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Sensai developed a revolutionary, patent-protected solution for cloud service degradation and outages, it dramatically accelerates time to resolution and reduces downtime duration, saving companies millions of dollars.

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By: Hanadi Said
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A Revolutionary Approach to Observability: Self-Healing Cloud

Sensai has developed the first proactive observability (cloud monitoring) platform, that provides real-time insights through continuous data analysis of the cloud environment, with a dual ability of simultaneous and accurate anomaly detection and automated root cause analysis. Hence, symptom and cause are instantly provided to the cloud manager, and service degradation or outages are dramatically reduced. This eliminates the need for existing manual processes that are time consuming, expensive, and reactive.


A Patent-Protected Technology with Investments from the Israel Innovation Authority

Sensai's game-changing machine learning algorithms are patent protected, with another patent pending approval in the upcoming year, and two more drafted relating to its machine learning-based, cutting-edge root cause analysis techniques. Since its inception, the platform has raised significant investments from private investors, along with Israel Innovation Authority grants and a Certificate of Excellence from the European Commission.

Competitions, Awards and Accelerators

Sensai has participated in multiple prestigious competitive accelerators in Israel and abroad, including the IBM Alphazone Accelerator and McKinsey & Company, and was chosen to pitch as one of top companies in the Europe TechTour 2022. Furthermore, Sensai won a spot to participate in a London roadshow sponsored by the British Embassy in Israel.

Major Interest in the Company's Platform Among Leading Companies Around the World

Sensai's MVP has sparked the interest of leading international companies, in search for an effective solution to reduce cloud outages and improve uptime. These include Drax, a major electrical power generating company in the UK; Telefonica, a leading global telecommunications company; and Bynet, a leading Israeli data center and systems integrator. The company has conducted pilots with a leading data center, a hospital, a managed service provider (MSP) providing data center and cloud as a service, and more pilots in the pipeline. Moreover, Sensai already has a paying client, an MSP with a reselling opportunity of the Sensai monitoring platform as a value-added service to its clients, thus dramatically scaling Sensai sales.     

A Team with Experience in the World's Biggest Tech Companies, Who Recognize the Need Firsthand

Leading Sensai is an experienced team, familiar with the challenges of cloud service degradation and with deep knowledge of business, finance, computer engineering and machine learning. The company's co-founder and CEO, Hanadi Said, has held senior positions in the USA and Israel at Teva pharmaceutical industries, Deloitte, and PwC. Hanadi has over 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, consulting, and risk management and was chosen by Globes as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel in 2022. Firas Ismael, a highly talented software engineer with many years of experience in the Hitech industry leads the R&D team. Firas held previous positions at Salesforce, HP and Galil software. The Board of Directors is made up of Dr. Inas Said, a serial and social entrepreneur who has previously held senior positions in Nokia, Siemens and ECI; and Yoram Yaacovi, previously general manager of the R&D at Microsoft Israel, with a resume of senior positions at Amdocs and Intel. The Technical Advisory Board includes Ram Yonat, previously VP of software engineering at Microsoft, responsible for Microsoft Azure monitoring. 



Revenue Generating Opportunities and Room for Growth

Currently, Sensai’s annual subscription is for its 1) anomaly identification, 2) automated root cause analysis and 3) mitigation suggestion, for hybrid cloud monitoring. Overtime, Sensai's AI capabilities will evolve as its ability to connect anomalies to root causes grows and its algorithms continue to learn, along with its increasing client base. This will allow self-learned prediction of problems and ways to solve them, which will be implemented automatically. In this manner, for the first time ever, Sensai will be able to prevent cloud outages amongst the world's leading companies based on its accumulated learning across various cloud environments. 


An Innovative Cloud Monitoring Development for an Immense Market, that will Save Companies Millions of Dollars a Year

Today, the majority of Fortune 500 companies, along with over 7 million data center and cloud providers worldwide, suffer from several hours of downtime on a daily basis, which result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars every week. Despite existing technologies and advancements in observability tools, these outages are only resolved after the fact, after the damage has already occurred. Consequently, Sensai's solution manages to reduce downtime duration through accelerated, real-time anomaly detection and root cause analysis within minutes, and improves the availability of cloud dependent services ranging from online banking, shopping, to digital health, smart homes, remote work/study, transportation, and much more.



The Idea

Nowadays, smart cities, Augmented/ Virtual Reality, 5G, IOT, connected homes and vehicles, remote work/study, and digitalization are all trends that are creating Zettabytes of data, thus increasing our dependency on the cloud and data centers that support them. Organizations of all types and sizes rely on cloud services. With this increased use comes a dark side: a critical dependence on cloud applications and services that may impair business functions should the cloud fail—which is happening more and more frequently in recent years.


The Need

Over three quarters of organizations suffered downtime in 2021, despite 78% running ten or more IT solutions to prevent such outages. There has been a 25% year over year increase in such cases in the past 3 years. The existing cloud monitoring tools currently on the market are reactive and detect problems retrospectively, since they mostly depend on logs or metrics generated through logs—yesterday based thinking which cannot be used effectively to solve today’s acute cloud outages. Logs cannot distinguish between good and bad activity, so all activity is logged for future reference, creating storage and scaling issues. Furthermore, such tools charge based on the amounts of logs being processed, thus they can become very expensive, limiting the user’s ability to deploy them across the monitored environment. As a result, cloud managers are forced to continue performing root cause analysis mostly manually.


The Solution

With the first ever AI-powered, metric based, proactive, and automated real-time cloud monitoring platform, Sensai successfully moves towards a self-managed, self-healing hybrid cloud of the future. Using real-time data, that can actually tell the full story, straight from the cloud (no logs necessary), which is both cost and space effective, the company manages to simultaneously reach instant anomaly detection and unmatched time to root cause, in under 2 minutes, all without any human intervention. The company currently offers mitigation suggestions only, but in the near future, aspires to achieve anomaly and root cause prediction, as well as automated mitigation activation, which will ultimately lead to outage prevention.



The Technology

Sensai's revolutionary platform autonomously accesses real-time metrics for behavioral modeling, without compromising data privacy. Examples of metrics collected include, Network, process connection stats, HTTP events and thousands more, which then undergo an autonomous behavioral AI modeling (unsupervised ML techniques) and root cause analysis (causal inference techniques). The result is instant actionable anomaly detection and root cause information available for mitigation measures. Thus, accelerated time to identification and root cause is achieved, in under 2 minutes.  


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Hanadi Said
CEO, Founder
Hanadi has held senior positions in the USA and Israel at Teva pharmaceutical industries, Deloitte and PwC, and has over 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, consulting, and risk management. With a BA in accounting from McGill University, a MBA in corporate finance and entrepreneurship from Bentley University, she has also attended board of directors courses at Harvard business school, and is on the audit committee of Beyond Oil. She is a certified public accountant, internal auditor and risk manager. Hanadi has been chosen by Globes as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel in 2022.

  • Founder
Firas Ismael
R&D Lead
Firas has approximately 15 years of experience in the hi-tech industry. He held various key positions in HP, Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), and Galil Software. Firas’s extensive experience covers the full development cycle, from planning, design, development and management. He has a broad experience with many product domains, variant requirements, and technology stacks. Firas is a software engineer graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Key Employee
Inas Said
A serial and social entrepreneur, Inas is also co-founder of Galil Software, Rise Nano-Optics, and Amwal Financial Services. Inas held various senior positions in Israel, USA and Germany in Nokia , Siemens, Ericsson and ECI. Inas has a PhD in business administration from the University of Portsmouth, UK, an MBA from Tel Aviv University-Northwestern University, as well as Master‘s in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany.

  • Founder
  • Chairman of the Board
Yoram Yaacovi
Board of Directors
A global leader in the hi-tech and VC ecosystem. Yoram is a venture partner at SCGC capital and holds various positions on boards of profit and non-profit organizations, and was previously the General Manager of the Microsoft Israel Research & Development centers and held leading R&D positions in Amdocs and Intel. Yoram holds a BSc. in computer science from the Technion in Israel.

  • Advisor
Ram Yonat
Technical Advisory Board
Highly experienced leader in the Israeli tech industry leading global teams on complex projects. Previosuly the VP of Software Engineering at Microsoft, as well as key positions at Amdocs. Ram has many years of experience in the cloud monitoring space and brings this knowledge to Sensai. Ram holds a BSc. in computer engineering from the Technion in Israel.

  • Advisor



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