built as one holistic platform
  • Cloud native and adaptive  on- premises
  • Integrates internal and external defenses

- External protection

  • WAF
  • DDOS
  • API

- Internal protection

  • Bot Management
  • leveraging artificial intelligence to combat cyber security threats
  • Cloud Technology that examines current threats and automatically develops a cybersecurity solution to combat the attack in the future
  •  Bot Mitigation technology - one of the most critical and up-to-date capabilities in the cyber world. By using company-developed algorithms, the Sabres defense platform is able to distinguish in real-time a person-friendly and bot-friendly activity (for example - Google's index) from malicious activity. Immediate identification process significantly reduces false detection (false Positive), which minimizes financial damage to customer and damage to user experience, and leads to faster and more effective neutralization of threats.


Emanuel (Ami) Ahnine
Emanuel (Ami) Ahnine, Lt. Col. (retired), served for 24 years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in various elite technological units (Mamram, Lotem, Matzpen). With Ami as its commander, the IDF’s software house was noted for an excellent track record in product delivery. In his last position, Ami led a large project using deep learning and AI to prevent terror attacks. Forthishe was awarded the renowned “Israel Defense Prize” by the President of Israel.

  • Key Employee
Shay Bracha
Shay Bracha, expert in application security and software development delivering large-scale software solutions with embedded security. In his 24-year career he has delivered hundreds of successful projects, creating highly secure software products. Customers from pharmaceuticals, finance and a wide variety of multi-national brands. Sabres was founded based on real experience with a different approach to application security. Shay was CTO for GlaxoSmithKline Israel, before becoming CTO for Sabres.

  • Founder

Financial data

The Deal




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