The Israeli technology that turns everyone into a farmer

TAPKIT is an innovative solution for farmers&entrepreneurs, who want to join the farm to table trend. It is a turn-key solution for hydroponic business, with the best investment-output ratio. TAPKIT has dozens of successful installations, world-wide.

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Extensive market with growing needs

The agriculture market is already estimated with hundreds of billions of dollars and within it, leafy vegetables and fresh herbs are sold in an estimated value of billions of dollars per year, in Europe and the U.S. alone. This market is expected to grow drastically as more and more people seek for healthy products, grown fresh and locally. TAPKIT tackles this issue precisely, as it enables small and medium farmers, as a "Farm to table" solution, to grow their own produce, in a safe and clean hydroponic environment, with an eco-friendly advanced technological production system. Moreover, TAPKIT creates a cutting-edge solution for the hydroponic market, which is one of the fastest growing agricultural fields.


Simple growing solution backed by an app and providing fast ROI.

TAPKIT allows small farmers and growers, either experienced or new to the field,  to set a complete greenhouse system, from A-Z in just several weeks, and in highly affordable investment. This innovative solution enables people all around the world to install a complete greenhouse solution, that can operate in multiple areas, from subtropical conditions to cold weather, allowing the production of herbs and leaf in an eco-friendly system. Backed by its designated app (i-Droponics), which supports the user through the installation, up to planning, maintenance, and troubleshooting, TAPKIT is a revolutionary end-to-end product, generating revenues and ROI in an unprecedented rate compared to other agricultural solutions and products.


Global sales for multiple clients

TAPKIT is already installed among more than 30 paying customers, both in Israel and around the world, generating significant revenues to the company. TAPKIT is deployed in various areas, from the U.S. and Israel to Korea, the Philippines, France and Mauritius, successfully helping the needs of family farms,schools, resorts and private entrepreneurs who are interested in a simple growing system for fresh and healthy food. With its global deployment, in a variety of areas, TAPKIT is already a proven solution for efficient and simple growing and farming in multiple climate conditions. The business model is based on distribution by regional distributors. A successful distributor is already selling in the Philippines. The purpose of this round, in addition to the further development of the app, and other models of the TAPKIT, is to establish a network of distributors around the world.


Global recognition through innovation contests and high-profile investors

TAPKIT has participated at the Sustainable Fast Track UK competition for cutting-edge sustainable solution, and was among the 3 finalists in the agritech field. Moreover, Tapkit was recognized as providing innovative agriculture solutions by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, which is encouraging Israeli agricultural entrepreneurs to purchase TAPKIT’s solution. There is a an Israeli fund  supports small businesses, offers them loans and funding to purchase this innovative solution. 

World-class team of experienced agricultural professionals

TAPKIT is led by Uzi Teshuva, Avner Shohet and Shay Zeltzer, all experienced agricultural professionals with more than 60 years of experience in complex agricultural projects. TAPKIT is backed by T.A.P, a world leader in hydroponic greenhouse planning, construction and operations. With high-profile projects, millions of dollars of sales and export and extensive knowledge, TAPKIT is operated by a team of world-class professionals backed by significant know-how and expertise. 



The Idea

As the global population is growing, so does the demand for fresh, local, healthy and eco-friendly products grows as well. However, with a shortage of available land suitable for farming and the scarcity of water available for agriculture, people around the world seek for cost-effective solutions that will allow them to grow their own food, and potentially to even earn some money while doing so.

Amid the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals have developed a critical point of view towards outdoor food. With health and food safety becoming the key focus, the populations around the globe have showed an inclination towards home cooking and homemade meals. After the devastating outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, the adoption rate of urban hydroponic farming systems around the world is estimated to rise sharply.

Furthermore, More and more people are interested to enter the small agricultural world, but the lack of knowhow, the expensive entry costs and the fear of new technologies are pushing many away from this field. TAPKIT meets this demand exactly, with a low-cost solution, allowing millions to grow their own products and benefit from a fast ROI, all with a short and simple learning process.


The solution

TAPKIT is an end-to-end solution for local agriculture and private entrepreneurs. It includes a 500m2 modular NFT greenhouse kit shipped in a 40 ft container. It includes NFT channels, greenhouse and cover, tables, pipes, water system, packing unit, cooling unit, and i-DROPONICS-management App.

TAPKIT’s solution is based on NFT, the leading hydroponic application, which is the best and most efficient way to grow leafy vegetables and fresh herbs, resulting in 70% savings in water and fertilizers. Moreover, this solution is eco-friendly and generates a clean and pesticide-free product, for better and healthier agriculture.

In addition, as this solution results in a 5-10 times higher production yields, (About 125k lettuce units / 2500k herbs bunches per year), and with extremely low operational costs (only one employee needed for the entire operation), it leads eventually to an unprecedented ROI, in just 2-3 years since establishment.

With TAPKIT, small and medium growers can now enter the market with low initial costs and an easy to operate system.


The technology

TAPKIT’s farming technology is based on a globally recognized technology. It holds a unique design, based on more than 20 years of experience, allowing high efficiency and a quick ROI. TAPKIT has backed its NFT solution by a cutting-edge app, supporting the comprehensive management of the greenhouse.

With its i-Droponics app, small and medium growers can have better control of their crops. It supports the day-to-day operation of TAPKIT, from installation to planning, production, packaging, maintenance and troubleshooting – All in the palm of your hand.

The i-Droponics app developed in-house contains installation, operation, and maintenance manuals, seeding tools and advanced solutions, including climate and water quality sensors, and fertilizer formulation tools, all designed to increase the effectiveness of the TAPKIT unit.

The app and knowledge invested and curated in it, including an extensive FAQ database and training manuals, are all based on 20 years of world-class experience in NFT hydroponics.


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Uzi Teshuva
Co-Owner and Chairman of TAP and 2BFRESH; 35 years’ experience in farming, marketing, and export of protected-agriculture products. Deep knowledge and hands-on experience building hydroponic operations worldwide.

  • Chairman of the Board
Avner Shohet
Co-Owner and CEO of TAP and 2BFRESH, proven success in management, business development and finance; Extensive experience in successful medium to large turnkey projects execution. Avner holds a B.A. in economics and management and an MBA.

  • Founder
Shay Zeltzer
MBA & MSc. Agr. EVP & Postharvest Manager. Vast international experience filling ex-pat positions as Technical Director at StePac USA and CTO at SunFed Produce. Manages the agricultural operations and the postharvest division at TAP.

Inbar Ben Ari
Chief Engineer
Inbar holds a hydraulic engineering degree from the Technion and is responsible for the planning and the execution of the agricultural systems in TAPKIT. Previously he worked as an agronomist in a micro leaves farm in Switzerland and in Sorek desalination plant.

Ron Ahiraz
Agronomist and customer service
Ron holds a B.Sc in land & water science and he guides and accompanies TAPKIT’s clients in their daily routine, while providing full support and assuring the product’s quality. Previously he served as the chief agronomist at SMART Fertilizer Management, developing a software for tailor-made fertilizing plans, and as an agronomist at GrowPonics, specializing in Hydroponic agriculture, in Israel and worldwide.

Max Kipyatkov
After graduating with a bachelor‘s degree in Marine Science from Ruppin College in 2012, Max joined the "Fresh Leaves" company, which specializes in growing micro-leaves and hydroponic crops. After completing an internship in the company‘s various production disputes, Max accepted the position of production manager and over time also served as the company‘s Agronomist. Over time, he has developed new products and new solutions to the many challenges in the areas of growth, packaging, regulation, and more. In 2017, after the birth of his eldest daughter, he returned with his family north to Kibbutz Ga‘aton where his wife was born. Along with relocating, he also moved some of his professional employment north and joined Kibbutz Hanita Agriculture as head of research and development. Its core business in Hanita agriculture was the introduction of new crops and growing methods to the kibbutz‘s agricultural industry, the creation of complementary products to the growing methods and the business promotion of new products from all activities. Alongside his work in the north, starting in 2017 he continued to work for TAP, which has joint owners with the company "Fresh Leaves".

Elran Yaakobi
Elran has extensive experience in managing and accompanying projects from the planning stages. Working with customers and units in the organization. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Elran has achieved significant results in shortening project construction times and saving money. Elran has the skills to control the establishment of projects abroad under remote control. Development of unique products for the company for the purpose of streamlining and the company‘s uniqueness. Previous jobs: Aram Construction Company - Construction Supervisor. Magical Garden - Project Manager in the field of gardening. Independent worker in the field of restaurants and events.

Ayelet Kohn Levy
Administration of Operations and Shipping
Has extensive experience in customer service, training, team management, and shift management in the restaurant chain "Hard Rock Cafe" and "Planet Hollywood" in Israel. Ayelet worked in Florida for 8 years as a shift manager at Ann Taylor Loft "Cache". In 2005 Ayelet was employed by the distribution company "Tega-Magam" in Kiryat Atidim, Tel Aviv in the position of manager of the industrial customer portfolio and hardware sales. After that, Ayelet was employed as the right-hand woman of the product manager and purchase of SAMSUNG screens in the "Hayun Distribution" group. Since 2013, she has been employed by Tshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd. with more than five years of experience, of which about four years in her current position as head of shipping, operations and administration.

Snir Berkovich
Procurement and Logistics
Snir holds a BA in Political Science. In the years 1996-2000 Snir served as sales and quality assurance manager at "Shahal Materials for Construction", where he was responsible for providing technical advice in the field of sealing materials and building cladding while leading the company‘s sales department and ongoing work with potential and existing customers (mainly contractors). Snir also has experience in leading and implementing the ISO9002 quality standard in the company‘s production factory, including employee and management training. Along the way, Snir served as a project manager at "Gillian Technologies", a start-up company that develops solutions for content security and website availability. Snir founded and served as an active CEO of "Moked Hof", a company that specializes in providing security services in rural localities, including moshavim, kibbutzim and localities in the Hof Hacarmel area. In this role, Snir established and actually managed the security team that provides a 24/7 response to private and business customers.



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