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The Future of Service Robotics

Xtend Robotics developed a patent protected robotic technology, with which the company develops modular, customizable service robots for different industries, at a fraction of the time and cost.

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By: Harry Fox
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Hardware & Robotics



The Future of Service Robots: Revolutionary "Lego" Technology that is Customizable to Many Industries, Quickly and Affordably

With a patented “Lego” technology development platform consisting of agnostic common hardware and advanced AI, Xtend Robotics achieves unmatched time to market cost efficiencies—up to 12 months from concept to production—since all company robots share 80% of the same components, regardless of the industry for which they are created. A single robotic base can perform a multitude of tasks in various fields by simply changing and upgrading the modules attached to it.

This patent pending modular architecture enables the company to recreate an infinity of robots, by combining different modules that result in a customized robot, without having to reinvest in the development of another complete robot, but only in the development of plug and play modules.


Significant Partnerships and Pilots which will Increase the Platform's Distribution

Xtend Robotics has signed three MOUs for pilot projects in the upcoming year with three leading medical companies in the United States, which will eventually lead to robot orders. These include Tapestry, Libertana and Regal Care. Furthermore, over 25 healthcare centers and assisted living facilities are looking forward to purchasing the service robots once they are available for sale.

The company has an existing partnership with Sterling, a leading healthcare provider in the US, managed by the biggest experts in the field, and already a major investor in the current funding round.


A Team with Professional Experience that has Transformed Today's Digital Media World

Leading Xtend Robotics is a team with decades of experience in high-tech developments and electronic initiatives. At the head of the operation is Harry Fox, founder and CEO, a former senior executive at Phillips Corp., founder and CEO of PhoTags, Versaware, amongst others, and whose resume includes countless innovative developments that have entirely changed our technological interface (Multimedia PC, the Samsung "Explorer"…). Furthermore, he has held senior consulting positions at Canon, Sony, Microsoft and Samsung. At his side, CTO Sergh Sapojnikov, whose accomplishments include seven patents and 25 years of experience in product development in the high-tech, robotics, IT and automation spaces.



A Patent-Protected Technology that is Sparking the Industry's Interest

The company's patents set its platform apart from the rest of the market, and are sparking major interest by hospitals, healthcare providers and defense industries all over the world. The allowed patents include the first ever robotic development system and modular frame for an intelligent robot, which allows the assembly of robots by combining different modules to significantly reduce production time and cost; AI-based function without the need for internet connection; ability to identify objects and people in a space; robots can be quickly assembled and configured at a retail store level based on the functionality and utility required by individual customers; and a medication dispensing module which can be added to the company's robotic base, which will increase efficiency and prevent human errors. 


Market Opportunity and Winning Business Model—The Company's Technology as a Platform that can be Implemented in Every Robot

The market for personal service robots has significantly grown in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Awareness of the need for robots within companies to make them safer and more productive is at its highest today. Unlike conventional Robot manufacturers, Xtend Robotics is first and foremost a Robot Technology company, that has developed innovative patented technologies that significantly reduce the time and cost to develop robots and expand the workplaces where robots can be deployed. Thus, the company's technology can be implemented in all robots, to upgrade the robot's performance, lower development costs, and improve efficiency. As a result, all companies with any robotic development are in fact Xtend Robotic's potential customers, as opposed to direct competitors.




The Idea

Nowadays, robots are no longer just science fiction and abstract futuristic fantasies, but now play key roles in daily life amongst varied industries. These have improved the efficiency of administrative processes and assembly lines, prevented human errors in healthcare and customer services, and protected secure facilities. The COVID outbreak has also boosted the use of personal service robots, due to the understanding that these can increase productivity and safety in corporations.


The Need

With the growing demand for service robots in various industries in order to improve efficiency and accuracy, compensate for the significant shortage in employees and the increase in workforce expenses, many companies are now developing robots that are tailored to a specific industry and meet a specific need. Hence, companies spend a lot of time and money to develop an expensive and niche robot suited to the customer's needs, that is not upgradable over time and cannot initiate actions on its own.


The Solution

With the first ever fully customizable, highly scalable robotic technological platform that can be easily integrated into the client's existing infrastructure, Xtend Robotics has successfully developed industry-specific robots at a fraction of the time and cost of the usual development process. This is made possible due to the fact that the robots share over 80% of the same elements, regardless of their purpose. The company enables the addition and replacement of modules that are tailored to different industry needs, such as telemedicine, customer service, healthcare services and hospitality, along with unique characteristics that make their robotic infrastructure the most efficient, reliable and comprehensive solution on the market.


The Technology

Xtend Robotic's platform is based on a "Lego" model, by which all robots share the same robotic base and AI technology, along with a modular torso and head that are industry specific. The company's proprietary technology includes the following features:

  • Can fully operate without any internet or Cloud connection 
  • Real Time Mapping
  • Pre ingested map support
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Face recognition Sound/Voice recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Fully operational via Natural Language Voice commands and responses
  • Noise filtering
  • Self-activation, proactivity and AI-base interaction initiation following human identification
  • Built in WIFI, Bluetooth and 4G/5G Cellular Network support
  • Upgradable multi-tasking robotic architecture
  • Open API architecture that enables full integration with customer databases
  • Function management using a designated app



Harry Fox
With over 45 years in the Consumer Electronics and Software Development spaces. previous senior positions at Phillips Corp. and founder and CEO of PhoTags, Versaware and Futurevision Inc., along with revolutionary developments that have completely transformed today‘s tech world (including the Samsung "Explorer", the Multimedia PC and much more). His resume includes senior consulting positions at Microsoft, Samsung, Canon and Sony.

  • Founder
Sergh Sapojnikov
With over 25 years of experience in engineering, operations and product development, Sergh‘s accomplishments include 7 patents and the development and release of over 20 products in the hi-tech, clean-tech, IT, robotics, and automation fields.

  • Key Employee
David Azoulay
VP Business and Product Development
With over 8 years of experience in project management, engineering, and product development and strategy, David is an entrepreneur involved in successful startups. His MA in Technology Entrepreneurship and BSc in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering give him a deep and wide understanding of the development of tech companies.

  • Key Employee
Ronnie Wulfsohn
VP Engineering
Over 40 years of experience on the cutting edge of the computer revolution, along with a strong background in mathematics, Have allowed Ronnie to become a master at complex problem-solving and system architecture. Among his many achievements are the development of one of the early search engines; the first ActiveX DVD player built together with Microsoft; invention, patent and implementation of Photags; patent of AnyLync technology.

  • Key Employee
Jacob Benjamin
Director of Software Development
Jacob has been involved in the field of software for almost 40 years. Through his career he has both developed software and managed large teams of developers on multi platform projects. He has been involved in an extensive range of products, ranging from Business software, through anti-virus, computer aided learning, and content management systems that have run on many different platforms. Jacob brings with him a wealth of management experience in software development and processes.

  • Key Employee
Mandy Nurek
Director of Operations, Human Resources
Mandy has over twenty years‘ experience in Human Resource Management and administration organization. Mandy has extensive experience assisting startups from the R&D stage to fully operating companies.

  • Key Employee
Betzalel Gersten
Director of Sales
After more than 20 years in the not-for-profit sector, as Executive Director for organizations such as American Friends of Mosdos Boston, Derech Etz Chaim, Yeshivas Mishkan Yisroel, et. al., Betzalel brings his acumen and tenacity to XTend Robotics as our Sales Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO.

  • Key Employee
Raz Masas
Executive VP
Raz has over 10 years of experience in the field of robotics. Raz previously served as a Senior Laboratory Engineer at Ariel University, planning the development and construction of semi-autonomous driving robots.

  • Key Employee



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