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Youtiligent developed a patented AI & IoT (AIoT) technology that connects any on-site machine to the internet in seconds. This enables customers to execute data-driven business decisions based on actual usage of their on-site machines.

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By: Avichai Belitsky
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Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights


The Groundbreaking Technology That Makes Entire Industries Smart in Just 3 Seconds

Youtiligent has developed an innovative AIoT technology which makes any "dumb" appliance “smart” within seconds, without any need for professional knowledge or intervention in hardware. This cutting edge development allows thousands of standard on-site machines to be connected to the Internet easily and efficiently, leading the "smart revolution" in huge industries that are still working with methods of the previous century. The company has patents registered (PCT)  in the United States, the European Union and China. 



Large Paying Customers, Strategic Partnerships and Commercial Agreements with Leading Companies globally 

Youtiligent has a variety of customers, and maintains strategic collaborations with companies and entities in the fields of pharma-medical, food and beverage, retail and silo machines. These include: Clalit Health Services; Tel Aviv University; Nespresso; Hemro Group (the strongest professional coffee grinder manufacturer in the world); Nestle ;ice cream chain Vaniglia; SRP Analytics (partnering with Tnuva); Russian energy company GAZPROM, and more.



Winning Prestigious Innovation Competitions

The company has won prestigious innovation competitions :

- First place in the OpenValley Startup and Innovation competition

- First place in the GAZPROM innovation competition for start-ups - the largest energy company in Russia

- Third place in China’s leading innovation competition - Strait to Wuzhen

- Second place in the "SilicoNegev" competition 

- Reaching the semifinals of EY’s "The Pitch" competition


Investments and partnerships by Leaders of Israel’s Innovation and High-Tech Industries – The Israel Innovation Authority, Tel Aviv University and SAP

  • Investments in the company by US-based Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund and TAU Ventures of Tel Aviv University.
  • Winning R&D grants from the Israel Innovation Authority for the second straight year.
  • Selected by the tech giant SAP to be on its startup team, presenting its solution within the App Center and SAP customers. The company has been designated by SAP as "the most disruptive and smart solution since the invention of industrial ice machines for the world of refrigeration".



The Idea

Vaccine refrigerators, freezers, coffee machines, coffee grinders, compressors, generators, professional dishwashers, etc., are just a few examples of the vast amount of business machines (B2B) essential for the day-to-day running of a company or business. However, 99% of the machines are ‘dumb’ and not connected to the internet, creating blind spots for the organizations. These blindspots lead to billions of dollars in losses each year due to downtime, inefficient supply chains, stock shortages, malfunctions, and so on, thereby limiting companies' ability to scale.



Many machines are critical to the functioning of the organization, and in the event of a machine shutdown, the damage caused can be painful and significant. The biggest difficulty is anticipating the malfunction and preventing it in a timely manner.

For many organizations the current situation results in:

  • Poor operating capacity: valuable resources are wasted on purchasing unnecessary backups and using expensive human capital.
  • Economic inefficiency: any case of business expansion or an increase in customer numbers requires immediate significant overhead costs.

The Need

Today, when businesses want to become connected, they turn to companies that do IoT projects. These projects are complicated and complex, expensive and endless, and in fact are not effective for large companies with thousands of devices, because they do not have the ability to work on a large scale - connect thousands of devices simultaneously. For this reason, most companies and organizations have no business viability to adopt IoT technology and they continue to work in an outdated way.

In fact, to date, there has been no simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for connecting on-site appliances in businesses and organizations on a large scale.




The Solution

Youtiligent answers a need for a vast, untapped market of customers with unconnected on-site appliances. Using an easy, smart plug & play solution, the company enables businesses and organizations - through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms - to make business decisions based on data from the actual usage of their existing on-site machines.

The simplicity of the smart plug solution means that implementing IoT technology has become, for the first time, cost-efficient for many companies, since It does not require any additional IT costs.



The Technology

Youtiligent uses advanced AIoT technology (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things) to connect regular appliances to the Internet.

The company has brought the medical approach to the electrical world. In the medical world, the ECG (or EKG) device tracks the electrical signals that pass through the heart and translates them into a diagram of lines with a characteristic shape. In the electrical world, we track the electrical signals of each electrical device (volts, amperes, power factor- cosφ) and translate them into a diagram that describes the usage data of the device.


One of the technology's main advantages is its ability to analyze it in a way that allows predicting future problems in the device, and thus preventing the resulting damage.

A good and very relevant example is refrigerators for storing medicines and vaccines, which must always remain in a very precise temperature range, in accordance with the instructions of the pharmaceutical manufacturers. All existing solutions for temperature monitoring of drug and vaccine refrigerators are based on temperature sensors. However, these sensors only alert when a malfunction has already occurred in the refrigerator, as a result of which the temperature will rise or fall beyond what is allowed, and the vaccines will be in danger of spoiling. In such an event, the company will have to throw away all the vaccines / medicines in the damaged refrigerator, which will cause considerable financial loss (and of course, there is the danger of mistakenly giving patients spoiled medicines).


Youtiligent's unique technological ability is to detect anomalies by analyzing the data obtained (again, similar to a medical EKG) and to know and alert in advance when any anomaly occurs in the cooling process, indicating that there is a problem with the device and it may soon break down:


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The above illustration offers an example from one of the pilots conducted by the company, in which you can see monitoring of three medicine refrigerators, with an anomaly (red) recorded in one of the refrigerators. At this point, the refrigerator is still working, but the data show that it has a problem that could soon cause it to shut down and possibly spoil the stock of medicines. Early detection of the fault will prevent such damage.


The plug & play solution:

The technological uniqueness of the Youtiligent solution is that it does not require touching the devices and interfering with hardware. We plug in a smart plug into the socket and connect any device to it; we then connect seamlessly to the internet in 3 seconds with built-in cellular communication (sim card) and save the data to the cloud. Every machine action creates a different fingerprint (different pattern). Our auto-ML algorithms learn these patterns, convert them into business insights related to maintenance, logistics, usage, and supply chain optimization, and create sales opportunities.

Since the internet connection is internal, there is no need to connect to external wi-fi and "sit" on the customer's network. This is a big advantage for customers such as hospitals, hotels, etc., who do not wish to compromise their secure network.

The uniqueness of Youtiligent:

  • The only plug & play solution, with patent registration in EU, US, CHN.
  • The only solution that connects to any electrical appliance, regardless of who the manufacturer is. (Single-phase and three-phase) 
  • No installation, intervention of hardware, or assistance of a technician or laboratory worker is required. Within three seconds, every ‘stupid’ device becomes ‘smart’. 
  • This solution is revolutionizing the AIoT world; for the first time, there is a cost-effective and straightforward path to connectivity and actual insights.Commercial activity 

Youtiligent already maintains important business activity and collaborations with companies and huge organizations in Israel and around the world in the fields of food and beverage, pharma-medical and retail:


Food and Beverage

  • The company has signed an agreement with the Swiss company Hemro, the world's strongest manufacturer of professional coffee grinders, to be the complementary solution for connectivity and providing business insights to its customers.

Today, the coffee we drink at Starbucks, for example, is ground by Hemro grinders.

Thanks to the Youtiligent solution, for the first time in 50 years of operations, Hemro has begun to sell its customers a service of useful business insights, in addition to the one-time sale of the grinders themselves. Today, almost every manufacturer in the world is looking to move from models of one-time sales to the customer, to recurring revenue streams, and this is exactly what Youtiligent provides to Hemro.

  • The company recently agreed to launch a paid pilot with Nespresso - one of the largest coffee companies in the world - to connect all their coffee machines located in Israeli offices and make them smart.


  • The company has an agreement with one of the leading restaurant and coffee chains in Israel to be their solution for connecting coffee machines to businesses.
  • The company is in negotiations with an American public sensors company, to be their complementary solution for predicting refrigerator malfunctions for the food industry and the pharma industry. Today, the company's solution (and the market in general) is limited to temperature sensors only.
  • The company is in advanced negotiations with one of the largest dishwasher manufacturers for industrial use (hotels, restaurants, etc.) to be its complementary solution for connecting dishwashers. The company is interested in moving to "pay per use" economic models, and realize its vision of becoming the first company in the world to offer such solutions to the business market.
  • The company has developed a solution for Nestle's ice cream division in Israel, to monitor the level of stock of ice creams in freezers in stores. Nestle has completed the first phase of the paid pilot with technological success, and has now agreed to move on to the next phase of implementing the solution in the first 50-100 freezers. 


  • The company is in an advanced pilot process with Clalit Health Services for smart monitoring of their drug and vaccine refrigerators. The Youtiligent solution is the only one that knows how to predict and warn about technical faults before damage occurs. As mentioned, the only solutions currently available in the industry are temperature sensor solutions that monitor temperature. The clear disadvantage of a solution in the form of a sensor is that the sensor only knows how to alert when the problem in the refrigerator has already occurred and it is often too late to remedy the situation. Today, various health services lose millions of dollars every year because they are forced to throw away drugs that are not stored properly; these drugs are exposed to health hazards and the services are exposed to lawsuits.
  • The company is currently in negotiations with a US hospital network to connect 12 hospitals to the Youtiligent system to monitor their drug refrigerators.



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Avichai Belitsky
VP, Managing Director International at Fyber | Industry manager & marketing specialist at Waze | CEO of Experience division at ZAP group | Founder & CEO at Mitchatnim, acquired by ZAP group.

  • Founder
Aviv Levin
An experienced Product & Innovation leader in the enterprise sectors. For the last 15 years, Aviv has worked with enterprises and startups in the Health Care, Telco, and Transportation segments to transform core business operations and defining strategy, roadmap, and product-market fit.

  • Founder
Vadim Hashanxky
CTO at Yael Group, one of the leading IT integrators in Israel | Solution Architect and Head of R&D of many complex projects | Lead of technology innovation and incubation program at Yael Group | 20 years of experienced including Cloud, IoT, Big Data and ML projects.

  • Founder



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