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TalkingBreadTM is the brand behind a new innovative, patented technology for delivering content on bread and pastries, bringing interaction with clients to a whole new level and revolutionizing a global market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

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Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

Disruptive product for the global bread market.

Food-tech and innovation in the global food industry is one of the main phenomena of recent years. In this vibrant food market, the bread market stands as a steadily growing and somewhat boring market, with a constant growth expected until 2025. TalkingBread is set to infuse the traditional baked goods market with innovation and fun by transforming everyday bread and pastries into communication media, allowing them to improve the eating experience of people around the globe and to increase sales.  



Unique and patented technology

TalkingBread’s innovative technology uses heat alone to imprint almost any sort of graphic image onto already baked products as well as prebaked dough. The patented technology was built to meet strict international food industry standards and has been verified by independent, third-party laboratories. The technology was developed to suit the requirements of mass production conveyor belts used in baking facilities, while being able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized bakeries, restaurants, hotels, catering etc. 


A completely new media channel

Imprinted bread and pastries are a great opportunity for bakeries, restaurants and food providers to share their message, either on bread itself or via social media. With its cutting-edge solution, TalkingBread turns ordinary baked goods into an advertising platform that can generate additional income for businesses. Each, roll or bun is a potential ad space for sale. Moreover, as businesses constantly search for ways to shine on social media, printed messages can increase their appeal and contribute to their exposure on social media. Moreover, a pilot held with one of Israel’s biggest bakeries has proven that TalkingBread’s product helps to increase sales even on the supermarket shelf.


Proven track record backed by large bakeries

TalkingBread has already managed to draw the attention of numerous important players, including Israel’s second largest bakery. This bakery has proven that TalkingBread’s Bread wizard 9000 machine which was installed in its factory, significly contributed to a growth in its sales. Moreover, TalkingBread’s Bread wizard 5000 is built and already proven to operate at several mid-size bakeries. In addition, the company has signed on a distribution agreement with an Italian importer and has gained high interest from additional players in the bread market, following the presentation of its technology in 3 international trade shows. With such interest and innovation, it may not be surprising that the company has already received several grants and support from the ministry of economy, the Export Institute Israel, and Israel Innovation Authority.















The Idea

The food industry is constantly searching for innovation and new ways to reach its consumers. Moreover, while media advertising is more competitive than ever, businesses are constantly searching for potential ways to leverage original avenues for branding and advertising.

At this point exactly, TalkingBread meets the outstanding global bread market and a novel way to generate media. By using thermal imprint technology, TalkingBread can turn bread into media, and to reach billions of people worldwide.


The Solution

TalkingBread isn’t just a machine. It’s a synthesis of infrastructure – basis of baked goods business – with marketing content to communicate unique message directly to customers. As such, it is perfectly aligned with the global trend towards personalization baked goods with a special, individual touch to bond consumers more closely with each brand.



TalkingBread’s innovative technology uses heat alone to imprint almost any sort of graphic image onto already baked products as well as prebaked dough. Therefore, this cutting-edge solution can create one of the largest media platforms in the world, and the possibilities are unlimited. For example, TalkingBread can be used for:

  • Branding
  • Sales promotions
  • Emphasizing quality with specific markings
  • Addressing a specific market segment


The Technology

TalkingBread uses advanced thermal imprint technology to print on bread, with a unique combination of duration, heat, and power to change the quality of each imprint, enabling businesses to create a tailor-made imprint, suited for their specific needs. Through our technology we succeeded in "training the tiger" and overcame the difficulty in maintaining a uniform imprint, in an industrial scale, on an organic changing product: Our daily eaten bread.


The TalkingBread line of imprinting machines consists of:

Bread Wizard 9000 – Designed for large industrial bakeries, the Bread Wizard 9000 is installed as part of the production line, and it has a capacity of tens of thousands of imprints per hour.

Bread Wizard 5000 – Designed for medium and small bakeries, the Bread Wizard 5000 is a standalone unit with a capacity of thousands of imprints per hour.

  • Uses no additives of any kind
  • No alteration in the taste, smell, or texture of the finished product.
  • Extremely versatile. Allows users to imprint a variety of shapes, fonts, images, and more.


Moreover, a new and leading product, the Bread Wizard 1000, is currently under development, targeting restaurants, hotels and catering services, owing to its lightweight, smaller design and ability to produce hundreds of imprints per hour.


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Gilad Cohen
Entrepreneur Served at IDF’s 8200 unit, Officer. 6 years as a sales manager in A large telecom group. Founded, managed and sold Teltrix Ltd (Telecommunication field)

  • Founder
Dmitry Zlatkin
Certified Broker. Owner of "Dim-Properties“ Int. business developer Russia-Israel Former sushi and BBQ restaurants owner

Doron Rand
Business Development
Owner of Doron Rand – Developing Businesses Ltd Former CEO of 3 companies: 2014-2015 - CEO at Ella Valley Vineyards and Winery LTD – Boutique Israeli winery 2002 – 2005 - CEO at Recanati Winery LTD - Leading Israeli winery 1996 – 2006 - Owner & President at G.D.R. International Marketing LTD – International Business development for Israeli food and beverages producers 1994-1996 - CEO at S.G.B. (Shaked Golan Baron) LTD – Distributing and importing of food and wine products in the Israeli Market. Over 30 years of senior management and international business development

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