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Simtex has developed a unique platform which contains all the cellular suppliers and internet packages of the designated destination. The consumer can purchase through the application, without the hassle of using a sim card or any other method.


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Campaign Highlights


Catch The Hottest Tech Trend  

The cellular packages market is one of the "hottest" markets, with an unstoppable growth over the past couple of years. Between 2017 and 2022 this market's value is expected to inflate up to 31B$.



Unique Technology with a Market Edge

Simtex's development process has emerged at the perfect time, and today it stands at a push point to become one of the top leading firms in the industry.

The E-sim technology, led by Apple, is the most updated and innovative development when looking on the cellular communication world. In the next couple of years, we'll see this technology take over this area completely.     

Simtex is one of the first entrepreneurship providing products using this technology, and therefore it can be integrated as one of the leading players in this field.


Strong Team with +30 Years Experience in the Field

The timing we entered into this world has created us a very positive momentum to go forward with. and recently Yaakov Vind, a well-known businessman with a rich experience of over 30 years in the top firms, such as Apple, E*trade and Comverse, joined the Simtex advisory board.




The idea


The Need 

Today, almost everyone travelling abroad, whether for business or vacation purposes

are planning to buy a cellular package as a basic part of their trip.

Taking this into consideration, it's almost inconceivable when you look at the solutions that exists today.

The telecom providers offer expensive non-worthy packages and then there is the other option of buying a sim card at your destination.

In both cases we’re observing antique solutions for a common issue. People keep wandering around godforsaken places in order to find proper manual sim cards to insert in their device. This costs us time, money, and lots of energy. This method of dealing with the situation suits more ancient times that we have surpassed long ago. 

Simtex solves these struggles with an easy solution.

An efficient, accessible and cheap way to get over these obstacles with minimum energy investment.

The need for the app will become more significant over the next few years.

More people are traveliing, and Cellphones are such an integral part of this modern reality. All the apps we're using are creating an inseparable commitment to our devices, Think about Waze, google maps, Uber, Tripadvisor, airbnb.

These are just a few of the app’s we are depending on, and that we can't even imagine travelling without them on our cell . Although Wi-fi services are growing and spreading, it's far from being a the ultimate solution.

Aside from the accessibility and the simple usage,Simtex is bringing another thing we can't ignore - revolutionary transparency in the way of presenting all the options that are available for the end user- the traveler.


The solution

The idea behind Simtex, is creating an easy to use solution - an app, that will make traveler’s life much simpler when planning their next trip. Just open the Simtex app, choose the best package for you and forget you've ever needed to think about it.

When looking closely at this product, one can tell that it has a huge advantage over the other options, therefore it will shortly turn to be the default solution.

The Customer will get his own personal package, in such a simple way, and it will be even cheaper for him.The Telecom providers will also benefit from this, by saving workforce and resources, that up until now has been invested in this outdated process of selling manual sim cards.



The technology

E- sim technology was developed at the beginning of the last decade and in 2015 it entered the IOT world. Lately, in 2018, this technology penetrated also to the telecom field.

This E-sim is in practice a small electronic component embedded in the newest cell phones, eliminating the use of the old manual sim cards.  The E-sim contains many users' profile, thus allows simple roaming between different cellular providers. In this reality, all this process will occur in the software side instead of the hardware, using apps or QR code.Finally, we will no longer be slaves of these little cards.


These days, Simtex operates a pilot service called - 'Simtex Alpha', offering an attractive cellular data packages, while still using a tangible sim card.

The thousands of current customers are already giving us vital feedback from the field. Furthermore, the profit from these customers will be used for the E-sim platform development.


Alongside the specific cellular packages market, which itself is estimated at almost 31 B$, there is another channel to pay attention to - BD (Big Data). The company will maintain a lot of information regarding people’s travel habits, preferred destinations, etc., and thus could specify the marketing ads to be accurate for the clients.

It's no secret that this data is worth a lot, especially for advertisers and AdTech firms.

Almost any firm in the traveling world- travelling agencies, airlines, will be thrilled to get such information.

The company is currently in the final stage of capital raising in order to develop the finished product - based on the E-sim tech.

The launching of the Alpha version is expected to be at the beginning of Q4 2019, and we estimate that in a year and a half’s time, the finished product will be out to the market.

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Roei Schwartz
Roei is a former tank commander in the armory corps in the Israeli army. During his military service, he was in charge of a total of 60 soldiers. In his last year, he received a medal of excellence for his operational performance and was appointed the position of the Operational director. In this position, he was responsible for the entire training routine of the soldiers ( building guidance plans, schedule management, trainings etc.) After he finished his service he was the bar manager at “Temple Bar” which is considered to be one of the biggest chain owned bars in Israel. He was in charge of more than 25 employees under hectic rush hours.

  • Founder
Barak Katz
Barak is a former tank commander in the Israeli army, leading 60 soldiers in routine and operational situations. When he was released from the military he worked in FedEx- Pepper as a client manager. He was very highly valued and his position entailed being responsible for the analysis and execution of the development process. Mainly focusing on the fluent interface between Fedex and Pepper by Leumi. Barak joined simtex a year ago, and his main role deals with the progression of simtex with outsource suppliers.

  • Key Employee
Guy Bar
Business Development
Guy bar is a former commander in the Israeli army and also the founder of ‘Hyfit’, a start-up company in the field of sport-tech, manufacturing smart workout gear. Three years after its establishment Hyfit today is worth 10M$. The company sold a turnover of 130K$ in its first year. Guy joined Roei and Barak to create ‘Simtex’, and brings to the table years of experience, and knowledge from his presence in the startup world for years.He is a key figure to Simtex, as he brings plenty of knowledge and experience to the table from his many years in the startup world, dealing mainly with the company’s progression worldwide.

  • Founder
Yaakov Vind
Strategic Advisor
Yaakov is a well-known advisor, who specializes in transforming tech companies, from the first steps to yield and stable business.He’s previous positions include being a marketing manager and CEO in the startup world. , and did business accompaniment for a number of huge public firms all around the world: E-Trade, Apple, ASE, and Comverse

  • Director
Shachar Lotan
Shachar has an MBA in economic studies. These days he is working on writing his thesis as a part of a program for honor students. He worked 5 years in the world stocks trade as an investment advisor. His main position in Simtex is the supervision over the funding process of the company while increasing the stockholders share through a true and sufficient way of the company’s funding.

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The financing rounds made through the ExitValley platform are in accordance with a model of statutory exemption from publishing a prospectus pursuant to sections 15A(A)(1) and 15A(A)(7) to the Israeli companies law - 1965.
Under our model, the disclosure of detailed information on the company and information about the investment in each round of financing are limited to not more than 35 investors which are not qualified investors and the round of financing in not in the format of an offering arrangement ("רכז הצעה") as defined in the securities law
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