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Infime has developed a 3D virtual fitting booth. Using innovative 3D image-converting technology, Infime has solved the biggest problem of shopping for clothes online and enables to find perfectly fitting clothes quickly and easily, in a market of a $300B


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Campaign Highlights

Dozens of new customers and advanced contacts with the largest underwear company in Europe

In recent months, Infimé has added new paying customers to its existing customer base, including companies in New York, Los Angeles, the UK and Israel. In addition, Infimé is currently in advanced negotiations with Europe's largest lingerie company - 200 branches in 18 languages.

The company has successfully cooperated with a large number of Israeli companies such as Delta,  "Bananhot" brand owned by Neta Elhimister, Tiniz and more. The company is currently partnering with Natalie Dadon's Rinkini brand, the Kisses & Martini brand, and other companies in Los Angeles.


Infimé strikes waves in Israel and around the world

Infimé was chosen as one of 10 promising start-ups in 2019 by Calcalist in AI and Big Data.

Infimé has already created a buzz in the industry. Shortly after the company was founded, it began working with Delta, one of the world's leading manufacturers of undergarments, and together they have successfully adapted Delta’s products to the market.
After penetrating the Israeli market with some of Israel’s’ leading brands, Infimé was selected for the prestigious “Deutsche Telekom” Accelerator in Germany. Currently, Infimé have advanced contacts with major companies in the American and European markets, including Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and Zalando. In addition, the company has won the prestigious Israeli Chief Scientist's Innovation Award.


From the media

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Infimé expands its swimwear business by launching a collaboration agreement with "Bananhot" -  Neta Elhamistar's brand, the startup star and businesswoman with 1.3 million followers and her partner Noa Benny. The technology is now on "Bananhot" website, which is very popular among the Israeli and American consumers in particular.



An innovative solution to the trickiest problem of online fashion shopping which completely eliminates the lack of privacy issue.

The world of shopping is making giant strides toward a digital shopping experience. The growth rate of the E-commerce world is growing larger every year. Today, retailers face many challenges in their attempts to improve this new shopping experience and support customer needs. 

The underwear and swimwear markets suffer from a significant return rate of 50% of all sales, mostly due to a lack of solutions for gauging correct sizes. In some countries these products are not returnable by law, while some items may not be tried on even inside the store, generating a low purchase percentage for many brands. 

Infimé is revolutionizing the fashion shopping world with new ground-breaking technology in the field of image conversion to 3D, providing a solution for accurate undergarment fitting that serves both customers and retailers.



Patented technology that increases purchase percentage

The Infimé advanced patent-protected algorithms allow the customer to virtually try on items on a three-dimensional figure adapted to the buyer’s individual size and body structure, removing any privacy or exposure issues. 
The technology recommends the right size for the customer at each site, allowing him/her to see how the item would look on their body, and offering suggestions for additional products. 
The Infimé great technological breakthrough significantly increases the percentage of purchases and reduces the percentage of returns by 30%, as well as enabling analysis of data on the body structure and customer buying preferences.



Notable growth in a 300 billion market 

Infimé is focused on the undergarment and swimwear markets, which is estimated at 300 billion per year. This market includes both online and physical store sales. 

As part of the marketing system, the company has conducted research on more than 2,000 swimwear / lingerie brands and relevant contacts in the American market (New York, Los Angeles, Miami) and selected European countries (Britain, Germany, Spain).

Product penetration into the existing fashion market is expected to be accomplished seamlessly. All that is required is the integration of a single line of code (Zero Integration). Once the integration is completed, Infimé enables key players in the fashion retail market to quickly convert their clothing catalog to a high quality 3D version displaying thousands of items, and to significantly increase their sales.



A winning team of technology and retail specialists

The Infimé team consists of serial entrepreneurs, technology experts, E-Commerce experts, and retail people prominent in the fashion world. Recently, to mark the 70th anniversary of Israel, Globes announced the "70 Brightest Entrepreneurs", and Inbar Carmel, the company's CEO, made the list. In addition, Lady Globes magazine chose her as one of Israel’s 17 leading start-up women of 2017.




The idea

In 2014, Inbar Carmel, the initiator of Infimé, founded an online lingerie brand, which was groundbreaking at the time and is still operating successfully in Israel. Inbar quickly realized the challenge of selling lingerie in an online shop when the company's customer service began receiving repetitive questions such as: 

•  What size will fit me?
•  How will I know what fits my body type?
•  Every brand has different sizes; how do I know what each size means?
•  How will I know what to order when it is impossible to return?

The Problems

The customer’s problems:

About 80% of women buy a bra, underwear, or bathing suit in a size or cut not suited to their bodies. There are a number of reasons for this dismal statistic:

• Differences in size definitions among brands and countries makes it difficult to convert from one to another.
• Most items cannot be tried on in stores.
• These products do not lend themselves to alterations and must fit the customer perfectly.

Despite the technological innovation that characterizes the online world, there is still no product in the market that enables virtual measurement of underwear and swimwear, since this type of purchase has unique issues relating to privacy. The existing solutions do not optimize the shopping experience.

The retailer’s problems:

The customer's problems are the retailer’s problems. 
About 50% of products bought in the stores are returned, creating unhappy customers and a crippling financial loss for the brand. The returned products cannot be resold, due to hygienic reasons, and go directly to the outlets. The affected brands suffer from low purchase rates, the shopping cart is small, and the retailer does not have a large enough database of customer body shapes and sizes to work with.


The Solution: 

The Infimé 3D virtual fitting booth provides the ideal solution. Using innovative 3D image-converting technology, the company takes the guesswork out of shopping for clothes online. Infimé allows you to find clothes, online or in actual stores, that are a perfect fit for your body type.
Infimé makes itself very valuable to retailers by:

•  Increasing their online sales by tens of precents.
•  Generating a quality shopping experience for the customer.
•  Solving privacy problems of lingerie shopping.


Infimés algorithms allow customers to:

•  View an item on a three-dimensional virtual figure.
•  Learn what size fits them best no matter the site/shop.
•  Get suggestions for more items that women with a similar body type have liked.



How it works online

•  The customer enters the site and selects her favorite product
•  Pressing the Measure button will display a 3D image of the selected product
•  The client is required to choose from among 5 body sizes – only once!
•  The 3D character is updated in real time and you can see a 360° view of the item on your personal figure.

Link to an image of the product on the ASUS website.


Tiniz site allows you to view the product under the new “TRY ME ON-LINE” option. The site displays virtual measuring for a selection of the site’s best sellers bathing suits.


Among Infime's Clients you can find Delta, one of the biggest lingerie companies in israel. Infime already embedded the technology in Delta's website:




Another company application currently in development is an Automatic Self-Test: Through Machine Learning system. The system learns the customer's data and purchasing habits, as well as that of other customers. The system will enable the analysis of data important for the retailer on the body structure, measurements and purchasing habits of customers.
Infimé is supported by any existing site, desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) and VR platform.


Application in physical stores

By scanning the QR code of the product in the store, the customer can try on the item by using the Smartphone (no download is required, the measurement opens directly in the browser) without going into the fitting room. Retailers receive real-time data on: the customer measurements, what she has tried on but did not buy, and what size to recommend for her. Retailers analyze the data from the store and produce valuable information.


Link to an article in the Times of Israel.


The amazing numbers of Infimés pilots with the leading brands in Israel:

•  Tens of precents increase in retail sales using Infimé
•  40% of customers clicked the Measure button (engagement)
•  The customer's time spent on the site doubled (x2 session duration)
•  70% of customers reached the final page in the recommendations interface
•  50% of customers activated the figure, dressed it and watched the product

Benefits for Retailers:

1.  Dramatic increase in percentage of sales.
2.  Significant reduction in the percentage of returns.
3.  The creation of valuable data on body types and measurements of customers online and from stores, valuable information that previously was not available to retailers.

The Technology

Infimé is targeting the world's leading online retailers. The company's business model is B2B; as such, the company has developed an easy-to-implement technology for each brand, to create a scalable company with automated tools.

The Infimé solution stands at the forefront of retail technology thanks to:

1.  Automatic modeling tools: Infimé technology (patent-pending) and unique algorithms allow you to quickly convert a complete catalog with thousands of products to a high-quality 3D catalog, using only the product image. 

2.  Integration: The integration required of retailers is convenient and fast to implement. Once they embed the one line of required code (zero integration), the virtual fitting room is posted on their site.

3.  Data Analytics system: Infimé artificial intelligence system provides the retailer with qualitative information on customers’ measurements; body types; products tried on; products purchased; purchasing preferences of women with similar body sizes; analysis of data by geographic regions, and more.

Technological validation:

•  The company has filed a patent in the global patent registry for algorithms that enable automatic modeling, and intends to submit additional patents during 2018.

•  The company received a grant from the Chief Scientist for technological and product development, following an in-depth examination of the technology, innovation, product and market need.



Inbar Carmel
CEO and Founder
Inbar was recently chosen by Globes magazine as one of the 70 "brightest" young entrepreneurs, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. Inbar was chosen by Lady Globes magazine as one of the 17 most promising start-up women for 2017. Mentors start-ups in the NOVUS program of the College of Management. “One of the brilliant young women of Israel” - Lady Globes Independence Day Project. Inbar is an experienced entrepreneur in the fields of eCommerce and fashion design (Fashion-Tech). In 2014, Inbar established Infim? Underwear, an online lingerie brand, and created the largest fashion and technology community in Israel, with thousands of members, in order to create collaborations and conferences in the field of eCommerce, retail, fashion and start-ups. The community works with Google, eBay, WIX, and other companies. Inbar is a practicing lawyer and specializes in the civil-commercial field.

  • Founder
Nir Netzer
Business Development Manager
Nir is a strategic advisor with extensive experience in international business development operations, combining financial and legal knowledge in order to lead start-up ventures to business success. He is a CPA and lawyer with an MA Finance from the College of Management‘s academic track. He is a serial entrepreneur, as well as a lecturer and consultant for projects at various stages of development. In his previous position, he was a senior consultant for the consulting firm EY. Nir is a CPA, holds an LLB, a BA in Business Administration and an MBA.

  • Chairman of the Board
  • Advisor
Michael Litvin
Director of Development and Founder
Michael is an expert in 3D computer graphics and image processing algorithms, with extensive experience in the development of algorithms and software (3D, image processing, sound analysis, etc.) for companies such as Nokia Siemens, LiveSurface, Infinigon and others. He is an instructor of the Computer Graphics course with OpenGL at IDC Herzliya. Michael has extensive knowledge in: Algorithmics: Computer vision, processing images in 2D and 3D, video, sound, accelerometer data Programming: C ++, Java, Python, OpenGL, OpenCV, Android, Objective-C Conceptual: Object oriented design, parallel programming, vectorization for GP-GPU OS and apps: Windows, Unix / Linux, Matlab, ClearCase, GIT Academic Degrees: MA Engineering (Tel Aviv University), specializing in 3D graphics and image processing. MBA (Tel Aviv University) BA in Computer Science (Open University)

  • Founder
Itai Peretz
Business Development manager

Renata Meitis
Head of Social Infim? underwear

  • Key Employee
Eitan Polak
Investor and Consultant
A former manager of the Polgat clothing brand, Eitan currently manages Vendome—a fashion importer. He has 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry—manufacturing, retail and sales. He has extensive international connections with leading fashion companies around the world. Along with developing ties to international fashion companies, Eitan advises the company from the perspective of the Retailer, in order to adapt the product to the needs of the market and the customers.

  • Advisor
Einat Israeli

  • Advisor
Shai Amir: Consultant CEO of James Richardson Fashion Company Supports the company and helps in establishing contacts and collaborations with the world‘s leading fashion companies such as: Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.
Supporting the company: - HFN Law Firm - Deloitte Accounting firm - PR office: Rani Rahav

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  • Update date: 14/05/2019
    We are pleased to inform you that in the past month Infime' signed three new agreements with a number of underwear and swimwear companies, including Xixili Intemas in Singapore, LeySwimwear in New York and Pani Swimwear in India. The company is currently promoting a number of additional pilots with a variety of brands in the US and Europe.

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