Solcold is developing a breakthrough, patented, coating material that cools down anything under the

SolCold has developed a breakthrough, patented coating material that cools down anything under the sun, literally! In a $100 billion market, SolCold’s innovation will trigger substantial savings in cooling costs, plus a major reduction in carbon emissions.

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By: Yaron Shenhav
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Campaign Highlights

Campaign Highlights

A Revolutionary New Material That Provides Significant Active Cooling Using the Sun's Rays

Global warming and rising temperatures pose a major problem for us all. Paradoxically, we resort to using air-conditioning units, which in turn make our cities even hotter. SolCold has come up with a solution that will lead us towards a more promising future. They have developed a unique coating substance that cools objects when exposed to the sun. This groundbreaking material can be applied to anything that needs cooling: buildings, structures, vehicles, airplanes, storage containers, military apparatus, outdoor equipment, and basically anything under the sun!

The sun’s rays trigger a reaction in SolCold's material. In turn, this converts the heat accumulated in the object it is applied to - into radiation. This radiation is then emitted in a process called ‘Anti-Stokes fluorescence’, providing the cooling effect. SolCold’s material basically functions as if it were a thin layer of ice that gets thicker and cooler as the sun gets stronger.

No electricity, no fluids, no moving parts, just a 100% cost-effective, green solution!

Unique Patent-Protected Technology

Based on the proven method of laser cooling of solids, we have created a two-layered system that can trigger the Anti-Stokes fluorescence mechanism by the sun, eliminating any need for electricity that would otherwise be consumed by the laser.

SolCold’s fully-owned patented technology (issued as a global PCT to be registered in the EU, USA, Australia and China), proven in the Hebrew University laboratories, exhibits the ability to cool objects within their surrounding environment, using only the sunlight. 

In lab tests SolCold has proven a potential decrease of up to 20°c (36°f), below the surrounding environment temperature.

Solcold  received its seed investment funding from a private investment company to develop its innovative solution. They also have pending funding support from the EU SME program.

Among its negotiating partners are a large paint and chemical company, one of the biggest airplane manufacturers and a well-known global VC.

Novel Solution for a $100 Billion Market

SolCold's target market is practically limitless. Sales of Cool Roof Coating for buildings alone are projected to reach a few billion dollars by 2025. The global Cool Roof Coating market demand was is expected to multiply by 2025, growing at a significant CAGR  from 2016 to 2025.

Traditional reflective coating, which merely passively reflects the sun, is used in many other markets, thus providing SolCold with total market potential of over $100B:


Already Raising Interest and Excitement in the Market


After finalizing thir laboratory POC and registering a PCT patent, SolCold went on to present their POC results at 'Hello Tomorrow', one of the biggest deep-tech worldwide summits in Paris. Out of over 3,000 startups, SolCold were selected as one the 7 finalists.

Following the buzz generated at the summit for their groundbreaking technology, as well as the POC resaults, several articles were written about SolCold's innovation in top publications (NewScientist, Futurism, Israel21C, The Daily ire, i24news, IPCM, and many more). A leading investigative journalism TV program named Carte Blanch aired a segment about SolCold and its technology.


Following the intense media coverage, SolCold received huge interest on a global-scale, with numerous requests for distribution rights, investment opportunities and test requests from countries all over the world (USA, Europe, Australia, China and Japan, India, Africa, LATAM).

Now is the Time to Invest

SolCold has successfully tested and proven its groundbreaking technology under lab conditions. Up next are outdoor testing and regulatory procedures which will help SolCold bring its innovation to market as fast as possible.

Once the latter steps have been completed, SolCold will become the market leader in the industry. This is the only technology with the capability to actively cool down surfaces using sunlight alone. Consequently, SolCold’s valuation will multiply accordingly.

There is simply no other solution that comes even close to doing what SolCold is doing - This is a true innovative revolution that will change the World!

The Need

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. Experts see the trend is accelerating: All but one of the 16 hottest years in NASA’s 134-year record occurred after 2000. Throughout the world there is a growing need for cooling solutions – from buildings to cars, airplanes to ships, and even in outer-space. Each summer, electricity consumption breaks new records due to the ever-growing number of air-conditioner installations and the higher temperatures experienced due to global warming.

It is an ongoing problem that will only increase with time. Whereas energy consumption used to be at its peak during the evening hours, the hottest hours of the day now put a larger load on the electricity grid, as well as our pockets.

This issue affects a broad range of industries, including: Construction companies, property managers, property owners, municipalities, car manufacturers, cargo companies, plane manufacturers, and of course private consumers whose properties and goods require cooling. In practical terms, this problem affects everything under the sun in need of cooling.

Currently, consumers try to solve this problem by using thermal roof insulation and white coating. These solutions have little effect as they only somewhat reduce the heat of the sun, as opposed to preventing it from being fully absorbed the structure.

Our planet has a real need for a different solution such as SolCold, that harnesses the sun’s light and turns it into a cooling agent…



The Idea

The Idea

SolCold developed a unique material which uses the sun’s radiation to cool down the surface of the objects it is applied to. The stronger the sun and the stronger the rays, the stronger the cooling effect! 

The material can be applied as a paint with a brush or spray, or by attaching tiles of polymer to anything that is exposed to the sun. When applied to rooftops, SolCold's material can help save up to 60% in energy costs, which translates into annual cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars per building. There is also a major positive impact on our environment as there is a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution. We are not just saving considerable costs, but we are also helping to protect our environment: Less electricity consumption, less energy production, less CO2 and pollutants emission, and less global warming! All of this is just a drop in the sea of potential. SolCold's material can be applied to practically any surface that requires cooling during sunny hours. For instance, in the US alone, an estimated 30 billion liters of petrol per year goes towards powering car air-conditioning units.

SolCold provides a cost-effective, environmentally-cooling cooling solution like no other.



How Does it Work?

SolCold's technology is based on the counterintuitive principle of laser cooling, in which hitting specially designed materials with a laser can cool them by up to 150°C. It works because molecules in these materials absorb photons whose light is of one frequency while spontaneously reemitting higher-frequency photons, which also carry more energy.

Cooling cycle in a semiconductor with hνp absorbed energy followed by emission of an up - converted luminescence photon at hνf

SolCold decided to replace the energy-thirsty laser with a component we get for free - the sun! The premise: as long as the sun is shining on the object we wish to cool, it would continuously be cooled down. The problem is, is that the sun’s spectrum is much broader than that of laser light. SolCold’s team had to create a material that could do the same thing using a broad band spectrum of scattered light. The result is a double-layered coating:

  • An outer layer that filters in a broad band of the sun’s rays, reflecting irrelevant rays

  • An inner layer that performs the heat-to-light conversion, cooling itself below the ambient temperature

Since energy is lost, the temperature of the material is reduced in the process. Heat from a building, a car, or any other object could be absorbed and re-emitted as light, and as long as the sun is shining on it, it would be continuously cooled.


So far, the material has been successfully tested in the lab. It was found that the effect is more pronounced on metal roofs than on concrete, and works best in rooms with low ceilings.

Simulations conducted show that when SolCold's material is applied to the roof above a space on the top floor of a building, a decrease of up to 20°C is exhibited, this when compared to a similar situation with no application of our material.



Yaron Shenhav
Yaron, with his vast technical and managerial background is the founder and inventor of SolCold’s technology. Yaron has over 12 years’ experience in the Aerospace and defense industry, from R&D positions to managing multidisciplinary projects including RF, Optics and software in Elbit Systems and Elta. Yaron holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.

  • Founder
Gadi Grottas
Gadi is an experienced entrepreneur. Together with Yaron Shenhav they founded and established SolCold Ltd. Gadi has 10+ years of experience as a financial leader from the video and technical business units of Radvision Ltd and Intel Corporate Services - construction division. Gadi is 36 years old and holds a bachelor degree in Economics & Business Management from Haifa University

  • Founder
Guy Ron
Chief scientist
Professor Ron is an associate Physics Professor at the Hebrew University, Racah Institute. He specializes in Nuclear Physics and Laser cooling. He is a Member of the Israeli National Nuclear Physics Committee, and holds several fellowships and awards from the EU USA and Israel. Prof Ron got his B.Sc and PhD degrees from Tel Aviv University, and was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and at Berkeley, USA.

  • Founder
Eran Zahavy
R&D Chemistry advisor
Eran has over 20 years of leading positions in the R&D for Chemistry, Biology and Biophysics. Eran served as a CTO at Israel’s leading Clean-tech incubators Hutchison Kinrot and TACount, and is the R&D advisor of BATM startup. Eran holds a PhD in Chemistry & Biophysical Methods from the Hebrew University and was a Postdoctoral fellow at The University of Texas, Austin.

  • Advisor
Sarit Zeevi
Board member
Licensed to practice law in Israel, the USA (New York and Texas) and Puerto Rico. Has over 25 years of experience working as an attorney both in large firms in the USA and in Puerto Rico and as in-house counsel within large companies/groups of companies in Israel and Puerto Rico. Holds vast experience in leading large transactions (M&A’s, Licensing, Financing, etc.) both in the Israeli market and overseas and as an in-house counsel, managing legal teams in complex and multi-national transactions as well as litigations.

  • Director
Dan Vilenski
Head of Advisory board
Is responsible for the successful integration in Israel of three independent subsidiaries for leading American high tech companies: Kulicke and Soffa (K&S), KLA Instruments and Applied Materials. All three firms operate in the field of semiconductor capital equipment and employ a combined total of 1500 employees in Israel. Served for four years (1993-1996) as Executive Director of the Israel - US joint Bi-national Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, spearheading innovative industrial cooperation between Israeli and US high tech companies. Since 2006 Dan Vilenski is also an active chairman of several High-Tech Israeli companies.

  • Advisor

Updates 1

Updates 1

  • Update date: 08/05/2018

    Patent officialy granted in the U.S

    Our patent has been officially granted in the U.S. This means our intellectual property patent is no longer pending and is now protected.

    SolCold’s U.S. patent (US14588992) ‘Electromagnetic Radiation Spreading for Direct Indoor Uses’  demonstrates how our multilayered system provides cooling using the sun’s energy.

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