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Eden Shield has developed proprietary, patented, Plant Protection Products that reduce or eliminate the need for dangerous pesticides and keep plants free of virus’. The company already has sold its products to protect vegetables and now is launching sales in the US and Canada to protect Cannabis plants.

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Rapid Penetration into the PPP Market and the Cannabis Cultivation Market

EdenShield addresses two of the world's fastest growing markets. The first is the biological plant protection market, which due to health and enviromenttaln concerns are preferred by both ‘green’ consumers and major regulatory agencies as the future for vegetable plant protection. The total value of this market is currently estimated around $4 Billion a year.

The other market that the company addresses is the cannabis cultivation market, which is growing at an accelerated rate and is already worth billions of dollars a year. This market is expected to reach tens to hundreds of billions of dollars in a few years driven primarily by legislative changes in a number of countries, primarily Canada, which recently passed a law allowing the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes, as well as several states, including California, in the US.

Cannabis growers are not allowed to use any chemicals on their crops. This provides EdenShield a golden opportunity to deliver effective biological plant protection solutions in large numbers

The Future of Agriculture - Revolutionary and Proven Ag-Tech Technology in the Field of biological Plant Protection

EdenShield specializes in development of plant protection products for indoor farming, those products protect a wide variety of crops against pests in greenhouse/net-house/warehouse crops. Due to the fact that pests never reach the crop, plant viruses are prevented, resulting in a +/- 30% increase in yield.

The company has developed three natural, toxic chemical free products based on extracts from the semi-desert Achillea plant. Our products   prevent the entry of plant destroying pests into the greenhouse. Product efficacy has been proven in dozens of successful field trials. Actual results show an 85% decrease in number of insects. Growers report up to a 90% of reduction in insecticide use for targeted pests with a 30% increase in crop yield.


Crops Protected by Eden Shield

Eden Shield’s proprietary products are used to protect flowers, food, and cannabis from variety of insects. Field installations have shown the products to be effective against Whitefly, Tuta, Absoluta, Thrips, Spidermites, and Aphids.


Leading the Green Revolution in Plant Protection

Biological plant protection is considered the safest method both for protecting human health and the environment. This is the preferred anddesirable alternative to the extensive use of chemical pesticides. EdenShield has developed of family of  three products that all usea combination of proprietary ingredients and formulations, applied in differed ways   to create an innovative crop protection system that increases crop yields by up to 30% and significantly reduces the use of hazardous pesticides that pollute the soil, water and food supply



A Patent-protected Development, licenses in Europe and North America, and doubling sales each year

EdenShield holds certified patents in several countries, and those products are licensed or awaiting licensing in several other countries of the European Union, the Middle East, and North America. The company is already selling products in   Spain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, United States and Mexico. More are expected in 2019 and beyond. EdenShield has doubled its yearly sales for the past 3 years and perhaps more importantly, in 2018, our customers have quadrupled their consumption of our products.


Invest alongside Israel's leading VCs

EdenShield was founded in 2012 as part of the Trendlines incubator - the largest and leading biomedical and agricultural technology incubator in Israel. Trendlines has continued its support of the company through following investment rounds and is participating in the current round.  EdenShield has completed two additional successful fundraising rounds: The first round was led by the Israeli venture capital fund OurCrowd. The second round was led by Kibbutz Yotvata at the end of 2017. And the company also received a grant of approximately $850K from the Israeli Innovation Authority.  



The 21st century is caricaturized by a growing awareness of the need to protect the environment  by developing new green technologies and reducing pollution levels without harming the economy. The intrsection between sustaining a growing global population and understanding the importance of protecting the environment is expressed in the development of innovative technologies that provide solutions to environmental problems including land and water pollution, waste treatment, sewage purification, green energy etc.

One of the major industries leading the green revolution is the agriculture, which constantly is developing new products and processes  that will  increase the food supply and protect and enhance the water supply, all while economically maintaining a clean environment.


The Need

The use of poisonous pesticides for pest control is one of the world's largest sources of pollution. Poisonous pesticides pollute the soil and groundwater, and leave a residue on the food we consume, effecting the health and well-being of humans and animals. Despite strict regulations in most Western countries, pesticides are often overused on crops. And, despite the use of pesticides, farmers lose about 20% of their crop every year due to pests, while the Insects, over time, develop resistance to the pesticides that require higher levels of pesticide use.

The current ‘natural’ solution   to address the pest problem is biological pest control - the use of beneficial organisms to reduce the damage of harmful organisms. Current biological control methods use certain species of animals to keep the harmful species away. This method has two main drawbacks:

1. Relatively low efficiency in pest removal.

2. Fear of violating the ecological balance by artificially introducing animal species into a stable eco-system.


The Solution

EdenShield has developed a family of products using patented innovative plant protection technologies  which are safe and environmentally friendly. , Our products are based on extracts from the Achillea plant, a desert plant with a scent that keeps away the the most intrusive  pests that are harmful to greenhouse grown  crops. Our products are not toxic and are safe to use up until the moment of harvesting. They  have been provenlaboratory and field to be very effective as a natural plant based alternative to chemical pesticides. In  field trials, the company recorded an 85% decrease in the entry of insects into the greenhouse, a 90% reduction in the use of chemical pesticides and an increase of approximately 30% in final crop yield.


Technology and Products

Plant Extract Source

- Achillea fragrantissima, A semi-desert plant that is self-adapted for survival

Mode of action

- Masks crop odor and reduces insect attraction


- Can withstand severe conditions

- Resistant to infestation

- Natural, nontoxic, safe: not a pesticide

- No resistance development

- No pre-harvest restrictions

The EdenShield solution: a new, ecological approach that changes the way we manage pests and reduce the use of pesticides.

New: Safely cleans area + keeps insects away from crops

Ecological: Keeps food and the environment chemical- and virus-free

Proven: Demonstrated up to 90% reduction in insecticide use for targeted pests: thrips, whiteflies, and tuta absoluta, the three most crop-damaging insects, an 85% decrease along with a 30% increase in crop yield.


The EdenShield Product Portfolio consists of 3 products:

Superior product in the field of biological plant protection

EdenDirect: innovative formulation of natural plant extracts and minerals that effectively control and clean insect infestation from cultivated cannabis and other plants. EdenDirect is effective against the three most common insects that damage cannabis crops. The Cannabis market presents a significant additional opportunity for EdenShield.

Application mode: EdenDirect is applied directly on leaves or flowers.

EdenDirect Benefits:

- Cleans initial infestation

- Odor-masking for long-term protection

- Natural plant-based solution

- Non systemic

- Environmental friendly

- Reduced pesticide use

- Free from residuals & non-toxic

- No Risk

- Immediate results

EdenNet: EdenNet is an innovative natural plant-based emulsion that effectively prevents insect infestation of agricultural crop plants in greenhouses. EdenNet utilizes an automated irrigation system that is comprised of standard equipment: water pump, irrigation computer, filter, pipes and spray nozzles.

Two application systems are available for EdenNet:

- GateKeeper is installed in the greenhouse entrance and doors

- GreenFence is installed in the greenhouse perimeter, plastic tunnels and screens.

EdenNet Benefits:

- Odor-masking: dramatically lowers insect attraction to crops

- Natural plant-based solution

- Reduced pesticide use

- No restricted entry interval (REI)

- Free from residuals, Non toxic

- Reduced virus infections

- Bee safe

- No resistance development

- Complement or substitute for chemicals in IPM systems

- Improved productivity, 30% enhanced yields


EdenForte: innovative formulation of natural plant extracts, Dead Sea minerals and nutrients that effectively control and clean insect infestation from crops and increases yield and health. EdenForte is a complementary product to the EdenShield proprietary portfolio, Ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for its high compatibility and synergy with chemical or biological products.

Application mode: EdenForte is applied directly on leaves it is an overall foliar spray.

EdenForte Benefits:

- Natural plant-based solution

- Non systemic

- Non toxic, Free from residuals, Environmental friendly

- Reduced pesticide use

- Immediate results

- Can be used up until one day before harvest

- No restricted entry interval (REI)

- Reduced virus infections

- No pre harvest restriction


EdenShield have Strong IP & Know-how

Our patents status

2 patents granted: USA No. 1009-T-01-US1 (June 2016) and Australia No.1009-T-01-AU (April 2017)

4 patents published: Europe, Canada, India, Mexico, China

2 Filed: Israel and Kenya (Kenya target market: Flowers)

We hold a strong know-how on cultivation of plant raw material:

- Experience and methodology based on extensive research and successful product development of medicinal desert plants

- Specific know-how for commercial growth of desert plants

- Plant R&D, agro-technical expertise, and manufacturing know-how to optimize extract performance

Our value chain is fully controlled by us, EdenShield is an integrated value chain, and we are responsible for our plant raw material cultivation (see our Achillea fields in the picture bellow), plant extraction, production of formula QA/QC and commercialization.

EdenShield achievements and goals

Our accomplishments in field trials:

Breakthrough results – Italy & Spain showing a statistically significant reduction in insect’s penetration.

Field results – Spain showing improved crop quality & yields

EdenNet has proven its efficacy against: Whitefly: more than 80% reduction, Tuta absoluta: more than 90% reduction, Thrips:  more than 50% reduction.


Less crop damage and fewer viruses. EdenShield reduced to the maximum the presence of whitefly and thrips, and therefore eliminated the viruses that are transmitted by these vectors.

Field results – Mexico showing significant control of insect penetration

We have seen great results in controlling Whitefly in comparison between a treated and an untreated greenhouse. (Cherry Plum Tomato Farm, Mexico).






Yotam Gadot
MBA. Yotam Gadot has over 20 years of experience in actualizing commercial potential for technology ventures. He has established companies in the AgTech, Defense and IT sectors. Prior to joining EdenShield, he served as CEO of Eltel and Phytech.

Peter Shaw
Chairman of the board
MBA and B.Sc. Electrical Engineering. Peter Shaw has been the founder or first professional CEO of six companies and has led five of them to successful exits. He has served, at the direction of venture capital investors/boards, as interim and turnaround CEO for four other companies and has sat on over 15 private and public boards as an outside director. Peter specializes in advising his clients in the strategic and operational aspects of their business. He represents OurCrowd on the EdenShield Board.

  • Chairman of the Board
Yaniv Kitron
Bsc in Chemical Engineering. Yaniv is an expert in botanic product development. He has international executive-level experience in advanced agricultural markets. He has held positions at Netafim, Haifa Chemicals (ICL) and Herbs of Kedem.

  • Founder
  • Key Employee
Hadar Sutovsky
VP Sales
MBA, and M.Sc. and PhD (candidate) in Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology. Hadar has extensive experience in global business development, licensing, strategic open innovation and global sales, as well as marketing in international sectors of Sustainable Agriculture, Foodtech and Consumer Health. Hadar has held positions in Aquagro Fund, Unilever open innovation port and Frutarom.

  • Key Employee
Shai Stern
Head Agronomist
Shai has 20 years of international experience in commercializing advanced agricultural technologies and products.

  • Key Employee
Bar Massad
Operations Manager
B.Sc. Engineering Operations Management. Bar has extensive experience in operations and supply chain management as well as project management.

  • Key Employee
Shine Kodenzik
Technical Agronomist
B.Sc. Agr. Shine has extensive experience growing deciduous trees as crops utilizing Orchard design and agro-technical practices. Shine is in charge of EdenShield’s field scouting as well as application support for our installed systems in greenhouses.

  • Key Employee



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